The Dilemma of a Domain Owner

My Dilemma may be your dilemma.......

I own I spend no time on the project. I
am distracted. However even with those realities earns enough to place
it in the upper 5%-10% of all candy stores. And when we talk about customers
walking in to your store, places in the highest category of candy
stores anywhere. My problem is I have no focus. I have too many distractions. Do
I want to make more with and invest my time here or do I move on to

Now has its' own story. I spend no time on the project. I am distracted. However even with those realities gets more daily customers than dozens or maybe hundreds of real
estate offices combined. In addition with me being distracted and spending no
time developing or taking care of it, still manages to produce an
income that most real estate agents don't make. My problem is I have no focus. I
have too many distractions. Do I want to make more with and invest my
time here or do I move on to but yet others believe I should

Now has another story. Purchased a decade ago to
explain the most generic of generic domain names and the power they have and why
something like would say something to the world and have value. I
spend no time on the project. I am distracted. However even with
those realities evolution has stepped in and as you might imagine is
one of my fastest growing domain names. My problem is I have no focus. I have
too many distractions. Do I want to make more with and invest my
time here or do I move on to or or listen to others that
believe I should develop

Now is another interesting story. I spend no time on
the project. I am distracted. However even with those realities earns enough with PPC to place it in the upper ranks of all adult sites that make 7 figures annually in profit. My problem is I have no focus. I have too many distractions.
Do I want to make more with and invest my time here or do I move on to or or Widgets or listen to others that believe I should

Now I can go on and on all day today and all day tomorrow and
then some with similar circumstances just different domain names each with a
story of success waiting for my time and attention. I have a load of choices how
to invest and spend and enjoy MY TIME. I choose to put my energy in explaining
the power and the value of domain names and why they will play such an important
part in everyone's futures. The challenge presented and the historical
significance are just things that I can't seem to ignore. How do you ignore an
opportunity that truly shadows the gold rush? How do you ignore something that
is changing the way we sell things? Market things? Listen to things? View
things? Learn things? Interact with each other? The list goes on and on and on.
When HISTORY writes about this period it will be clear. Until then, look at all
this through an historical eye to the past and you will see the vision I have of
the future. The vision that has so far unfolded like numbered milestones on a

I have no focus. I have too many distractions. But I would not
have it any other way. Imagine the possibilities and opportunities. Never have
so many had a chance at so much.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

23 thoughts on “The Dilemma of a Domain Owner

  1. Andy

    Rick, who is going to take over your domain names when you are no longer alive? You look like you are about 50 or 60 years of age…so you have only about 20 to 30 yrs to live, correct? If i were you, i would sell everything and stop running around and doing stressful stuff like planning these Traffic shows….of course traffic shows wont be the same without you…but you have to let go…and relax and stop worrying about domain names and other stressful stuff. I know its hard to let go of something that you love doing…but you only have 20 to 30 yrs left to live….you should sell all your domains at the next Las Vegas traffic show…this will make history!!!

  2. Crystal L. Cox

    That was Kind of Cryptic. If Rick is making good money and doing what he loves than why sell now and have a large chunk of money a large tax and give up what he loves. Rick will live Forever, he Loves Life !!!

  3. Bob

    You have some very nice domain names… what you need to do is delegate tasks start developing your best property pick one make it fly, turn it into a billion dollar business… rinse and repeat!

  4. Don1

    If it was me and I owned those domains, I would never sell them. Why? it’s like you have a legal printing press for currency in your home.
    You would just get bored anyway how would life change whether you had 100 million in cash or 500 million? I like the printign press myself:)

  5. Javok

    The question is, if you wanted to develop those names, could you do it successfully?
    Being a domainer is not the same as being a (good) developer.

  6. Adi

    Why you not developing a sharing idea website or you contest it and give a member an gift for your domain properties ? This sounds is good for future.

  7. brand

    rick your post flew over the heads of raised the bar too much for everyone to grasp…
    you know what to do with your domains and you will sell for more than 20 million in the addition domainers need you and traffic you can go back to retirement in the future.
    and for mr goldstein typical of a hebrew with his greedy hand out..
    rick you are not like the rest..and you forgot to tell us about
    we love you and what more of your table thumping…

  8. Salman

    Incredible…You had the vision…and more importantly you learned how to capitalize on domains. You are my inspiration, mentor, and role-model as I too want to be successful with my domains. Domains will revolutionize how we surf the web.

  9. Christopher Ambler

    Ironic, in that development is what I do and understand, and I think that you do, too.
    If there’s a hidden meaning in your post, I think I got it.
    And if there wasn’t, perhaps there should have been.

  10. edward

    This man is just another domain lotto winner – he bought up early domains so no one else could use them -he did things most people are too moral to do. (he’s just another internet crook.)
    Please stop paying attention to him.

  11. lawrence

    he’s an oppertunist, who saw the light early on – and got handsomly rewarded in the process…don’t be hating just because you’re jealous you didn’t see the light that early on

  12. kelly lieberman

    “please stop paying attention to him.” ??? You have got to be kidding! Read and learn..there is still plenty of opportunity for anyone with some chutzpah! My Dad bought vacant farm land in 1973 for $90,000.He has leased it to farmers for their cows to graze(parking!), which wiped out his taxes to under $300 (registrar fees!). Meanwhile, has sold 2 parcels, and his remaining parcel for sale will net him a cool 7 figures in the next year!!! See the parallel? Somehow, you have missed the boat on business. My Dad never needed to develop the land to make it legitimate. Business is business. Get on the boat (any boat!) If you are reading the blog edward than You are paying attention to him….

  13. Sing

    Rick is the most unimaginative domainer in history. The names in his portfolio are going to waste. The”Domain King”…. Should be more like”World’s Laziest Domainer”. You are supposed to be the most vocal important person in our industry.
    You want wall street to come to us, you want them to understand the value of a domain? Well Stop being so lazy and develop something.
    I know it must rock when you check your TrafficZ stats and say;
    “Alright, brought in $386 today. I didn’t have to get off my butt or take any time off from planning how I’m going to steal more money from the domain community before they figure out that I’m the worst thing for it.”
    I know you’ve got a sweet deal with the TRAFFIC conference and as much as I love lobster and BS I think we need to find a new leader.
    We need someone who can lead by example and not someone who just professes to know so much and doesn’t lead by example.
    Thanks for what you’ve done so far, good and bad. But we need more than a bull in a candy shop.

  14. Bill Hartzer

    What you don’t realize, though, Rick is that by adding even a little content to those domains and doing some SEO you could double, triple, quadruple, your money without doing much (more) work.
    It will be interesting to see what’s done with

  15. jjj

    Any chump could make this much money on these domains. You got lucky for getting in early…..
    By the way…. T.R.A.F.F.I.C. is blessed. According to your quote you mentioned that if a current TRAFFIC conferences live auction doesn’t beat the previous record you would step down.
    You have been owned:
    9.8 million including silent for the auction that ended today…………
    12.3 million in NYC………….
    By the way…..I am full of shit like the other Anonymous posters that have to hide their identities cuz they don’t have the SPINE or BALLS to sign their name to their words. Seems that only crap talk comes from assholes like me who have no life, am jealous of your success and have to make things up to discredit you.
    You never said that but that but this is how rumors are spread. I am such an asshole. But the rumor will spread nonetheless. Ha Ha!

  16. Gazzip

    Seems like there’s a few sad jealous people here – I hope you don’t ever let these numpties get to you.
    You are obviously doing a fantastic job – you are an inspiration to many newcomers in the industry like me.
    Keep doing what you’re doing as long as you are having fun doing it !
    Thank You

  17. David Wrixon

    Actually, the Bull’s Eye on a Dart Board is not the highest scoring location. There are actually four more that are bigger, easier to hit and worth a bit more than the Bull’s Eye.

  18. Logan Vickers

    I was trying to find a way of making money as i got laid off from work 2 weeks ago and have found myself working in a meat works to make ends meet.. I am now trying to find a way to make a little more money and stumbled accross this website.. I am only 20 years old and have alot more than 20-30 years left and i would like to enjoy it.. Email me if you have any ideas u think might help or better still i could work for you?


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