Common Ignorance, Now Married with Uncommon Arrogance!

Morning Folks!!

Domain investing and domain flipping are basically two different businesses. Two different ways of thinking. Two different approaches. And the results are usually quite different.

One is selling seaside mansions. The other is selling partially usable mobile homes.

Those who sell mansions don’t talk about hold times they invest knowing the value is always there. They are more interested in finding the right buyer; for that to happen, the right buyer has to find them!

I invest in desirable domains. And I ask the question, can they build their World Headquarters and their Brand and their Dream on that domain? If the answer is "No", it is not a desireable domain. It is Pigeon Shit. Simple.

I don’t believe in replaceable inventory. I believe in unique and meaningful assets that can be life-changing.

I realize I will be in the minority because I’m only joined with less than 500 other people worldwide in an industry that may have hundreds of thousands in it by this time and growing every day.

The vast majority don’t have a clue, and just follow the fool in front of them.

A day trader is a complete opposite of a long-term investor on the stock exchange. The day trader works his ass off and is under constant pressure. He can get burned at any moment and lose it all.

The long-term investor is on cruise control. They are measured and buy solid assets, and they don’t worry about it. They are more interested in being on their yacht where they can continue to think and continue to make good decisions.

It’s the story of the tortoise and the hare all over again. I will always be the tortoise in my actions, but I will be the hare in my thinking and realization.

It takes CEOs, COOs, and Harvard grads six meetings to end up with indecision vs. my process which takes less than six seconds with a good decision and 2 to 3 hours with a better decision. And a day or two to sleep on it for the perfect decision.

Folks that think long-term make good decisions. They think differently than short-term thinkers who make sporadic decisions and get sporadic results.

You must understand the difference in that type of thinking and how it affects everything they do, say and touch.

I am not saying it is wrong. I am saying, it’s a different thought process. It’s a different value system. It’s a different way of looking at the universe. And they will always be at odds.

You may start out as a short termer, but if you progress and do it right, you should end up as a long-termer. That should be the goal. But that seems to be the resistance.

It may just be indicative of the times we live in. What used to be common sense is now common ignorance married with uncommon arrogance. Definitely worth repeating and understanding.

Tens of thousands of domainers and the majority of the population overall fit in that pool..

Boys to men. They are failing miserably on the journey.

Here is a perfect example. This week a study came out naming Harvard as the WORST University for Free Speech!! Just another reason I don’t respect Harvard grads these days. The University is supposed to open your mind. This may as will be a canning factory to close your mind. Pay $250k, get a degree and come out indoctrinated, stupid and closed minded! What a deal!! Sad!!

I always believed in the 80/20 rule but in this era, it is more like the 90/10 rule. Maybe even a 95/5 rule.

Rick Schwartz

3 thoughts on “Common Ignorance, Now Married with Uncommon Arrogance!

  1. Mark

    HBS and their negotiation courses are some of the worst I’ve ever encountered. It’s like comedy-central if you get one of these guys to negotiate a domain purchase. Always entertaining.

  2. page howe

    rick, luv your stuff because there a truth and a wisdom and ait success that comes from your consistency, keep laying down, as you say, for those in the super premium best of the best,

    the best thing about selling ultra premium domain names is the upside to you as an owner, or the buyer when they buy, is unquantifiable, best is best…. but how much is best worth – and thats why you and other sellers define worth with a bit of nonchalant arrogance that only brings top ticking sales…

    the buyer KNOWS how much the name can add to their enterprise value, we as sellers imagines and place a limiting number (unless its one of your jv deals)

    and if you stay consistent as you do, you get the actualizing sales

    lastly what i love about reading your stuff over 20 years i fully believe , if it ever changes, i think you would say – i think your staying aware of the risks to high value domain assets, and the fact the answer keeps coming back the same, is because its true…

    not that your not checking up on what could put us on tilt, hope your felling better Page


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