Calling out 30 Years of Shortsighted, Cheap, and Idiot CEOs that Hurt or Destroyed their Companies!

Good Evening Folks!!

This post is directed at all the idiot, CEOs. The type of CEOs that let run through their fingers or run through their fingers or thousands of others and do not recognize the power! What the hell are they getting paid for if not to see the future? If not to grow and protect their companies? So Mr. CEO, this one is for YOU and ON you!

Now before I start I want to say there are many CEOs that are geniuses. This is NOT for them. This is for their idiot counterparts that need a wake-up call and I am the one to give it to them.

Not even in hindsight, do they understand it!! So I am calling them out on the carpet RIGHT NOW and in public. Long overdue!

Traffic is what fuels the Internet. Without traffic there is nothing. Type-in traffic is the holy Grail of a domain name or business whether it is natural type-ins from curiosity or intuition, or created type-ins from your own advertising and word of mouth. Both are much more important than search traffic. Much more important. Much more potent. More conversions. But if you are a LAZY CEO you don't know this.

If a company does a good job of marketing, there is going to be a significant amount of type-in traffic. If they do a poor job, it won’t matter at all. Right Mr. CEO?? But Mr. CEO, when you have lost traffic or even worse…. traffic that’s intended for your company. that ends up at your competitor's company. That’s a big deal. That’s a big problem. Is that right Mr. CEO?

If you are a CEO of a company and you ignore this Mr. CEO, you’re an idiot and you should be fired. If you are a CEO and exhibit these traits your board should call you on the carpet, not me! You have no business being a CEO.

Pissed? Think I am rude? Good! WAKE UP! I haven't even started to make my points. Make sure that’s directed at yourself and not me. Diplomacy isn’t my strong point when I’m making such an important point that's for YOUR BENEFIT. But fine, go pee in your own mouth if that suits you.

So Mr. CEO you have a choice. You can focus on my diplomacy or lack of it or you can focus on the millions of dollars and unknown opportunities that you are losing for your company. If you focus on my diplomacy, I think that proves you are an idiot and should be fired.

If I run into a room yelling to everyone that the house is on fire, the house is on fire they better not complain that my voice is too loud or I am too excited. If so, they’d be an idiot. RIGHT??

If you have a fire in your factory and putting out the fire is "Not in the budget that year" do you just let the place burn down? Mr. CEO your job is to OVERRIDE obstacles because YOU are supposed to be the smart leader. The person that makes decisions, not the person that calls 100 meetings and accomplishes nothing.

But it’s your choice. It’s your money that you're burning up. Or in many cases, the stockholder's money that you are burning up and that’s why you should be fired. That’s why you may be an idiot and that’s why diplomacy is not an option. Do you care about your companies future or not?

This is serious business and if they were serious, they would want to know how much business they are losing. So let me give you a little wake-up call Mr. Idiot CEO after 30 YEARS…..

Lost traffic, lost opportunity is akin to shrinkage at a retail store. Would you like me to repeat that Mr. idiot CEO? If people are robbing you blind in your store, do you just close your eyes? Do you get pissed at the guy that points it out because of his tone? Are you a baby with thin skin or are you a CEO that is in control?

Why would you turn a blind eye to more shrinkage on the Internet than in your physical stores? It’s just in another form and in another dimension. If the CEO doesn’t understand that dimension, he has no business being CEO. He’s an idiot, and he should be fired.

They have all kinds of guards and detectives in their stores or office buildings. Cameras cover every corner of their premises. Hundreds of them. Being monitored live by someone else in security. Possibly even a team of officers. But when it comes to online, they’re blind. They know nothing. They don’t want to know anything. They are Schultz. They know nothing, they see nothing, they do nothing!! They don’t want to even hear it. That’s why they’re idiots and they should be fired. But why listen to me, I am rude and you don't like my taste in words or tone? Grow up!

So Mr. CEO if the shoe fits instead of getting angry or not liking my tone or complaining about my delivery, maybe you need to get your head out of your ass and focus on the bottom line.

What is your Domain Name Strategy?? You may not have one but don't assume your competitor is as dumb as you. Then again, after 30 years, you may need a crowbar. Take a look at the arsenal of domains many of the Fortune 500 have. CEO's that had vision even more than 30 years ago. What is your excuse Mr. CEO?

Wake up!

Every sale counts.
Every new customer counts.
Every lost customer counts 2X.

And besides you are not capable of answering or asking the simplest question....."What is the lifetime value of a new customer?" That is a simple question and the answer should be on the tip of your tongue Mr. CEO!

So let's ask again: "What is the lifetime value of a new customer?

You have no idea do you?? See why I think you are an idiot? If youn were not an idiot it would be on the tip of your tongue.So let's ask an even more important question:

"What is the lifetime COST of losing a new customer to your competitor Mr. CEO?"

That's a double whammy Mr. CEO. What is the lifetime COST of making their company stronger and your company weaker? If you roll your eyes and dismiss all this because you don't like my tone, my style and the pointed words I use and you are offended........ Then Mr. CEO, you are a dumb motherfucker and you should be fired. Any questions? Now go take care of business and sales like you are supposed to do. You can thank me later!!

Rick Schwartz

3 thoughts on “Calling out 30 Years of Shortsighted, Cheap, and Idiot CEOs that Hurt or Destroyed their Companies!

  1. BullS

    Most of these CEOs have MBA…. useless worthless degree ,they don’t have that street Smart.

    MBA….my big Ass
    I know of many newly minted MBAs working as barista still looking for that real job ..but they become illusional philosopher in debt.

    CEOs care only about their own stock options and compensation regardless whether their company do good or shit
    They still get paid more for laying off employees.

  2. Jay

    “it wasn’t in the budget.” it wasn’t in the budget that year.
    thats what he told you. i watched that video 100xs


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