Where do you want to go this morning?

Each morning many of us
have a ritual we do. We check emails, stats, bank balances, stock portfolios, news,
blogs, scores, auctions, drops, domains,etc. We have our daily morning list of sites we go to. So today
I would like you folks to be the poster. Where do you go? What sites do you
visit? What does your morning look like when you open the lid of your computer
in the morning or move your mouse and start your day? 

Have a GREAT day!
Rick Schwartz

PS: 12 years ago TODAY, a morning like this, I registered my first domain name. A single act that changed my life and destiny. You just never know which seed you plant TODAY will change your life tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “Where do you want to go this morning?

  1. Mike Maddaloni - The Hot Iron

    Good morning Rick!
    My routine includes checking my personal and business email accounts and working to clear my inbox to zero (with those remaining messages becoming to-do tasks), process receipts into Quicken and QuickBooks, visit my MyWay.com for the latest news and to see what’s new with my Patriots, my Web-based to-do list system and Google Reader, where I catch up on my blog feeds, including this one! I also have the local news on in the background.
    Those tasks, plus a few cups of coffee, get me going!

  2. Sahar Sarid

    Computer stays on 24/7 so no need to start it again, but here’s the daily ritual..
    1. Check out instant messages with our various partners, teams
    2. eMails
    3. Check out RSS Feeds
    4. Visit links to stories
    After that it varies..

  3. Jason

    Howdy Rick! Here’s my usual morning routine:
    -Check Personal Email (Gmail & Yahoo)
    -Check Business Email
    -Check Google Reader and follow the intriguing posts
    -Until our league ended recently Fantasy Football was usually the first thing I would do (very addictive, 2nd place this year woo-hoo!)
    -Time to get down to work

  4. Tym Barker

    Hi Rick,
    New domainer in the business for 4 months. Don’t own any killer domains yet, but focusing on the scraps.”One man’s garbage is another’s treasure”.
    Every morning I download and process last night’s email, read bloglines, including 10 or so domain related feeds like”RicksBlog.com”! Enter Quicken/Quickbook receipts, check stats, check earnings (not a lot to look at here yet, hehe). Run keyword and domain searches as new ideas and trends pop into my head while reading bloglines.
    Would like to limit this ritual to an hour every morning, but usually takes a good 2 hours. Then I try to move on to work that’s going to bring home the bacon.
    A question from a newbie if you don’t mind:
    Let’s say I want to register the domain gofish.com, for example.
    If the .com is gone, but
    a) gofish.net
    b) gofish.cctld (whatever country I’m in)
    c) go-fish.com
    are all available, which of these 3 would you register as the next best. Primarily for parking or mini-site revenue, as well as long term value.
    Thanks for the great reading! Keep on pounding the”experts” and corporate America – maybe they’ll get it someday.

  5. Ardean Christian

    Hi Rick,
    My daily routine
    1)check email
    2)check Sedo.com parking
    3)check auctions at Sedo.com and Moniker.com
    4)check for domain news at dnjournal.com
    5)check blogs Ricksblog.com and Sevenmile.com

  6. Bill Eisenmann

    Good Day Rick,
    Varies slightly day to day.
    1. Check email
    2. Check developed sites at Google Analytics
    3. Download/process domain lists
    4. Register the winners at Moniker
    5. Visit the domain blogosphere at domaining.com
    6. Visit Namepros.com
    7. Post an available domain list at my blog
    8. Check parking stats
    9. Work on development projects

  7. Kevin

    1. Check my server operations to make sure everything is working properly and no security breaches have occured.
    2. Check my e-mail. I average about 500 to 1000 emails a day.
    3. Run a security check on all financial accounts.
    4. Run a security check on all domain accounts.
    5. Reply to e-mails.
    6. Return phone calls and check in on my assistants, sales reps, etc.
    7. Scan and read the news for any important technology developments.
    8. Go through my daily tasking lists.
    9. Pay bills online.
    10. Work on my development projects.

  8. Tym Barker

    Hi Rick,
    In my daily routine yesterday I forgot to add that I want to be able to examine the daily”drop list”, but don’t really know where to get the information.
    I’ve seen a few re-gurgitated lists that people try to sell, but haven’t figured out where or how to get the raw data in a timely fashion.


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