HallofShame.com Reveals Reverse Domain Name Hijacking Poster! New Poster Boy for 2020: Sahil Gupta

Morning Folks!!

Let's all congratulate Sahil Gupta for this WELL EARNED DISTINCTION of being named POSTER BOY!!! He EARNED IT!! Let others LEARN from it!! Feel free to circulate this poster!

Feel free to circulate! You can read the backstory HERE!

I think we can say that no Domain Investor has ever quite seen or heard anything like this after losing a domain name he had no rights to and in the process a 3 member esteemed international panel UNANIMOUSLY found him GUILTY of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking. About the worst thing that you can be charged and the found guilty of in reference to Domains.

Sahil Gupta gained prominence when he took to his Twitter feed with a RANT about the loss and the widow he tried to hijack the domain from and then started insulting all domainers.

Then Sahil Gupta did not like the comments of some of us and some believe he was responsible for getting OUR tweets DELETED or we would be locked out of Twitter forever.

Not smart!!

Sahil Gupta has no control over this blog or MY RIGHTS to free speech and MY OPINION!!

Just ONE MORE REASON to control your own destiny by having your own domain and not relying on social platforms like twitter that act first and you are pretty much powerless if you don't want to continue to be locked out whether justified or not!

Rick Schwartz

14 thoughts on “HallofShame.com Reveals Reverse Domain Name Hijacking Poster! New Poster Boy for 2020: Sahil Gupta

  1. David

    This fellow should have known better. Now he does! His sense of entitlement caused him to attempt to steal someone elses property.

    He definitely belongs on your Hall Of Shame. Thanks Rick

  2. Lifesavings.online

    I can recommend you dedicate an exclusive domain forward to it. Don’t underestimate the power of a meme. Domaining should embrace and employ the use of ‘fitting’ domains for advertising.

    By no means a promotion, something like sadfuck.com to set the tone and drive the clicks. You can make your own distinctions ofc.

    Let him wonder the true power of ‘the right’ domain while being on the receiving end. Everyone, embrace the memes! It may help domaining go viral.

  3. BullS

    Your parents, your kids, wives, girlfriends ,your mistresses are all so proud of you..your kids have their own poster on Daddy stealing.
    Your sure made the Gupta family name so respected and so honored in the community.
    Proud if you son!!

    We can use the poster for urinal shoot-Sahil Gupta

  4. jeff schneider

    Hello Rick,
    With Googles antitrust problems intensifying, there will be future negative consequences to their tarnished Platforms reputation. Everybody knows Alphabet is Google, and their attempt to hide this fact by rebranding will not fool antitrust researchers. This is all poetic justice. JAS

  5. Lifesavings.online

    I’m surprised and grateful that I’m not BANNED for speaking my mind here! I am banished from many blogs and forums for my opposing views and insights.

    I claim Rick doesn’t respect trademarks. He’ll shill from BOTH sides of his mouth to suit his .com investments.

    One of a few posts he ever made: https://www.namepros.com/threads/name-some-domains-you-think-actually-look-better-as-a-gtld-than-a-dot-com.1015320/#post-6123993

    My take: disgusting. He conjurers up an infringement domain that doesn’t even exist in order to make a joke. Literally using infringement conjectures to smear.

    Maybe little thing in your eyes, but presenting your point as a clearly infringing domain is disrespect and in poor taste.

    1. Rick Schwartz

      Just to CLARIFY what should have been obvious!!

      I DO NOT own KOOL.AID

      I was making fun of people like YOU that drank the KOOL.AID and think GTLD domains have any FUTURE or GREAT value!

      1. Lifesavings.online

        So you went to do DERAIL the topic to make distasteful smears! Read the title!! You trolled then.

        U think infringement domains look good! Context matter. JOKER troll. Promoting infringement domains.

        How is future readers suppose to know? Only ppl that know ur a .com SHILL will understand! Reckless misLEADER.

        1. Rick Schwartz

          Most of my readers aren’t stupid.

          You have been banned everywhere else it won’t be long before you’re banned here.

          But I’m enjoying you making a fool of yourself. It’s very entertaining.

          On that note, I’m sure my readers are enjoying that part of the show as well

          They are just waiting for my famous NEXT!!!

          You are getting banned everywhere cuz you act like an ASSHOLE everywhere and NOBODY wants to deal with ASSHOLES.

          So show some respect for everyone or you are GONE!! Do you shit in your own living room??

          YOUR CHOICE!!

    2. Lifesavings.online

      Oh and to solidify his ignorance, the one actual domain, lol.lol he overlooked.

      Stick to your echo chamber closed door conference rick. They might not notice.

      Idk of any simple 6 word ‘composition’ that has ever amounted to more ignorant blunders than what you put out there.

      That post will age disgracefully. Back to retirement IMO. Ur smarter than most. Had the right idea…new 20 yr plan man. It worked the first time.


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