Register(.)com and .Site Team up for UNETHICAL Account Stuffing!! I Don’t want your .CRAP in MY Account!!

Afternoon Folks!!

I received this email this morning and it is DESPERATE, UNETHICAL and DISGUSTING!! But it's not the first time this .CRAP model has been used to PUMP and DUMP! To inflate registration numbers just to fool and mislead domain investors and the public!!

This is one of the biggest gTLD models, STUFFING accounts with Domains nobody asked for or ordered! I have to act not to get it stuffed in my account??!! I have to opt-out?? BULLSHIT!!

Many companies will be fooled into paying renewals for years! That's a SCAM in MY BOOK! A TOTAL SCAM BY THESE COMPANIES!!

That's the gTLD world for you. Based on LIES, FAKE REGISTRATIONS, ACCOUNT STUFFING AND DECEIT. They have prayed on innocent companies hoping they don't notice this CRAP! CRAP! CRAP!!

Rick Schwartz

11 thoughts on “Register(.)com and .Site Team up for UNETHICAL Account Stuffing!! I Don’t want your .CRAP in MY Account!!

  1. Brad Mugford

    Bullshit is about the best term for this entire concept.

    I noticed it before with Network Solutions when I had domains in my account that I did not register or want. They just automatically put them in there, in hopes that people are going to renew them without even noticing it.

    No one wants their stupid extension, so they are forced to resort to these tactics.

    This type of behavior should be illegal. It should need an opt-in.

    A registrar should not be able to register a domain on my behalf, without my permission, and just stick it in my account in hopes that I will renew it on accident.


  2. RaTHeaD

    seriously rick. don’t hold back. how does this make you feel? if you need something to remember. bought afternic for 50 million dollars and later sold it for $50,000. i’m not a cpa so i don’t know if it was a profit deal.

  3. BullS

    Sue them—Class action lawsuit for extortion.
    This is like Wells Fargo opening accounts without the consent of the consumers.

    1. jeff schneider

      Hello Bulls,

      These actions are purely another confirmation of the severe sell off of New Extensions.The Pros are closing out their long equity positions, steadily on any strength from here on out. There is a 999.99% probability We are in a Marketing Top. Sell all equities and trade Up into (.com EPA’s)JAS 3/4/2021

      Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (CONTACT GROUP) We don’t Follow, We Create

  4. Samer

    Rick, gets me laughing every time.

    That’s why i avoid Registrars who upsell : )


  5. Antonio

    I wonder how they will charge after the first years to those who did not chossethose domains and did not care to opt out… I guess they should at least refrain from charging next year unless explicitly ordered to do so…

    Curious to see if the do a default redirection to your .com sites, that would be cheap as f.

  6. Clifford

    Dear Rick,
    I agree with you Rick, the market is being fixed to work against the true Domainer!
    We now have conglomerate registrars influencing domain auctions such as NameCon’s “FRIENDS and FAMILY DOMAIN AUCTION”.
    GoDaddy was in the news for acquiring Host Europe Group (HEG), which has been confirmed and evaluated at €1.69 Billion (USD 1.79 billion). The company has also acquired domain industry conferences NamesCon and WorldHostingDays as part of the deal.
    Domainers should not have to compete with registrars especially at the auctions.
    Domainers support and travel from all around the world to these conferences to promote the buying and selling of domains, which in effect benefits the registrars.
    For these Domainers loyalty to these conglomerates is silly because they do not even recognize their clients support.
    Most Domainers cannot get even one domain put to these auctions so they could at least make a little money to cover their travel and stay at these conferences. Every Domainer knows the cost of keeping a portfolio of hundreds or thousands of domains yearly.
    Con is the correct identity of this type of market.
    Nothing personal, JUST BUSSINESS!
    Kindest regards,

    1. Stefan

      Sorry for being straight forward, but you sound like you think domainers are the center of the universe. Unfortunately they’re not, they’re only a smaller piece of the bigger picture.

      If a domainer can’t get his or her domains listed at a conference, it may be because the domains are pigeon sh!t. If a domainer can’t cover the costs of holding hundreds of thousands of domains, that’s on the domainer, nobody else.

      Big companies will continue to dominate, not only in the world of domaining, but pretty much in all market segments. We live in a world where big money rules. Personally I’m not a fan of it, but that’s the way things are; for now.

      In terms of domain stuffing – if our registrar would pull such tactics on us, we’d transfer our domains elsewhere immediately.

  7. UFO

    Reeks of a potential pump of stats on registrations before they try to sell the extension off to some third party.


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