Monday, Monday

Morning Folks!!

Monday Monday, so good to me,
Monday Monday, it was all I hoped it would be…….

Those are the first 2 lines of a song by the Mama's and the Papa's from 1966.

So what should I write about today? That is always my first question. Then an idea usually hits within a minute or so. Ok, let’s pause. Ok, idea formed. I used to hate Monday’s. When I was young it was the day to go back to school and there was the seed of that hate. Then in 1984 I went into business for myself for the first time. That was when I started to like and even anticipate Mondays.. It got to where I could barely wait for Monday to come? Why? The phones would ring and I would start doing business. I loved Monday! I still do. Monday means money.

I can’t remember the last time I woke up not looking forward to what this new week would bring in terms of business. The excitement of the future keeps me going. Gives me fuel. Gives me whatever it is. Spinach to Popeye.

These Monday’s are especially exciting. Each week brings new challenges and new opportunities. Oops, there is that word “Opportunity” again. I can’t seem to hide or shake it. See, I have lived thru days where either there was no opportunity or my eyes were not trained to see it. My soul was not trained to feel it. My wallet could not take advantage of it even if it was there. But a few times, opportunity was few and far between even with the dollars. Not today. Today is ripe with opportunity never seen before on this planet. Really. Truly. I am just overwhelmed by the choices.

I guess my question then becomes if this is a time of opportunity and the wrapper keeps saying recession and the opportunities keep growing, are we really in a recession? The answer is that we are about to see whatever is coming. See, when 10 or 15 million folks lose their jobs they can survive on their savings and credit cards for a while. How long? THAT is the question. THAT will tell the story. As I see it, the fall has the potential to be the worst ever. So you still have a few more months to cut those recurring monthly expenses because likey those expenses will dictate how well you get thru what is yet to come.

Many domainers will collapse as their renewals bury them in debt. Desperation will set in when they find it next to impossible to sell what they have. Why? Worthless domains don’t sell well during times like this. You bought SWAMPLAND and the gators are about to eat you for dinner.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz