Apple to Print Money with iPhones big brother….iPad. Here’s Why and How!

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I have a confession to make. I own about 6 iphones. I'll spare you the details of why, but by the end of this post you will figure it out and understand. You will also understand my excitement about the iPad. Apple is printing money when it comes to iphones big brother, iPad.

First we have to rewind to June 30, 2007 when the iphone came out.Hard to believe it was nearly 3 years ago! I said it was a game changer in that blog post and then expanded on that with the #3 comment on that post. I know a sure thing when I see it. I repeated my thoughts often since then. Not everyone agreed. It
was. It is. 10 billion downloads proves it in the app store and we are just starting.
So all that time I had a wish because I loved the iphone so much. I wish they
would make one bigger. Almost the
size of an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. If they did that, I could see many more
uses and applications. The genie must have heard me and others and so Steve the
Wonder Jobs is about to release the iPad. Now there is controversy here. Some think no big deal. But many of
those thought the same way about the iPhone and frankly, they were wrong then,
they are wrong now. Tomorrow they start printing money. Each one they sell will be revenue they never had before. It will also increase the sale of the apps because many will work better on the ipad. They will be measuring sales of this new item in the billions and it won't hurt the rest of their line, it will enhance it.

I will be buying several. Not sure just how many. One for the
cocktail table. One for the bedroom. One for the bathroom. But forget about me,
I see UPS getting rid of their clunky piece of crap that they use all day and
replace with this. I see many companies adapting a system of ipads based on a
single app that changes how they do business. I see this as a computer with no
lid. I see this as a remote control to control more things than I have even
thought about. I see one of these being built in to every room in every new home to REALLY make a 'Smart House' that you can really control from anywhere and do it for fraction of the cost today. One app will change how we view the ipad. One use. One idea. It
says it won’t take phone calls, but let me predict, there will be an app for
that, or as we know, there already is.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

PS: What folks don't get about the iPhone and now the iPad is the number of people switching ALL their computers from IBM based to Mac. Apple is eating at all those companies and there ain't much they can do about it. Apple is going to keep grabbing market share for many years to come. Every point they pick up is not only an incredible number, it is an incredible feat. For those that remember VHS vs Beta. This is like Beta coming back and winning. Apple is set to dominate the computer market. While the other companies battle for their shrinking share, it will be Apple that thrives the most while the others battle each other to death with one hand and try and battle off Apple with the other.

22 thoughts on “Apple to Print Money with iPhones big brother….iPad. Here’s Why and How!

  1. Aron

    I didn’t think about having one on the walls of houses to make a smart house.
    Nice idea.
    Hmm, I might buy a few to put near my light switches :)
    Eventually, replacing my light switches :)

  2. scott alliy

    re: is this a domain killer
    If you’re going to go someplace you have to have someplace to go.
    The ipad might be a vehicle to get you there but a domain name (AKA address) is the place you will ultimately arrive at if using the internet.
    My .02

  3. Shaun

    Its hilarious to go back to that iPhone post and read Rubber Duck and Asiaplay’s comments.

  4. Shane

    I agree completely. Our family’s business has run on Apple since 1978. There have been ups and downs and over the years we were cool, then stupid, then cool again. I stood in line to get my iPhone on the first day and was called stupid again. All those people now have iphones. My company presently has 25 Macs of all shapes and sizes and finally a shop that fixes them in our time. We will be picking up 3 iPads for the sales yard and for the first time in 30 years not one person is questioning my purchase

  5. Louise

    Exciting news – thanx for perspective! I am going to bookmark this and send it to friends and family who either have iPhone or mac computer . . .

  6. Chip Meade

    I agree that Apple has led the way on many market innovations. The iPhone has become the industry standard and I expect the iPad to do the same. However I do not see any significant rise in market share of computer systems for Apple…particularly for businesses. The iPod, iMac and iPhone were all very successful but did not move the needle in terms of computer market share. Apple may see their”Revenue Percent” market share increase as they have historically been successful keeping retail prices high, but innovation take time for the market to catch up and by that time the competitors will have lower priced clones to siphon off bulk business (and consumer) purchases.

  7. Jean-Francois

    I always enjoy reading your comments. You are entirely right about the visionary power of Apple and its creativity – I switched myself from PC to Mac seven years ago.
    I agree about the iPad and short-term prospects. Regarding long-term prospects, my big question mark is what might happen when some day Steve Jobs will be gone. Will Apple manage to continue on the same line? Difficult to say.

  8. Michael Roberts

    I have observed the same difference between apple users and blackberry users hundreds of times. Blackberry’s are used with the screen facing the user nearly 100% of the time, but an apple user holds the device with the screen visible to others and is always showing other people the latest ap, photo, problem that they are having with the device, email received, etc. This is an incredibly powerful aspect of their brand. Nothing against RIM I am a bb user and prefer them personally. But this unique apple phenomenon will only strengthen with the iPad (a larger screen to show off).
    Michael Roberts

  9. Stanley Berkenspeil

    Android is where it’s at Rick…The open source platform allows for highly specialized devices using a base open operating system, and adding apps to run over it…
    iPhone/Apple surely has a lead at this point, and the iPad is a key component, but the adaptability to an end-user’s design requirements might be where apple again gets burned.
    The one-size fits most attitude with Macs did not work in the 80s/90s to overtake windows, and the Intel based clones (design fitting the end-user), so it may be writing on the wall that the same outcome could transpire…just one’s view…

  10. JulieW8

    I have a problem with how proprietary Apple is, right down to the battery. Love my iPhone – but resent like hell that I can’t change the battery when it runs down.

  11. Anunt

    Nice try Rick, but aapl shares going down from here with the over all stock market. I bought 5000 aapl at $193 and just sold it at $225…and now i just shorted 5000 aapl at $226 and will cover my short position when the dow reaches near 10k again…easy money!

  12. earl adkins

    Apple has come full circle. Audio is iTunes
    Video is iMovie,Print/Text is iPad.
    All of it can be downloaded and monetize,NOW thats a business model. Recurring revenue at the touch of a button.

  13. UFO

    I for one am glad for Apple.
    Apple was the coolest when I was a small kid, they did all the innovative things, and they were just the type of company that had dreams. I really liked their style.
    For a while there it was touch and go whether they would survive, they did and it’s great they did, all the graphic design people are the ones we should be thankful to.
    The future will be primarily dominated by 2 companies, Google for kick ass technology and Apple for kick ass cool innovation.
    Microwho, Yahuseless will be buried.

  14. Altaf

    I admire Rick as a mentor, so I switched my cell to iphone as it really changed the daily life. But the way the technology changes we cannot just keep on changing as fast as that. His suggestion of iphone size is good, we must support it. We are appalled how Japan or China develops their technology faster than US! Where are we leading to? What is next?

  15. LS Morgan

    I think this is a game changer. I think it has the potential to totally redefine personal computing.
    I am not a person who is apt to put much stock in ‘the next big thing’, but I think this is a very big deal. How long Apple is able to keep it to themselves, I don’t know, but I do believe that pad computing in general is about to become a very, very big deal and the days of the notebook are probably numbered.

  16. ScottM

    As much a game changer as the IPhone is, the real jewel and benefit to consumers, i.e. the end users, is the IPod Touch and soon the IPad. With free apps from Vonage (for the IPod Touch, not the IPhone), the IPod Touch lets you make free calls out to 60+ countries whereever you have Wi-Fi access, and use almost all the IPhone apps except the phone. This lets you by pass the cell phone company, landline phone company for the most part saving around $70-$80 per month. Not bad.


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