What does a Sellout Crowd at TRAFFIC this Year Mean for You and TRAFFIC next Year?

Morning Folks!!

When we started T.R.A.F.F.I.C. in 2004 we had a capacity crowd of 135. We still have a capacity crowd in 2011, but now the crowd is much larger, more intense and much more sophisticated in what they do and how they do it. It is also much more diversified. Represented by more countries. Many more women both as spouses that support their mates and domainers in their own right.

So what does that mean to you? It means I have to sell less next year because the Ritz will not grow. They will have the same amount of space and when folks understand what we are doing, selling out the hotel will be easier next year than this year. Folks, you are going to LOVE the Ritz Carlton and you are going to LOVE the deals you make. TRAFFIC is going to be your turning point!

It’s tough out there and that is what makes things happen. If you have money you can get bargains. If you need money you can find it. People are in a deal making mood. Creative deals. Circumstance is in control.

So from here on out it is time for me to be quiet and others to take the lead. I work my ass off to make sure that everything goes PERFECTLY!! That there are life changing things going on. That anyone that isn’t at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. KNOWS they missed something very special.

The schedule is jammed packed with panels of folks that know their stuff. We are wall to wall and while we know many of you have meetings throughout the days, there are seminars that really can’t be missed. Speakers that have something to share with you.

Screw the noise. Screw those that can’t do business the right way. Screw the anons that can’t even show up at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. because they are ghosts and will always be ghosts.

We tell it like it is regardless of the fallout or agendas and regardless of how big or how small. The RIGHT WAY and every other way. We are the “Handshake” crowd. Our WORD means more than the piece of paper we sign.

T.R.A.F.F.I.C. MEANS B.U.S.I.N.E.S.S. or Howard and I would just be sitting on the beach instead. Maybe that is why I am the way I am and don’t take crap from anyone anymore. Life is way too short. If your word is not your bond, I am your enemy. If you steal from me or others, I am your enemy. If you are a troll that just posts crap without ever meeting me, talking to me, doing business with me, I am you enemy.

If you are legit, I am an ally. The strongest ally you can find. Loyal to a fault. A friend to death.

Have I made mistakes? You betcha. Lots of them. It’s like being a politician up here. Every word is scrutinized and used against me when it is convenient. Twisted when it is not. But so what? I have a mission. That shit is meaningless. The folks that come to T.R.A.F.F.I.C. understand that one single element.

So going to T.R.A.F.F.I.C. is energy for ME and YOU! It is like an energizer drink that lasts all year long. I know we are bending history. I know we are accelerating the process. I know we as a group have an impact. I know the future will be brighter for us than the past and the past has been a very nice journey.

We saw a need and grabbed an oar and just started rowing. We just row. Some use their own oars to row with us and yet others use their oars to try and slow us down or divert us or to just hit us over the heads with. That part I never expected nor understood. The only thing you can do with those folks, is throw them overboard.

So a week from today the festivities begin and more history will be written and progress will be made. The worst of times for most will become the best of times for us. We are not passive. We are aggressively going after the future.

In 1995-1996 I saw one thing. I saw a unique opportunity in time. I saw a parallel between INCOME PRODUCING Real Estate and a domain name. Like you, something sparked inside of me. Consumed me. Has never let me out of her grip. It was like everything that ever happened in my life was to prepare me to understand domain names. Deeply understand domain names and what they represent.

And like you, I want to build an empire. I want to build a string of great successes. I want something that only happens to others. I want to create something that outlives me. I want what you want and THAT is what makes TRAFFIC what it is. I think they just call it PASSION! You can’t buy it. You can’t force somebody to look forward to Monday. You can’t make somebody work until they collapse unless you have PASSION.

We all have different degrees of passion and we have different ways of expressing it and how it might manifest within us. But that is a strength not a weakness. Passion means you want to be the best. The best. You give 100% and then look for another 100% to give. Few can wrap their heads around that.

So the colors here are vivid. They are not pastels. The Ritz Carlton is the #1 Hotel Chain in the world for my taste. And this specific hotel is one of my very favorites. It will soon be one of your favorites as well.

T.R.A.F.F.I.C. is about doing it all FIRST CLASS and rewarding ourselves for a job well done. And lastly, the day you leave you will have so much energy and enthusiasm that nobody can hold back. Years ago they would laugh at what we do. Today they see what we are all about. Serious business men and women working with passion to make our lives much better for us and our families.

Some of you may start your journey in the next hours and days. Howard and I wish all of you safe and prosperous travels. Our commitment to you since 2004 is not to take you away from the comfort of your homes and families unless there was a reason.

To our alumni that can't make this year's show, you will be missed and we will see you next year!!

So see you there! We are all looking forward to it and I can tell you without doubt that we have put more effort into this show than any other show we have ever done. You will be the beneficiaries of our passion.

Rick Schwartz

PS: If you need to cancel any room nights at the Ritz Carlton, please cancel through us as we have nearly a dozen domainers on a waiting list for a room and if you cancel with the hotel, the room doubles in price and goes into general circulation.


Domain Pioneer Marc Ostrofsky to be on the View June 9th!

Afternoon Folks!!

Long time Domainer and Best Selling author Marc Ostrofsky to be on 'The View' June 9th!

This is what I just wrote to Marc O a few minutes ago after he told me the great news:

Congratulations!!! You have a chance to change the course of history. The biggest audience EVER to hear about domain names in depth.

Keep it SIMPLE!! :-)

Good luck!!


This is very good news and while some may not recognize the importance, what's new? But this is big and I am sure that Marc will rise to the occasion. Just remember that 'Over night success' generally takes about 20 years.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

“Corpse Traffic” Revisited. Why Mixing”Phantom” Traffic with REAL Traffic is Costly

Morning Folks!!

I am on record for YEARS about what I think about REAL traffic and “Phantom” traffic that I touched on yesterday. Here is a post from 2009 that could have been written yesterday with how things are shaking out. Maybe folks will understand HOW and WHY they are getting hosed.

'So these folks that disguise themselves as registrars and sponsors and domainers that could care less are costing folks with REAL traffic a FORTUNE. Now those are the FACTS! Those are the facts as I see them and I will repeat them often until Google, Yahoo and all our sponsors start figuring out the difference and I will get on the stage at TRAFFIC and articulate these thoughts for all to see for years to come. It is TIME to DEMAND that this STOPS. Google and Yahoo need to pay attention. THEY are enabling folks to do this by not understanding the real difference. They are enabling registrars and sponsors to do this. They are, perhaps unknowingly and unintentionally, SCREWING their own retail customers out of something that they don't really know about or understand to the degree they should imo. So I am saying it out loud so maybe folks will think about and discuss while they call me all types of names. And at the end of the chain are the domainers that have THE MOST POTENT TRAFFIC IN THE WORLD being mixed with CORPSES!!! That provides results and ratios that are skewed.'


Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


Property.com SOLD to Foreclosure.com

Brad Geisen continues to build online real estate empire to expand opportunities for future homebuyers and investors nationwide

Boca Raton, Fla. — July 22, 2008
Foreclosure.com Founder, President and CEO, Brad Geisen, announced today that he has reached an agreement with “Domain King” Rick Schwartz to acquire the domain name “Property.com,” paving the way for his entry into a new market.

With Property.com Geisen intends to create a one-of-a-kind — and convenient — one-stop online real estate marketplace that is easy-to-use and navigate. The Web site will serve as an easy-accessible national real estate classified that is going to be free to all visitors, providing sellers, buyers and investors with a whole new concept of marketing and finding homes on the Web.

According to Geisen, the acquisition of Property.com will allow him to focus his efforts on a different and potentially much larger segment of the real estate market. In fact, in Geisen’s opinion, the niche foreclosure market, which is Foreclosure.com’s market, represents just 2 percent of all available real estate inventory.

“I’m going after the 98 percent of the real estate market outside of the foreclosure business.” said Geisen. “For the past several years, I’ve built and run one of, if not ‘the,’ most successful Internet foreclosure businesses, but the business was always exclusively distressed real estate. I’ve achieved in Foreclosure.com what I set out to accomplish and I am ready for a new challenge in a different market. I intend to shift my focus on developing my new ideas that will revolutionize how homes should be listed, viewed and purchased. I’ve developed the critical skills which I intend to apply to this new market,” said Geisen.
Property.com will include all listing types, including those indexed the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), creating a database that could surpass more than 15 million homes, but not including distressed properties, which will remain the business of Foreclosure.com. The best part is that it will be totally free to search for potential buyers and visitors, and sellers will be able to upload and edit their own personal listings at no charge.

It’s a wide-open model that Geisen knows will create an invaluable resource for just about anyone interested in real estate.

“I’m raising the stakes and pushing all my chips to the center of the table,” said Geisen. “Foreclosure.com and my related companies have been leaders in their spaces for nearly a decade. I’ve seen what’s been wrong with the way things were done and I’ve developed the methods to fix them. I have the knowledge and resources to take this to a whole new level … and that’s what I plan to do.”

Geisen revealed the new Property.com will be unveiled sometime in 2009. The specific terms of the deal to acquire Property.com were not disclosed. However, Geisen indicated that the value of the deal is one of the largest URL purchases to date.

That’s a deal that has the seller Rick Schwartz – who is known as the “Domain King” -- smiling from ear-to-ear. He purchased Property.com for $750,000 in 2005 and was recently introduced to Geisen through Kevin Leto of BigTicketDomains.com about a possible re-sale.

“My job is to acquire prime, industry specific domain names with large volumes of natural type in traffic and eventually develop them to their fullest potential by partnering with leading companies in their respective fields which I have been doing for more than a decade,” said Schwartz,” “Early on I saw the value in Property.com; however, I never had the resources to develop it so it could reach its maximum potential. Brad Geisen has the vision to truly get the most of Property.com for the benefit of so many people in every corner of the United States. I’m thrilled to be a part of this exciting new project with Brad.”

Stay tuned for frequent updates and milestones for the new Property.com. Feel free to visit the Web site in its current form. However, as mentioned earlier, the complete re-launch will not be official until sometime in 2009.

About Brad Geisen and Foreclosure.com
Ten years ago, Brad Geisen founded Foreclosure.com and built it over time to a company with more than 1.8 million foreclosure, preforeclosure, bankruptcy, FSBO and tax lien listings in one place, Foreclosure.com delivers America’s largest and most accurate searchable database of foreclosed homes and distressed property information to its customers and business partners. Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Brad Geisen and Foreclosure.com work with hundreds of top lending institutions and government agencies to list diverse property types on its Web site, including Real Estate Owned (REO); Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD); Department of Veterans Affairs (VA); Fannie Mae; and other government agency and financial institution properties; as well as listings from an extensive network of corporate sellers. On the Web: www.foreclosure.com.

About eRealEsate.com.

Rick Schwartz, aka “Domain King” and “Webfather,” is the CEO, President and Cofounder of T.R.A.F.F.I.C. found at TargetedTraffic.com-- the premiere domain conference for the domain industry. It is both the oldest and largest and attracts over 500 of the top professionals in the industry in a by invitation only event. As one of the early domain pioneers dating back to 1995, Rick has a knack for predicting big trends and getting it right. He may have been the first to recognize the value of “type in” traffic which is now commonly referred to as “direct navigation” -- the most potent and targeted traffic on the net. Rick has a prime portfolio of one and two word domains, and is considered by many to be among the leading experts on domain names, traffic, Web site flow and valuation. www.eRealestate.com

Media Contact
Thomas Myers
Tel: (561) 981-5337 ext. 381

Five auctions under one roof

Morning folks!!


Just wanted to give you some important mid summer


T.R.A.F.F.I.C. is #1 because we set the pace and
are not afraid to try new things. The first silent domain auction, the first
live domain auction and now, with that in mind, T.R.A.F.F.I.C. is proud to
present another ground breaking first in the industry. 
For the first
time at any domain show we are going to have multiple live auctions presented by
multiple auction houses. This is going to be a game changer! Howard and I have
nothing to sell. Our job is to promote the industry as best we can and also be
as inclusive as we can. In tough times like this there will actually be an
increase in domain acquisitions. Domains that would have never been sold will
now be on the auction block. Plus, with multiple companies promoting the live
TRAFFIC auctions in New York City, the bidding action and
excitement will be better than ever. Multiple companies trying to include end
users. Multiple companies competing for the best domains. Multiple companies
offering different type inventories at competitive prices. Multiple auctions with multiple auctioneers and different styles of auction.


As is stands now we believe there will be up to 5 different auction companies holding live domain auctions in New York City
in September. Moniker will continue to be the 'Premiere' auction at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. as
they have been. As you might imagine, this was not an easy decision. Monte and his crew have done a great service to us all over the years. Just sometimes what is good for one company may not be in the best interest of an entire industry. So kudos to Moniker for doing what others would not do when none of us knew the outcome. 
Last year the New York TRAFFIC show produced a record breaking
$12M in auction sales. I believe that is more than all other live domain auctions at other shows
combined for both 2007 and 2008!! We have the right location at the right time
with the best domain audience.
Including other
auction houses will be effective, good for the growth of the industry, make
things very exciting and open things up that will create lots of energy. Like I
said, this is a game changer and we are all big winners. More info will be
released soon.


We will also be announcing a T.R.A.F.F.I.C.
REWARD PROGRAM later this summer. This program will give perks/discounts to
future TRAFFIC shows starting at our San Francisco/Silicon Valley show next
April. Those spending $10,000 or more at the auction will be eligible for those
rewards. The reward program will be in effect during the New York City show in
September. The more you spend, the more perks you get.


That's about it. We are working hard to make sure
that TRAFFIC keeps way ahead of the pack. Since 2004 we have set the tone and
agenda for the industry by always providing cutting edge and trailblazing ideas
and agendas. Howard and I take great risks in an effort to bring the industry to
the forefront of marketing. Mix that with the biggest and the best and you get
TRAFFIC. We don't know the result of multiple auctions but it is going be a fun
thing to watch unfold. I expect we will announce the participants as early as
this week. I will update this blog with the companies as those companies commit.
Not only will this transform the domain aftermarket, it will transform the
auction houses that participate. Just look at the growth of our biggest partners
over the years. From DomainSponsor, to Moniker, to TrafficZ and others, TRAFFIC
has facilitated the growth of these companies. We are the 'King makers' and that
has been the bi-product of what we do and we can do it for many

Now just a few quick reminders.   
1. The group fees go up tomorrow (Tuesday)
The 5 pack goes up $1000.
The 10 pack goes up $2000.
2. The $1795
Preferred admission ends on July 31st.
So sign up now and save.   

3. The hotel rates will be going up on August 20th. Book your
rooms now as we are already 65% booked and the rates will go up by $200/night.   


Now back to your regularly scheduled summer!

Have a GREAT day!

Rick Schwartz
Update: We can now announce 4 of the auction companies that will be holding live auctions at T.R.A.F.F.I.C.
Thought Convergence

My last Blog post

Good Evening Folks,

A year ago I decided to
write a book. 75 posts later, that book is done. It resides right here. 75
posts (Chapters) most of which are aimed at the corporate and investment world
along with the domain industry as well as other trailblazers. Free for the reading. I hope someday it is read by folks on Main
Street to Wall Street who can TRANSFORM their businesses if they can figure out just how EASY
it is to harness the power of the Internet. The posts are aimed at folks at
every level. As I have said for many years, there are countless ways to
climb this mountain, this was my path and this is my vision based on my
path. A 20 year plan. A plan based on timing. That success or failure has
a lot to do with timing. Sometimes timing is everything. So with that in mind,
it is TIME to do other things. Whatever I can say has been said. It is here. It
is on eRealEstate.com and it is on TargetedTraffic.com. Now the time that I
have always shared has to be devoted to other challenges and other projects.
The first of which opens today at Property.com. Widgets.com and others will soon follow. Time
to allocate my time in a new way. The industry is maturing and splintering and
becoming more serious and becoming more desperate. So the dynamics of the
cottage industry that gave birth to what we do is no more. The orbit has gone
to higher levels. Those in other orbits have to work hard to escape the gravity
of whatever orbit they are currently in to move to the next level. The safety
of mediocrity has to be overcome by the challenge of what the future promises.

Have a GREAT spring and
hope to see everyone in Orlando at the next TRAFFIC this May and in New York City in September. For any further thoughts, just read my previous post..

Rick Schwartz.

Mediocre traffic for a mediocre system

Morning folks!!

Transparency has emerged
as the key issue for 2008. T.R.A.F.F.I.C. tackled the problem in session after
session. Change won't come easy but it will come. A set of standards are now in
play and has wide support.

What does transparency
do? It educates. Education creates a bigger market with wider and deeper demand
because they have a clear understanding and that is something to build on. But
the way the system is set up, it rewards mediocre traffic while ignoring very
potent traffic and not filtering out the crappy traffic. So as long as you mix
those 3 groups together, the entire online advertising community is not capable
of taking advantage of this golden opportunity to steal market share from
traditional media. They are stuck with mediocre traffic no matter what. Blind
buying will choke online advertising. And I have yet to even mention a word about separating social traffic from commercial traffic which is a huge factor. Scratching your head? What am I talking

Let's reverse things. Imagine
buying time on TV and not knowing if you are getting Super Bowl time or 3AM
bible music ads. IMAGINE how absolulutely INSANE that system would be!! How could you possibly build on that. There is no recipe. It's Russian Roulette. Well
welcome to OUR world of insanity. THAT is exactly what WE do on the online
advertising and why so much of the $$$ don't make it to the pockets of the
domain owners who supply that traffic and why the demand is not as high as it
could or should be for Google and Yahoo on top of the equation. That also suppresses
payouts because it is all about supply and demand and the demand has never been
what it should be because without knowing what you are getting it is impossible
to increase your buys for most businesses. It's basic stuff not rocket science. The result is easy to see when there is a flaw in the  construction.

I URGE folks to start
thinking about grading traffic. Having transparency. Having Google and Yahoo
and PPC providers cooperating because as I illustrated above, the current
system is insane. It makes little sense. It is world's better than impression
based advertising but it is not good enough to compete with traditional media
for the long term and actually get those dollars that can be won over sooner
rather than later.

We have mediocre traffic
for a mediocre system because we mix all the laundry together and have yet
to learn to separate the colors from the whites, from the stuff covered in
Sh*t. The space will never evolve to its full potential until things like this
are understood and addressed. Not all traffic is created equal. Not all TV ads
are created equal. Not all magazine ads are created equal. The blueprint is
already in place from traditional media. Some of that blueprint may be
obsolete, but much of that blueprint for magazine circulation and TV ratings is
waiting to be deployed in what we do. Buyers need to know the 'Source' of the traffic they are getting and the system should be transparent enough for them to see. So when we talk about 'Transparency', we are talking about it on many levels. Domainers have a responsibility. Monetizers  have a responsibility. Google and Yahoo and whoever shows up next, have a responsibility.

Have a GREAT day!
Rick Schwartz

The Dilemma of a Domain Owner

My Dilemma may be your dilemma.......

I own Candy.com. I spend no time on the Candy.com project. I
am distracted. However even with those realities Candy.com earns enough to place
it in the upper 5%-10% of all candy stores. And when we talk about customers
walking in to your store, candy.com places in the highest category of candy
stores anywhere. My problem is I have no focus. I have too many distractions. Do
I want to make more with Candy.com and invest my time here or do I move on to

Now Property.com has its' own story. I spend no time on the
Property.com project. I am distracted. However even with those realities
Property.com gets more daily customers than dozens or maybe hundreds of real
estate offices combined. In addition with me being distracted and spending no
time developing or taking care of it, Property.com still manages to produce an
income that most real estate agents don't make. My problem is I have no focus. I
have too many distractions. Do I want to make more with Candy.com and invest my
time here or do I move on to Property.com but yet others believe I should
develop Widgets.com?

Now Widgets.com has another story. Purchased a decade ago to
explain the most generic of generic domain names and the power they have and why
something like Widgets.com would say something to the world and have value. I
spend no time on the widgets.com project. I am distracted. However even with
those realities evolution has stepped in and as you might imagine Widgets.com is
one of my fastest growing domain names. My problem is I have no focus. I have
too many distractions. Do I want to make more with Widgets.com and invest my
time here or do I move on to Property.com or Candy.com or listen to others that
believe I should develop Porno.com?

Now Porno.com is another interesting story. I spend no time on
the Porno.com.com project. I am distracted. However even with those realities
Porno.com earns enough with PPC to place it in the upper ranks of all adult sites that make 7 figures annually in profit. My problem is I have no focus. I have too many distractions.
Do I want to make more with Porno.com and invest my time here or do I move on to
Property.com or Candy.com or Widgets or listen to others that believe I should
develop TradeShows.com?

Now I can go on and on all day today and all day tomorrow and
then some with similar circumstances just different domain names each with a
story of success waiting for my time and attention. I have a load of choices how
to invest and spend and enjoy MY TIME. I choose to put my energy in explaining
the power and the value of domain names and why they will play such an important
part in everyone's futures. The challenge presented and the historical
significance are just things that I can't seem to ignore. How do you ignore an
opportunity that truly shadows the gold rush? How do you ignore something that
is changing the way we sell things? Market things? Listen to things? View
things? Learn things? Interact with each other? The list goes on and on and on.
When HISTORY writes about this period it will be clear. Until then, look at all
this through an historical eye to the past and you will see the vision I have of
the future. The vision that has so far unfolded like numbered milestones on a

I have no focus. I have too many distractions. But I would not
have it any other way. Imagine the possibilities and opportunities. Never have
so many had a chance at so much.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Gives Bang for the Buck!

Morning Folks!!

Expensive is relative. If you spend $100 for an
advertisement and get no return, that is expensive. If you spend $5000 and get
a $100,000 return, that is cheap! So the definition changes as the rewards
change. By that standard T.R.A.F.F.I.C. is not only cheap, it is life
changing. We aim for the moon, yet we have delivered over and over again. But
hey, why listen to me? Listen to a guy that travels over 50 hours to get to
TRAFFIC and the story behind why he comes. Michael Gilmour, who writes the
popular 'Whizzbang's
,' shares the reasons he would get on a 25 hour flight each
way and do it 3 times a year. He joins a growing group coming from 'Down
under' as well as from 15 other countries who make their way to TRAFFIC
show after show after show. Coming to TRAFFIC once is a novelty, twice means
that it was so worthwhile that you want more. But when you come to show after
show after show and invest time, energy and substantial funds just to get
there, then there is something very valuable going on because we would all rather
be sitting in our homes in front of the computer with our families.

So I ask you to read
Michael's story. Then if you still think no big deal, go read similar stories
from our page of unsolicited testimonials; and I have some yet to post there.
48 people took time to write a note expressing the value they got from
attending TRAFFIC. And when you look at the names saying it, quite a compliment
and the reason we are committed to keep making each show better than the last.

We have a formula for
TRAFFIC. A recipe. Others have tried to copy that recipe but they will always
miss one key ingredient. Just like Coca Cola has their secret formula, we have
ours and it is called 'Gut instinct.' Instinct that has proven to be
right on target over and over again year after year after year. Many parts of
TRAFFIC can be simulated, but without the secret formula, it will never taste
or be as good as the original. Going forward, folks will be much more conscious
of where they spend their time and money and the return they get. No where else
do the biggest and the best get together in such a meaningful way. You have to
ask yourself how does a show that is by invitation only, that screens every
attendee, that takes place at expensive and high end hotels, is also the most
attended, most meaningful and consistently sets the tone, the stride, the pace
and the agenda of the industry? It seems like an impossible FORMULA. But this
formula has a track record of great success and when we bring in speakers like
Steve Forbes it says to the attendees that they are worth bringing in the
sharpest minds to discuss who we are and what we do. It says to the outside
world that this is a serious industry wanting to hear from the most influential
business people of the day. It says we have something valuable to discuss. It
also shows we are willing to take profits out of our pockets to elevate our
industry. We won't sell extra tickets because of Steve Forbes, but there is a
sense of some seriousness when you have someone of his stature coming to spend
some time with a small group of serious investors even if he is getting paid to
do it.

One of the hidden
benefits of TRAFFIC is that we are in the domain business; we are investors.
The combined total investment represented by the attendees of TRAFFIC is
measured in the tens of billions of dollars. Think of the value represented by
that audience. Yes, we own domains and that is the investment that fuels all of
our other investments. We also own stocks, bonds, hedge funds, real estate,
restaurants, businesses from every walk of life. Some of us are in the funeral
business, some in the flag business. We cover every aspect of every corner of
investments on a global basis. We are an interesting group of entrepreneurs! We
are decision makers! While corporate America has meeting after meeting to
decide how to make a decision without losing their jobs, we make deals. We move
mountains. While they look for others to finance their ideas, we are self
financing. We write a check to see if our idea works. We don't need to BURN
other people's money to build a flawed business that returns no profits. That
gives us a certain independence that only fuels our growth. That makes us
unique. That makes us interesting. That makes us different from the rest of the
universe. To this day nobody can really get their heads around the FACT that
only a few hundred, (Maybe even a thousand or two) figured out the greatest
opportunity in our lifetimes, our father's lifetime or our fathers before them.
The last time the 'Common man' had an equal shot at such a big
'Find' would have been the gold rush. But even in the gold rush it
was a place you had to get to. It was difficult. Many died. In this gold rush
the playing field was much more comfortable and the risk of dying had little to
do with domain names. Truly, never have so many had such access to great
success with such a low entry fee. The historians will write about these days
as they did about those days. So never ever doubt that you are in an historic
time on an historic path. The most surprising thing that they will write is
about how many missed the greatest opportunity in any of our lifetimes and how
a few hundred or a few thousand changed the face of the new century. How the
ones that got PAID not to miss these things, missed them, continue to miss them
and continue to fail their companies and investors.

So there is much more to
TRAFFIC than a domain trade show. We are writing history. It's more than just
the world's largest live domain auctions presented by Moniker.com. It's more
than the $25 million in sales during the last 3 auctions. It's more than having
some 60 speakers that actually know what they are talking about. It's more than
being fed steak and lobster. It's more than hearing from Steve Forbes. It's a
launching pad for folks with resources and a track record of success to network
in the best environment and to do it in a way that is conducive to meeting as
many folks as possible and doing deals that can become life changing. We have
one thread in common that brings us all together. That thread has turned into a
steel reinforced rope that binds as together as we trail blaze the future.

Some think that with the
great success that we achieved in the New York City show, there is no new
horizon. The TRUTH of the matter is that whatever we accomplished in New York
won't become evident until the Florida show. It will be in Florida that the
DIVIDENDS of those efforts will germinate. Make no mistake; we are not talking
about a small 'Dividend.' We are talking about an avalanche of things
unfolding. I am usually pretty good at predicting what will happen. However in
this instance, I can't even begin to articulate how that show will effect you,
your portfolio and your future as a Domain investor.
Now let me be clear. I usually make VERY bold predictions before the shows.
Look at my words before each show and then look at the reality of how the
industry was affected by each show. Stating a goal publicly in front of all
your peers is a risky thing to do. But if it were not for those predictions
becoming reality, there would be no reason for anyone to pay attention.

Do the research. See
what I said publicly and in this blog before the New York show, then read the
independent reviews after the show. See what I said 10 years ago about the
industry, and then see how it has unfolded today. T.R.A.F.F.I.C. is the serious
show for serious people looking for serious networking and surrounded by lots
of serious fun and serious food.

I rest my case. See you
in South Florida.

Have a GREAT day!
Rick Schwartz

Is the CADNA a Sham? What is CADNA’s REAL agenda??

Last week I blogged about domain tasting and
contacted the CADNA directly in my official position as President and CEO of
the 'World Association of Domain Name Developers Inc.' about how
professional domainers and this new organization could be able to work
together. While there may be areas in which we disagree, when it comes to
'tasting' we have something in common. That email has so far gone unanswered. In the meantime I have had many discussions with folks and have seen some
posts here which warned that CADNA is not to be trusted. They believe their
TRUE agenda is to 'Reverse Hijack' valuable domain names that are
legitimately owned by painting everyone as a cybersquatter. Needless to say I was stunned to hear this.

I have also learned that the organization
itself would be a cybersquatter under its own definitions of
cybersquatting. Yup, you heard me right. There are folks saying they are guilty
of what they are accusing others of. Some very large companies may be
embarrassed to learn this.  It seems that they chose a domain name that
already has a trademark!! Their domain is CADNA.ORG, but there is a
company that has a trademark on CADNA and operates from CADNA.COM!!
Does this cause confusion? It did with me. In my blog I mistakenly linked
the post on the 16th to CADNA.COM and it was only on Sunday the 19th that
somebody emailed me that I made a mistake and that it was a .ORG not a .COM at
the end of CADNA.

So will we see the anti-cybersquatting CADNA.ORG get
swept into court for violating the mark of CADNA.COM?? Did they not do any
research? How SLOPPY can this new association be and how IGNORANT can the
companies putting their names behind them be?

So either CADNA needs to change its domain
name or it is just as guilty as the people they are pointing fingers at and
calling cybersquatters. Then again, maybe this shows that nothing is black and
white. Maybe CADNA.ORG needs to look at these differences. Not everything
is a TM infringement. Not everything causes confusion in the marketplace. Not
every trademark is the same or there would be no need for so many different
trademark classifications. So we will wait and see if CADNA.COM files a WIPO or
UDRP against this new coalition that may be violating their trademark by folks
that say they are concerned about the abuse of Intellectual Property. So what
say you CADNA.ORG? Are you the newest cybersquatter in town?

And how is the sale of Pharmacy.com going?
It seems to be brokered by Fairwinds LLC which is one of the companies
backing CADNA. An asking price of $50 million big ones would set a new record
for the sale of an individual domain name. So who is CADNA.ORG? What is their
real mission and REAL motive? Is it possible they know that great domains have
value in the tens of millions and this is the foundation to legally take
our domains to which they have no rights? Like the railroads took peoples land
back in the 1800's?

CADNA.ORG seems as guilty as those that they
accuse  of cybersquatting and CADNA.COM should file suit if they were to
follow what CADNA.ORG intends to make legal. So either CADNA.ORG
needs to take a deep breath before they RECKLESSLY call folks cybersquatters or
they have another agenda.

Stay tuned. Let's see how this plays out and see
if this organization will admit that they should not paint all domainers as
cybersquatters. If they do, then they themselves ARE cybersquatters by their
own definition and the charter members that include AIG, Dell, Eli Lilly,
Hilton, HSBC, Marriott, Richemont, Verizon, Wyndham, and Yahoo! may end up with
some egg on their collective faces. How uninformed can they be? Did ANYONE at
these supporting companies look into this? Did their board approve this move that may end up backfiring right in their faces? Did they do their due diligence or
have they swallowed something that will prove to be very embarrassing?