What, ME Worry?? I Worry for a Living.

Morning Folks!!

I am a worrier. I worry about this and I worry about that.
But worry is also my greatest single motivator. The fear of failure. The fear
of losing. The fear of things not going properly. That fear is my motivation.
It’s almost like a self contained energy and power plant. Fear leads to worry
and worry leads to motivation. Motivation leads to paying particular attention
to all the small details because the fear of failure makes me worry and the
worry makes me pay acute attention to the smallest of details and paying
attention to details lead to an increased chance of success.

So I love times like this. I am more worried than normal.
But that worry is my energy plant and as long as I am worried, life is just
dandy! But there is a negative biproduct of all this. People think I am
controlling. But is that really the right word? As a worrier, I see failure or
those things that slip thru the cracks that may lead to failure when many
others don’t. So I have the choice. Standby and watching things go south, or
not. If I am not involved, well maybe no need to care. But if I am on the ship,
I am going down too, so I do worry. I do take control when I see that stuff
fall thru the cracks. That is how I am wired. We are all wired a bit different.
So we all need to identify and celebrate our strengths and weaknesses because
we never know which weakness is actually our greatest strength.

Have a GRAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

21 thoughts on “What, ME Worry?? I Worry for a Living.

  1. Louise

    It’s okay to voice your worries as long as you’re knowledgeable about what you’re concerned over, then let the others stew in their frustration. People like me who are paranoid, tho, get on other people’s nerves because of questioning people’s credentials when not having any knowledge of the topic, so I have to watch that!

  2. Anunt

    Don’t worry so freaking much, u about to have a freaking heart attack! … don’t look at what u had, look at what u have!

  3. sol

    Worry is a good motivator as long as its not on the expense of ones health. Obviously, its easier said than done..
    I don’t mean to instigate but I’d love to hear your take on IDN’s? Are you worried they will take over? There are a lot of Chinese restaurants but there are way more Chinese people.

  4. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    Since I have known you there are very few times that I have disagreed with your thought patterns so much as you are a master at the big picture. I think the word worry denotes fear and uncertainty. I think three better words might be pragmatic,careful,and calculating.I see in you a confidence to go with your gut intuition and trust it. These are all characteristics of creative manifestation. I see much more in you than the word worry.

  5. M. Menius

    Worry leads to”attention to small details”. I call that being thorough and analytical. Like concern over the small contract details of the Property.com deal. The details are important. People who gloss over the details often get burned.
    True, excessive worry can be harmful to one’s health. But worry is the fuel that drives careful, deliberate planning and having contingencies for whatever situation emerges. I call that preparing for success.

  6. Kevin

    I keep it simple.
    We come into this world with nothing and we shall leave one day with nothing. Everything in between is just an adventure for the soul, so ultimately nothing matters, and thus nothing to worry about.

  7. Altaf

    Kevin’s statement is the perfect one. Could you really help by worrying? So why to worry, about what? Again worry automaitically comes into our minds when we see problem ahead.How to stop it? Rick well said though, there is no solution than to win over it.How to?

  8. Logan

    @Kevin – Not true; we come into this world with LOVE and we shall leave one day with LOVE. Just sayin’.

  9. steve c

    Fear is the best motivator I have so I worry too.
    Having the vision to see where the details lay and which ones need attention is a gift.
    Controller? Yes when the conditions warrant it. Like your business ventures.
    Controller? No when laying by the pool enjoying God’s beautiful earth.
    2 more cents worth,

  10. Chris

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge… Your words are motivating me… great post Logan… i like your words. Just sayin. ;-)

  11. Anunt

    Men spend 9 months of their life trying to get out…once we are out, we fight for the rest of our lives trying to get back in.

  12. Dave Wrixon aka Rubber Duck

    Slipping through the cracks?
    You mean like investing in dot Mobi, when you should have been getting in on the ground floor with IDN?

  13. J.DUBB

    “Men spend 9 months of their life trying to get out…once we are out, we fight for the rest of our lives trying to get back in.”
    Thats right!!! Now if I could just get back in Sarah Palin my life would be free of worries.

  14. ComKind

    Some are motivated by the pain of failure and some by the pleasure of success. I think both are the same drop in the bucket. If you don’t figure in past failures into future prospects you are doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over. Who wants to re-live the same repeated mistakes over and over again (like the famous repetitious scene in Bill Murray’s”Groundhog’s Day”)?
    Worrying is good when there is a better solution or outcome. If not it can be damaging and unfruitful.
    Controlling (if this is the right terminology) is part of worrying. I would rather say”pointing in the right direction” than controlling. My wife says I’m controlling (bless her heart)when I really just think stacking plates from biggest to smallest is the better way.
    If you just let life pass by and have it’s way then there will be nothing to learn from and build upon. And this is more damaging to success and life in general.


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