“When the Facts Change My Opinion Changes. What do You do Sir?”

Morning Folks!!

I wake up EVERY day and "Recalibrate". That's my #1 job and that is where opportunity is. As individual entreprenuers our greatest strength is our agility. Our ability to act quickly and desicively. But that only works if you are open to new information. New information is ANYTHING that changes whatsoever. The smallest thing.

Indecision is paralyzing however companies like Sears define it! You need to be nimble in business. You can't operate at government speed. You have to act like the speed of light.

Slow to react does not work in a 24/7 environment running at the speed of the Daytona 500. The point is opportunity resides in the split seconds in between. Maybe that's too fast for your eye. Well, train your eye to look quicker. Others have and they reap then rewards others complain about not getting.

But that does not mean you change with the wind or chase shiny objects. You still need to be consistent. You have to be deliberative. You have to lay in wait. You have to wait for things to unfold and not force it. You don't hunt by chasing your prey, you hunt by waiting for your prey!

You become a marksman by practicing and shooting at targets. Then moving targets etc. Your mind has to go target shooting in much the same way. It has to be trained to see quick, act quick, don't overreact. Be precise. Aim. Be patient for the right moment and the right prey.

Point is failure in domains may have little to do with domains and more about your approach and thought process. It may be from a lack of understanding how business operates or how the masses act, react or are passive. Understanding advertising and the successes and failures of the past.

Money won't be handed to you on a silver platter. On the other hand their are platters of money and opportunity that may be crossing your path and you just don't see it. You just don't recognize it and therefore you can't act on it. Or you see it and you don't act on it. Or you don't have the money to act on it. We have ALL been there. It's the path. But a path is just that , a PATH to another place. Why do so many get STUCK on the path and are unwilling to progress? Again, we have all been stuck, it just depends how long. Some get stuck for a lifetime. Others for a moment.

Rick Schwartz

7 thoughts on ““When the Facts Change My Opinion Changes. What do You do Sir?”

      1. Rick Schwartz

        New discovery happens every day that replaces old facts.
        The stock market? When the price changes, the facts change.
        How about medicine? Facts don’t change?
        The time of day is a fact.But it changes every split second.

        1. Ibrahim Khan

          New discovery happens every day that replaces old theories not facts. Like in early discoveries, it was believed(opinion but not fact) that Sun revolves around earth but after technological advancement we know the fact that earth revolves around Sun. So, the changes happens to opinions as the fact is unknown until opinion is proven to be fact(which never changes).

  1. Popcorn

    We know what you mean Rick but to make the literal people happy you should probably say “when the realities change”:)

  2. Joe

    A friend of mine was offered a great deal of money for his business a few years ago, but decided to hold out thinking that he may get more for it in the future. Now his business is worth next to nothing and he regrets it everyday that he did not sell when he was offered a great deal of money for it a few years ago. Many times, opportunity does not knock twice. One cannot really lose taking a good opportunity when it presents itself, especially if it is better than what one has.


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