Something Really Good is Cooking

Morning folks!!


As a businessman you have a vision of how something will unfold and then
put things in place to make that idea, a reality. An artist paints a picture
with a brush, I am no artist. But I do create a picture of a recipe to create a
certain energy that translates into something very special.


It's like being a cook in a kitchen. You can taste it, you can see it, you
can smell it, but can you have it come out of the oven just at the right time
and just at the right moment and just using the exactly right ingredients and
everything else for it to come out right. So many variables. So many
considerations. So many moving parts. So many pitfalls. So many cooks in the
kitchen. lol


When Howard and I decided to do multiple auctions it was likely one of the
hardest decisions we have made. But then again, it was the right decision. It
was the right time. It was the right place. So there were too many things
aligned to just ignore the aroma and let's face it, domainers wanted more out of
the auctions. They wanted many things and the only way to achieve that was to
have the best compete and let the MARKET decide the outcome.


As we get closer, more things have fallen in place. There is competition.
There is a fierce battle for great domains at great prices. We saw yesterday
that all three auction houses were out there strongly promoting their lists and
what they hope to accomplish. I have never seen such good domains with no
reserves. These are folks that are now trusting the market to bring them the
right deal.


It's about creating a phenomenon at a time where a little magic would serve
the industry well. Look around,economic times are TOUGH and going to get much
worse. But we must be the luckiest people on earth to do what we do. To have the
opportunity we have. To still control our destiny without fear.


In the next days many folks will be analyzing the lists and reserves from, (Auction already in progress) and
There will be much talk. That creates excitement and folks, excitement is the
key ingredient if this grand experiment is to work. On the eve of these ground
breaking auctions I don't know the dollar amount it will do but I do know that a
great percentage of those domains will sell because they are good and priced
right. What I do know is what I tried to create is right on track and the
competition is forcing them to all row in one direction whether they want to or
not. That is what is creating this momentum. The excitement level is going to be
off the charts. Every eye in the industry will be watching each and every
auction and the outcomes and the way they are done. Ground breaking things are
about to happen. History in the making. It is what i enjoy the most. Watching
this unfold with all of you. All I know is we used the best ingredients, we
created a level of anticipation that we have not seen before and so many other
things will play out as we get closer to these events. Three cheers for the
auction houses!! They are creating the engine in this experiment. The drive. The


If it does not meet expectations I will take the responsibility. But from
where I sit, it is unfolding like a perfect rose and the intense aroma is
something I can't describe until after this all plays out. Literally sitting
within view of Wall Street we will witness the tale of two universes. Two worlds
so different and so much the same. One on the way up, the other in turmoil. An
incredible moment in time. And with that moment will also unveil great
opportunity. NEVER has there been this type opportunity whether in domains or
real estate or business. This is a time where all things are in flux and it is
your #1 job to come away with a great prize in whatever form it is. You will
point to this time as a defining moment when you look back in 5 years. Your job
is to make your mark and grab an opportunity either online or offline. But
something you can point back to and say you got such and such during the darkest
economic times of our generation. This is without doubt the greatest deal making
environment I have ever seen. 2008 is tough. 2009 is going to be tougher. But
tougher only if you look at things the way 6 billion others do. Get in the same
checkout line they do, and it will be tough. The last time I looked, most of
those 6 billion missed the incredible opportunity domains have had to transform
so many lives. So best not to get stuck on that line. Best to remember what got
you to this point in life and be steady on the throttle. Anyone can make it
during good times, but when you navigate conditions like this, that is when your
true value comes to light. So take advantage of that gift you have and let
nothing interfere with it.


If you are coming to TRAFFIC, travel safe and look forward to greeting you.
If you will be following the action from home, it will be a week full of news
and rumors and sales and deals and all types of things. Talk about timing, WOW!
Every eye on the planet will be focused on New York and Wall Street and the
events to come. I can't write a script like this. Just amazing.


Have a GREAT day!
Rick Schwartz

9 thoughts on “Something Really Good is Cooking

  1. Sai

    This certainly looks like a game changer..Looking forward to seeing you next week at TRAFFIC! Good luck with everything.

  2. Andy Patel

    Which is a better investment at this point in time(September 2008)? Buying a domain name or buying a house???
    You will end up paying $100k for a domain name that is worth $50k at this auction. On the other hand, you can buy a $500k house for $100k today.
    I just closed on a million dollar lake house for $300k.
    Which is a better investment at this point in time…buying a house or buying a domain name???
    What do you guys think???

  3. Anthony

    “Yeah… It’s that Rick Schwartz guy!””I can’t stand that guy!!!”
    Wish I had a quarter for every time that will be said on Wall Street leading up to and during TRAFFIC.
    I can only imagine what your feeling right now as this industry shines brightly next to the eye of the storm, while stubborn locals that did not want to evacuate look on.
    Not sure what your ultimate goal was when you started this journey, but you will be a name to be studied in upcoming generations history lessons.
    Hat’s off to you!

  4. Lisa

    Hi Rick
    That was an inspiring article.I look forward to how thinks will play out next week. I am a new domainer myself. You might own but I own and I paid $7 for it.

  5. Roderick Pagnossin

    Thanks Rick for opening up your blog again. You always motivate from the right perspective. Your comments about the market shamble’s seen around Wall St. with desperate investors compared to the successful domainer’s is spot on. How domainers have no fear should be evident to the repectable looking thieves that with the help of the government got away with stealing one trillion tax payer dollars. Everything they touch they destroy and they then need government bailouts. What everyone should do when walking around Wall St. is to have t- shirts made up that read,”Domainers don’t need handouts”.

  6. Shuwix

    Damn, I’d love to be there and drink with industry pioneers.
    But I can’t make it cause I’m stuck in my damned repuublic.
    Hope to be there nexttime.

  7. David S.

    I’m keeping my head above water on this one. Thanks for the post, Rick. I like your optimistic attitude about the domaining world.


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