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So, I have an exact match domain in DOTCOM that was making nothing and now is on pace to make over $1000/month and growing. I am enjoying the fruits of someone else's labor. They have overhead and employees and I don't. They spend time, I don't. I may be getting crumbs, but they are losing their cake!

They got a shiny new GTLD domain name and they don't even have a CLUE that they are paying and also losing THOUSANDS a MONTH in lost sales or lost customers. So just on the RAW DATA that domain is costing them an extra grand a month and growing at an accelerating and healthy pace of about 30%-50% monthly.

Remember, I am only getting crumbs! 3800 of THEIR customers got CONFUSED and GOT LOST! So what is the value of a customer? For each business it is different. But I will tell you this, only a FOOL or an IDIOT or worse would ignore such data. So the value of this particular domain went UP! Will I contact them?? HELL NO!! Will I try and sell them the domain? HELL NO!

Not only are the $$ increasing each month, so is the rate of growth!!

As you can see this domain was just sitting there. THIS is why you use PPC and THIS is why I don't use landing pages! This also is about VALUE!!! I can calculate a value based on my income. If the present pace of 33%-50% monthly growth keeps up, in 1 year I might be at several thousand $$ per month. Maybe $5k-$10k or more. Each month that domain is getting more and more and more valuable.


This is happening all over the Internet. EACH and EVERY business that chose a new GTLD to be HOME has a silent partner. Not only are the $$ increasing each month, so is the rate of growth!!

I am their SILENT and INVISIBLE partner!!


Don't be a fool, the numbers don't lie. PEOPLE LIE!! If you still want to build your dream on GTLD quicksand, you are a FOOL. Your company will look foolish and whether you know it or not, see it or not, the long-term costs are staggering!! Ignoring this makes you a foolish Ostrich!! Except your head is not in the sand, it is somewhere else. You know the old saying, you can lead an Ostrich to water but you can't make them pull their head out of their own ass! :-)

And this is only one of the HUNDREDS of pitfalls with the new GTLD's. But this is a BIGGIE!! The BIGGEST!! Companies wanting to be COOL and bleeding, bleeding, bleeding!! Led by cool but clueless CEO's and marketing teams.

Rick Schwartz

24 thoughts on “My EXACT MATCH Domain Name in .COM vs Confusing New GTLD. The INVISIBLE COST OF LOST SALES and GROWTH EXPOSED! WAKE the “F*CK” UP!!


    Will they ever get it? I highly doubt it until someone decides they want to own it and won’t pony up, instead you will probably need to teach them a lesson and end up in Hall of Shame.

    I hope they do come to there senses but so many big orgs, don’t realise that even if you choose a GTLD then own the Dot Com too – Push the business on the GTLD just redirect the Dot Com back to it at least that way the end user / client / customer won’t get confused.

    I hope this turns into another big pay day / equity split in the future – All the best.


  2. Domaineed

    Thanks. Great post!

    It’s already confusing with all the hyphens, singular/plural and keyword variations. nGtlds have only made things worse. I used to forward emails intended for a hyphenated version of a domain I owned. They always replied with thanks etc., but were too dumb to acquire the domain even though I had put a very low BIN bcoz of a circumstance. Now that it sold couple of months ago to someone else @ Afternic, NS remains unchanged and I still keep getting emails like the one from yesterday:


    I saw your ad on Facebook. I own 3 stores in CT and I would love to sell these for the holidays. What is your wholesale price and minimum order??

    My store is ______.

    Another one from today:

    “What are you wholesale prices?”

    There response is still ‘thank you very much’, LOL. They just can’t comprehend the loss of traffic/business despite tons of evidence.

    I just concluded my study today with the finding, it’s hard to fix stupid.


    This must of never happened to .org in the past? Why aren’t .orgs looked at as morons for not owning the .com? Double standards? Ohhh org is a magical 3 letter string immune from problems of new domains! Everyone knows .org. ppl never make mistakes. The millions of .org website existing (many for profit) has put value of your .coms to the moon!

    Thanks .org for making the coms worth more. It’s been remarkable!


    One thing here is generational perspective. Ricks gen is obsessed with monopolies and dominating everything 100% just look at the world! Where we are and who has what. They passed laws and encouraged this oligarchy which we have.

    Younger is “whatever” generation. You celebrate whatever, okay? I’ll focus on me and my loyalty. We don’t want the same things!

    It’s proven, young generation appreciate/seek experiences while older is materialistic.

    This info is out there!

    So many ex per org vs com too. How much you think bitcoin cares about the com? How look as both are developed.

    It comes down to: do ppl give a fk? Old generation doesn’t understand! We don’t give a fk!

    1. Andy

      Propy/com is no better than a pulled dingleberry on toilet paper when compared to Property/com. Talk about a boring post.

      Congrats to all who’ve bought gtlds and brandables! Y’all ignored cheap nouns, verbs and EMDs in dot com. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      Keep cheering on the pigeon shit, boys!


    Since the start, all we heard was: “end-users will never use these…you need developers first”…

    …over and over.

    That’s exactly what’s happening. ntld particularly being embraced by devs. This is a trend. And an accelerating one.

    Serious sites popping up like mushrooms; You’re insane to resist. No matter what you or I say, we will not change the course.

    Now move goal posts? Any of us could have predicted you get crumbs in a rare case. It doesn’t doesn’t distract from why ntld are intrinsically better! Rick is drawing irrational lines! “NTLD suck cuz I getting a bit of your traffic”. Ridiculous! You fail to realize their success may be attributed to having a great domain!

    Honestly, you are bragging about profiting off someone’s ‘failure’.

    Except they aren’t failing and they’re probably not morons!

    The big $$$ in selling domain period.

    If .com falls from grace as I suggest, how many empty bags will a typical domainer have to hold in order to catch these dropped crumbs?

    We should be worried about usage, not such hit-miss lottery. Anything other than usage is entertainment purpose.

    Great for making some $. Great for not contacting these ppl. You’d be doing industry a huge disservice if you did. U could offended these ppl regardless if u have good intent. As if domainers weren’t hated enough, u could do more harm than good objectively. Again, perception. Regardless of what you think, you don’t want website owners to feel preyed on. Could shoot ur own foot with such ‘outbound’ crap. Im sure Rick understands that at least.

    1. Snoopy

      Wake me up when you have actually sold a New TLD. You are posting like the .TVers of times gone by.

  6. Snoopy

    Congrats on the traffic Rick and good to see this blog going again.

    These people on New TLDs, .IO, .CO etc are sitting on temporary domains. Their call centre will already be lit up with people confused about what their url is.

    I hope they have the other areas of their business right because they get 0/10 for their domain choosing skills.

  7. Rueben

    I am also getting free money from a bleeding .com domain. For your information, with time the public will know that they are going to a wrong website, then they will stop typing it

  8. jeff schneider

    Hello Rick,
    We guess many of these Gtld advocates are going to have to learn the hard way, that you are the preeminent expert on ALL Domain platforms. You cannot change the opinion of know it all newbs. Once they own (.COM Equimoditty Platform Assets) They realize their Strategic Marketing Superiority. JAS


      My hard data suggests he’s dead wrong. He has no idea what’s developing and he would be wise to leave now before he’s involved in pushing people further in the wrong direction as events unfold.

      Big tech amazon google Microsoft are abt to reveal that they have a lot more power over the directions domaining takes than you think.

      There is going to be a massacre and .com will not see the spoils of war.

      I can’t believe he knows a lot because even empirical evidence is starting to show.

      .com being ‘good’ is a perception. It has weak foundations. Ntld particularly EMD, have a lot more intrinsic value. Fact: they get clicked way more. Slight shifts + being NEW/legitimate, will tip some scales. Within 2 years, I suspect, an absolute mania will begin.

      The war on big brands going to push us right back to more EMD. You watch. It’s the solution. No more link farms like past though.

      While it’s the solution, big tech knows that. They beat you there! Still screwed. Thank you domaining hero’s.

      Look more to future imo. Current ship sinking. Sometimes that happens… normalcy bias kills in that case.

      I tried giving data before, it’s always perceived as FAKE. It’s sad. The industry stays ignorant. SOMEONE has registered 100,000s search volume new domains…but the lowly domainers has none.

      Think about it..what IF 10k+ month EMD are great? Who has them? No one you know. Don’t say registries. I’m talking the registered ones. They’re only allowed 300 I believe, unless icann is allowing them to cheat and lie still.


    It’s funny rick tooting his horn here for PPC.

    Folks, PPC is effectively a forward. Domainers use it for monetization. Forward traffic to someone that pays you for traffic.

    End-users are effectively forwarding new domains and getting them ranked highly in google…

    Look end-users profit from forwards direct. PPC middleman. Both uses might as well be exact same purpose.

    But when a nice NEW domain gets used as ‘only’ a forward, the .com army is quick to point out such is a meaningless use.

    The industry doesn’t understand the power of EMD forward. They don’t see that they’re starting to rank #1…

    Somehow, if a .com profit off such method, they’re a genius. But if enduser doing it with new domains, it’s meaningless.

  10. jeff schneider

    Hello Rick,
    We see a little known trend underlying (.COM Equimoditty Platform Assets). We know that PPC has been at least 75% of the reason most domainers use to choose potential targets for purchase. We STRONGLY recommend all future acquisitions assign a 10% weighting to the PPC Metric. Trust us on this, We know some future developments, not yet fully understood by even some of the Legacy Domainers. JAS 10/7/2020
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger) Former ( Rockefeller I.B.E.C. Marketing Analyst/Strategist) (Licensed C.B.O.E. Commodity Hedge Strategist) (

  11. J.R.

    Nice to see you making an easy residual income, while most end users never learn.

    With the world swiftly moving online due to the pandemic and the Gestapo censoring on social media – the value of dot-com is going up. Also more people will return to blogging and vlogging independent of the social media; just like on

    These developments bode well for domain speculators in the dot-Com space.


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