Is WEBLO about to SCREW you?? Seems to be the Case!!?? Updated 3/31!

Morning Folks!!

I just got an email from Weblo and they are taking back their city name assets and forcing you to sell!! I emailed support, and the email bounced. Box was FULL!! I wonder why??

I doubt if domainers and others will be going quietly. Bad decision and I am sure they will pay dearly both in terms of goodwill and legally.

'members who currently own more than 2 cities will be given a choice to select their top 2 cities, while the rest of the cities owned by the owner will be open to other members for purchase. By providing this option to the owners Weblo is giving the original owner the chance of earning at least double the original cost of their city.

After these changes cities on Weblo will be available for $1000, cities with a population less than 50,000 available for $500, and with a population less than 10,000 available for $100 with an annual subscription.'

To this I say BULLSHIT!!!!!!!

Rocky, you ain't gonna FUCK those that supported you to begin with. Mark my words!

Support email is still bouncing. Rocky did not answer my FIRST email. I just sent him a second one.

Email Rocky Direct at

Just registered and we will set up a forum for disgruntled investors that are about to be screwed by Rocky and Weblo.

3/31 7AM....Rocky has answered my second email. He says he is in transit today and will call me tomorrow.

Fine. But there will be another day of damage that can never be fixed. Their reputation is bleeding all over the net. They need to get a clue. They are dealing with people with resources, connections and soapboxes with big megaphones. Things like this can spiral out of their control and they will be left to pick up the pieces. Twitter, facebook, etc. I don't think they realize the collective power this has and how quickly the word can now spread. The TRUST has been broken. Those that invested the most, lose the most. NONSENSE! This is a money grab. MY MONEY. YOUR MONEY! 5 and 6 figures in a number of cases. The bouncing support email for 2 days during this crisis PROVES BAD FAITH imo!

3/31 8AM I got an email from support and awaiting a phone call.

3/31 10:45 Received that call. The only thing I can report is that a Q&A page will be up soon.

Rick Schwartz

PS: You can't change a self serving TOS AFTER the fact and apply it to people you already took MONEY from. That is Illegal. That is a Ponzi Scheme imo.

Will We Remain an Incestuous Industry? Sale May Reveal the Answer!

Morning Folks!!

Do I think the domain is cursed? Serge says it is so
that gives me pause. The evidence keeps mounting up and so that also gives me
pause. But let me tell you what really is. is going to tell a
lot about the state of the domain industry for better or for worse and whether you like it or not.

First, no domainer is going to buy this domain for $14 Million. Ain’t
gonna happen. I don’t know a single domainer that would risk $14 million on a
domain that has failed over and over again. As for an adult site buying it, that is a possibility, but not a great
one or it would have already been sold.

I have said for years that the domain business is an incestuous
industry. Interesting that it will be that either proves we are still
one or have broken out beyond that in a real burst. Like you, I could easily name a
dozen companies or more that could have an interest in this domain. I could
also see a dozen companies with some very colorful Board Meetings. So will the
end user be in this equation? Yes, in the form of adult interest, but I
certainly would like to see it go well beyond that. As I stated in my last
post……if and when sells, it will be a bell weather transaction. No
other sale since in 2003/2004 will give us more of an indication of where we are and
where we are going from here then this sale. As folks trip over themselves trying to get a .whatever registry and looking for the 'Second coming', the most famous .com is now available. But let's be honest, even I would say that buying a SMART .whatever has a better upside than for a fraction of the cost and risk. Don't faint! Even I am surprised by that. But I am a numbers guy and I would rather have 50 or 100 .whatever's than one I think the upside on is limited.

The legal wrangling we are seeing and are about to see should be a
lesson to everyone about controlling the domain AFTER the sale if the deal is
not all cash. More folks lose their most valuable domains via bad contracts.
MANY of these contracts have the INTENT to eventually get your domain without
paying for it. I have rejected more contracts on domains for this very reason
than most people ever sign. I can name folks in this business that basically
did this for a living over the years. They get mighty angry when you figure out
what they are up to. Better for them to get angry then lose your asset. If you sign a contract on a domain and the return of that domain is not spelled out in great detail in case of default, you are going to lose that domain or it will be tied up in litigation and the costs will just mount and mount and you still may lose the domain.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

My Take on the Auction. Is the Domain Really”Cursed”?

Good Evening Folks!!

This sale won't be a cake walk. It may not even unfold as many think.

According to Serge, the domain is cursed! Don't know Serge? Not my problem. But if he says it is cursed he may be right.

I would imagine that will sell for less than I think this is a tough climate for this particular domain north of $5M or $6M. This may be the first 'Tainted' domain. The business model has failed more times than I can even count. Steve Cohen was the only one who really made $$$ with it but last I heard he was in jail and it ain't 1997 anymore.

I think it has more value as an ego stroke OUTSIDE the industry than a money maker inside the industry. Will be interesting to see how things unfold. The surprise could be a strong sale. That imo would say more about the overall condition of the domain industry as opposed to the value of the domain. This domain is worth less than it was 10 years ago. Now we will see if someone will pay more than it is probably worth.
Who will win the CURSE of I have my short list. But I think they are all too smart to pay the $$$ that I have heard floated around. I think Wolfgang Puck would do better with than with .food. I can think of several companies that could make a play for to BREAK OUT! I just don't think it is a 'Domainer' domain anymore. And if it is, that may not be a good thing. But what the hell do I know?

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

RIP Pearl


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Apple to Print Money with iPhones big brother….iPad. Here’s Why and How!

Morning Folks!!

I have a confession to make. I own about 6 iphones. I'll spare you the details of why, but by the end of this post you will figure it out and understand. You will also understand my excitement about the iPad. Apple is printing money when it comes to iphones big brother, iPad.

First we have to rewind to June 30, 2007 when the iphone came out.Hard to believe it was nearly 3 years ago! I said it was a game changer in that blog post and then expanded on that with the #3 comment on that post. I know a sure thing when I see it. I repeated my thoughts often since then. Not everyone agreed. It
was. It is. 10 billion downloads proves it in the app store and we are just starting.
So all that time I had a wish because I loved the iphone so much. I wish they
would make one bigger. Almost the
size of an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. If they did that, I could see many more
uses and applications. The genie must have heard me and others and so Steve the
Wonder Jobs is about to release the iPad. Now there is controversy here. Some think no big deal. But many of
those thought the same way about the iPhone and frankly, they were wrong then,
they are wrong now. Tomorrow they start printing money. Each one they sell will be revenue they never had before. It will also increase the sale of the apps because many will work better on the ipad. They will be measuring sales of this new item in the billions and it won't hurt the rest of their line, it will enhance it.

I will be buying several. Not sure just how many. One for the
cocktail table. One for the bedroom. One for the bathroom. But forget about me,
I see UPS getting rid of their clunky piece of crap that they use all day and
replace with this. I see many companies adapting a system of ipads based on a
single app that changes how they do business. I see this as a computer with no
lid. I see this as a remote control to control more things than I have even
thought about. I see one of these being built in to every room in every new home to REALLY make a 'Smart House' that you can really control from anywhere and do it for fraction of the cost today. One app will change how we view the ipad. One use. One idea. It
says it won’t take phone calls, but let me predict, there will be an app for
that, or as we know, there already is.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

PS: What folks don't get about the iPhone and now the iPad is the number of people switching ALL their computers from IBM based to Mac. Apple is eating at all those companies and there ain't much they can do about it. Apple is going to keep grabbing market share for many years to come. Every point they pick up is not only an incredible number, it is an incredible feat. For those that remember VHS vs Beta. This is like Beta coming back and winning. Apple is set to dominate the computer market. While the other companies battle for their shrinking share, it will be Apple that thrives the most while the others battle each other to death with one hand and try and battle off Apple with the other.

Up From the Canvas. Mom fights Back Again.

Morning Folks!

I watched a health Care system up close. They
already have death panels. It comes in the form of non caring doctors and an
overworked system. Fall thru the cracks? That is what a hospital is today. A
lot of cracks. Shortages and uninvolved folks all controlled by a central
authority. Actually, there is no central authority Nobody whatsoever is in control. Nobody.

This picture taken yesterday. The system would have rather buried her!

So once we hired our own nurse, we began to take control instead of the broken
system being in control. Given to the system, it was hopeless. I had to intimidate them just to do their job. Just to care. Just to be scared that my will was going to destroy their lives if they did not get with the program.

Today, we had our second Sunday
breakfast. The nurse still is with her around the clock, but I am hoping this
will be the last week and then just have someone with her during the days.
Pretty tough couple months but she is coming back slowly and luckily have had no set
backs. Will she return to her pre cruise health? We don’t know. But she is
about 75% there from as close to 0% just 5 weeks ago. The woman the doctors left to die could be your mom someday. So TRUST, but VERIFY and let them bastards know YOU are watching.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz