Sell Domains or Sell Dreams! Domain King Shows the Difference!

Morning Folks!!

With a great and powerful standout domain name, I am providing the land and the unique opportunity to build a skyscraper for their world headquarters. Where 90% of all of their business is going to be transacted.

I’m also providing a medium, a podium, and a soapbox that towers over millions and possibly billions of other businesses.

I am giving them locations that can’t be duplicated and if used correctly, is priceless.

I’m providing them with their brand, their identity, and the ability to sell more and beat the competition.

I’m providing a piece of the puzzle that can be the difference between the greatest success and the greatest failure.

So while some domainers just sell domain names, I’m selling much more than that and the residue of all that is what dreams are made out of. I am selling the dream. I am selling the vision. And I am selling the vehicle to make that all happen and come through if executed in a proper manner.

I’m providing a permanent neon billboard on the Internet that can be seen at every corner of the universe.

I am supplying a never-ending stream of targeted and potent visitors to fuel growth perpetually.

I am giving all that and so much more. I focus on end users and CEOs. And if the CEO can’t get around his head around that, send him/her back to the mail room until he/she figures it out.

It’s already 30 years down the road and they should’ve figured it out 31 years ago. CEOs are paid to have vision not to be looking for the next gig because this one is going to be done in five years!

I posted on my Twitter feed at the beginning of 2023 that this was going to be a monster year. You’re seeing that recessions and in bad economic times people and their egos come back down to earth. It’s a monumental reality check.

Those bills start to pile up and the cash starts to diminish. Well, now they have to do what they were paid to do, to begin with, which is think! Think! And be nimble. Being nimble and quick to respond and be able to execute a decision when it’s time and necessary to pull the trigger.

So I’m providing all that and to me it’s worth millions and if the dumb shit CEO thinks it’s worth $50,000 that’s fine, but that’s why he’s a dumb shit CEO and there’s a likely chance I just may have to tell him/her that.

There are only a couple of kinds of CEOs good ones and bad ones start to the filter process. And then we have passive CEOs and aggressive CEOs. Futuristic CEOs and CEOs that can’t even see yesterday very clearly.

I have said something for many years, and I found out that Steve Jobs said essentially the same thing. I’ve said that a great domain name is the greatest economic equalizer the world has ever known. I’ve repeatedly said that the Internet with a Great Domain name and if you do your job right can make the smallest company look like the biggest company.

I had an in-home business in an 8 x 10 bedroom doing seven figures. It was my World headquarters, and I presented it that way. I copied Apple and IBM and Microsoft, and lots of other Fortune 500 companies and what they did and I try to emulate and interpret it in my own way.

So I was just a little tiny business, but my image was big. And my friends would laugh at my World Headquarters, but the public never knew. My world headquarters could’ve been a skyscraper or could’ve been in the closet. Basically, it was both. A tiny business in a closet that blossomed into a skyscraper built with meaningful domain names!! The single greatest equalizer the world has ever known!

My vision has never changed, and there’s no force on earth that ever will change it. So the dream lives on! Start the conversation and talk about dreams. If they can’t talk about dreams, they’re not a dreamer and your job is to move on.

Great domains don’t have to be listed for sale. Great domains are found by those looking for them. So grab a chair, sip your piña colada, and watch the tide come in. They will find you. You don’t have to find them.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

5 thoughts on “Sell Domains or Sell Dreams! Domain King Shows the Difference!

  1. Jay

    when cryptocurrency first appeared on the scene i started investing in cryptocurrency domains and not in cryptocurrency itself. that is the domain king way and it works.

  2. BullS

    They will find you. You don’t have to find them.
    That what I have been saying all the time….
    I am easy and available but not cheap

  3. J.R.

    The world headquarters for Amazon was originally Jeff Bezos garage.

    They started on Cadabra -> Relentless -> Amazon .com

    Via the power of the Internet and a premium dotCom, he overtook Barnes & Noble and put Borders out of business.

    He had a vision and was smart enough to build on Amazon .com

    Yet, startups sitting on $50M vc funding still believe they are entitled to pay $10K for an EMD dotCom?

  4. Mo

    Great to see you posting here again.
    The return of the Jedi :-).

    As usual spot on and with a gold mine of insights.
    Much appreciated.
    “Start the conversation and talk about dreams. If they can’t talk about dreams, they’re not a dreamer and your job is to move on.”
    This is quite a statement and that is also why you score big time.

    Hope you post more.


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