Up From the Canvas. Mom fights Back Again.

Morning Folks!

I watched a health Care system up close. They
already have death panels. It comes in the form of non caring doctors and an
overworked system. Fall thru the cracks? That is what a hospital is today. A
lot of cracks. Shortages and uninvolved folks all controlled by a central
authority. Actually, there is no central authority Nobody whatsoever is in control. Nobody.

This picture taken yesterday. The system would have rather buried her!

So once we hired our own nurse, we began to take control instead of the broken
system being in control. Given to the system, it was hopeless. I had to intimidate them just to do their job. Just to care. Just to be scared that my will was going to destroy their lives if they did not get with the program.

Today, we had our second Sunday
breakfast. The nurse still is with her around the clock, but I am hoping this
will be the last week and then just have someone with her during the days.
Pretty tough couple months but she is coming back slowly and luckily have had no set
backs. Will she return to her pre cruise health? We don’t know. But she is
about 75% there from as close to 0% just 5 weeks ago. The woman the doctors left to die could be your mom someday. So TRUST, but VERIFY and let them bastards know YOU are watching.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

16 thoughts on “Up From the Canvas. Mom fights Back Again.

  1. Acro

    Good to see she’s back on her feet. Mothers are the closest to one’s existence and we keep them dear to our hearts. Great seeing you successfully battle the corrupt, fallen healthcare system, Rick. It’s a chain gang with pre-decided agenda and no compassion.

  2. George

    That’s great! Glad to hear she is better. I lost my mother a few years ago because of the incompetent health care system and I can definitely relate to what you were going through. Nice to see someone successfully deal with the system. Good work!

  3. Kevin

    The health care industry used to be all about caring for sick people. Now it’s all about profiting from sick people. That’s the number one problem.

  4. Joel

    Rick, I’m glad she’s recovering and I wish you both the best. I’ve lost too many family members recently and I’ve seen first hand the horrors of the healthcare system. Unless you’re prepared to fight for what you want, you won’t get results. Take matters into your own hands. Don’t sit back and accept the treatment you’re given, speak up and demand to be heard. Switch nurses, Drs, even facilities, whatever it takes to make the”caregivers” care. Sad but true. I don’t want to end on a negative note, so I’ll just say: Keep praying & keep fighting. Most importantly, spend as much time with your loved ones as you can.

  5. Steve

    I know there is a huge debate about universal health care and the costs involved but the costs of a”for profit” system leaves people without money in the”dust”. In Canada although not perfect , everyone receives health care regardless of income. While you can pay for private service if you like the public service is a bit slower but still very effective. My Mom could hardly walk and had a hip replacement in October and is now walking better than ever. Cost = $0.
    Not the best system but still very adequate and affordable. In any system the”squeaky wheel” seems to get greased. So squeak, squeak, squeak until you get what you want/need!!
    Best wishes to your Mom on a speedy recovery!

  6. Anunt

    The U.S. system does not care about your mom or your next door neighbors mom or anybody elses mom…in the end, it’s all about money…over priced bullshit u.s. healthcare system…just like you preach every day about numbers…thats what this is about also…no difference…its all about money…this is what u.s.a is all about…people dont matter…it’s all about money!…go visit other countries…it’s totally different there…people matter, money dont mean shit!

  7. Tia Wood

    I am glad she is getting better. This whole thing reminds me too much of what happened with my daughter’s Aunt years ago. She unfortunately died but we all know there was an amount of what you described going on. I don’t even have words to describe what goes on in the health care system. The whole thing is just sick.

  8. Danny Pryor

    Rick, your mom looks like she’s got some spunk in her! ;-)
    I’m really glad for you that she’s doing so much better. Pass along all of our wishes.

  9. lyn

    Hope all of you will join the president to fight for Health Care Reform as I have. Don’t believe all the negative media attention thwarting efforts to improve Health Care in America. Nothing is worse then what we have now. All doctors, medical facilities, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies should be held accountable

  10. Perchboy

    Glad to hear your Mom is doing so well, Rick and good for you both that she had her son as an advocate!
    Like many others, I’m concerned that a government-run system would be no better and my first-hand experience with socialized medicine tells me it could be much worse. They say all politics is local, I say all health care is local, too.

  11. Rj

    My doctor friend once said never get admitted to the hospital without your own nurse. How right he is.

  12. Becky

    I honestly don’t mind paying for medical expenses as long as the job is done well… if there is a good Dr. out there who can make my life better, I am always happy to pay them. However it isn’t too fun to pay out the nose for a Dr. who doesn’t know how to do his/her job well and I end up suffering.
    I recently read a great book titled,”Hip replacement in Kettering General Hospital” written by David Sharman, which shares my thoughts and views. He points out that the operating surgeon [performing his hip replacement surgery] was not qualified to operate without supervision by a consultant-come on! Really! This is just one of many things that take place in our current medical system that shouldn’t have to tolerate.

  13. BidNo

    Glad to hear Rick. Thirty percent of all healthcare costs go to insurance company administration or profits (that’s HUGE!). And they make money by minimizing patient care/costs.

  14. Louise

    Good job getting involved, and now you realize the fruits of your effort – your mother lives! May I venture a suggestion? You may have thought of this, but there’s services like Meals on Wheels for which she would qualify, and other delivery meal services which send healthy, fresh-prepared meals, that may do the trick of helping her regain to full recovery. Older people don’t recognize their hunger or thirst sometimes, maybe it would be good to have someone check in and make sure she’s getting her nutrition!


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