Yogi Berra, Domains, Facebook and Twitter. The Reality of a Changing Society

Morning Folks!!

I am aYogi Berra Fan for my entire life. A baseball legend that became an unwitting spokesmen for sillycommon sense in a twisted Mark Twain type of way. A guy with an 8th grade education that will be immortal for both his historical baseball career and even more so for his conflicting words. I have always been a fan of someone that has
some of the greatest quotes of all time. The most famous of which….'It ain’t
over until it’s over” and
“It’s like déjà vu all over again.” is as familiar as any I know. But the one I will be using for this post is “You can
learn a lot by watching” which is also the title of one of his many books.

Let me tell you what I have learned by watching this year.
Watching TV that is. I see TV shows pushing Twitter so they can captivate their
audience. Ever notice that? Ever notice they don’t push them to Facebook? Ever
think of the reason why they do that? I already gave the answer in this paragraph.
They “Captivate” and engage their audience. Facebook is a competitor to what
they do. They can’t “Captivate” on Facebook. They would actually lose their
audience if they were to promote Facebook too much. Let me qualify that......they would lose their audience even faster than they are. Viewership on broadcast TV is down by millions. The bleeding is out of control except for certain sports events and a few hit shows. How is that 10PM time slot working out NBC? Once the most coveted hour in TV is now showing re-runs since Jay went back to 11:30. Bet you really boost those ad rates doing that!

So Twitter has become the preferred social media for TV as they fight for survival and relevance.
Facebook has emerged as an unlikely competitor to television time watched and time
focused. So they are in a catch 22 because they can't ignore Facebook and be relevant. And when folks do watch TV, then there is a commercial, less and less
watch that commercial and more and more may be checking Facebook or their
email. That lack of focus will force all their advertising models to change. Fast Fowarding the DVR and skipping the ads. That forces them to reorganize from top to bottom or they won’t survive. Results count. Less Sales = Less Advertisers = Lower Ad Cost = Losing money = Less Content = Out of business or do something differently. Will we put on the TV one day just to see that NBC has morphed into YouTube?

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz