No more Type in Domains?? Oh Really??? NONSENSE! Only Pigeons Believe!

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A couple weeks ago I wrote about domainers buying pigeon shit and of course all the pigeons are still coming to terms with it. I am so sick of folks saying there are no more type in domains. BS! There are. There will always be and until you figure out things, you won't find them, but others will.

Funny thing........
The DAY I was writing about the FACT that there are still type-in domains for registration fee and PIGEONS and the naysayers of course don't believe it........I registered those domains below. They started getting traffic immediately. One I registered LAST NIGHT already has traffic. This may not be the best example as it may be time sensitive, but right now..........Out of 16 domains I registered on April 29, 11 already are making $$$ and the others are just a bit premature. So for the know still know nothing! But go right ahead and make a fool of yourself. 255 visitors $12.55 earnings 132 visitors $11.80 earnings 165 and $14.95 76 and $1.17 70 and $2.08 244 and $12.55 17 and .48 1035 and $14.39 15 and $3.99 40 and $6.33 72 and 2.08 64 and .09 in first 36 hours
So the next time some MORON says there are no more type in domains, tell them the same thing I did in 1999. Tell them they are wrong, lazy, don't know what to look for and others will find them if you don't. Believe me, this is not too good a list. But it PROVES that there are still domains that can be hand registered and make $$$. But of course some MORON with a lot of pigeon shit will even challenge RESULTS! When that happens, I will just look at the post from the past 2 days and so will everyone else. That is my answer before you even ask. Don't argue against PROOF just to argue! Time to LEARN!

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

The Cure to Frustration and How Not to Waste Time and Energy with Morons

Morning Folks!!

In 1996 I made my first public post about domain names. My post was removed. I then made another post. It was also removed. By the third post, I was banned. I went to an early real estate forum in which these guys were flipping double wide homes. I came and explained something new to flip that would require less time, less paperwork and much more rewarding. Not a single one would give a listen. That was repeated many times over the years. Many times. Many sectors. To this day and beyond. Until recently that was very frustrating. Matter of fact I often say that TRAFFIC was born out of frustration and anger.

Then a couple weeks back somebody sent me a simple thought and it is like a pill you can use to tune out the morons of the world. The time wasters. The ones that will never concede a point and usually have an agenda. So, take a deep breath, and print out the following statement and keep it close to you because it will come in handy more often than you might thnk. It will save you time and energy and aggravation. That is if you value your time, energy and well being.

'It is impossible to defeat an ignorant person in an Argument'

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

Yahoo Carol Bartz to Michael Arrington of TechCrunch……”So Fu*k-off”

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Every once in a while the real world cuts to the chase and here is one of those moments. So if you want to see Michael Arrington get taken to the shed, this is your chance.

There is a 57 second clip 


and the entire 25 minutes 


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Rick Schwartz

PS: I like women that know how to say F**k and Sh*t in business and in the board room. 

Work Smarter and You Will Live Longer, Make More Money and Here is the Roadmap

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The #1 way in life to “Work Smarter” is to manage your time better, have a plan, learn to streamline and understand what time is.
See, time is our only natural resource and when we run out of it, we die. When
we waste it, we may not even know. The first years don’t count as anyone
reading this for the first time is probably at least 20. The last years don’t
count because you are likely sick and not able to move the way you did when you
were 20. So let’s define that is
over 80. Point is you have about 60 years to do whatever if you stay healthy. (Minus
your current age over 20) So something that will make you rich in 100 years, ain’t
gonna help ya one bit. But getting rich quick only works when you work smarter
than the next guy.

60 years = about 21,915 days. 526,000 hours. 31,557,600

So now that we have dissected life and time, let’s dissect
the the 24 hour day. 1440 minutes. The average guy sleeps for 8 (480 minutes), works for 8 (480 minutes) and there
are 8 hours left (480 minutes). Of those 8 hours maybe 1 hour or more is used to get to and
from work. Takes another 30 minutes to get ready for work. Now you are down to
6.5 hours. You have shopping, cleaning, car washes, kids to pick up, people to
meet and let’s face it, for most, there are not enough hours in the day. But
when you work smarter, there are more than enough hours. While everyone else is rushing and hurrying, you can be on cruise control with plenty of time.

Every minute is important but if you use your time right,
you will have many hours of leisure time. Maybe all of your time can be leisure
if you do it right. But the first
step in the process is to stop. Stop what you are doing. Just stop. Sit down.
Stop. Really stop. Take a couple days and STOP LIFE. Once you do that you can
carefully think about your average day and change the dynamics of your life for
the better. It takes 30 days to break a bad habit and replace it with a good
habit. That alone adds time to life. Manage your time better and you will live longer.

Planes are faster than stagecoaches. That is a way to extend
life by moving faster and more efficiently. Cars are a bit faster and more
convenient than horses. Must have
been tough to spend a weekend at the cabin when it took you 12 days to get
there. Everything man does is to speed things up which translates to a longer
life. Not because it is physically longer, but you can do so much more in the
confines of that time span.

A minute saved is a minute you live longer. A minute you do
more things. A minute you earn more money. Someone that wastes your time cannot
do anything worse to somebody else. To me, that is the highest crime. Folks
that waste your time. But the real
crime is allowing it to happen in the first place. So which is more important?
Pissing off somebody that is about to waste your time or reclaiming the time as
your own? That is why it is better to cut right to the chase.

If you double your minutes, you can likely double your
income. Walking and chewing gum. The road map is easier than one might think.
Entire books have been written on the subject. But a few paragraphs may be more
powerful. I don’t have to sell you anything. Like a book. So I can be concise
and get to the point. Which I have.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

The Domain Trading Game. Let’s Start Here……

Morning Folks!!

Since Day One I always believed that domains would be traded
like other collectibles. So far that has proven difficult. See, I would rather
trade one unique asset for another as opposed to a dollar value. So I am in the
midst of compiling a list of domains I would sell that don’t fit into my
overall business plan. Now what does not strengthen my collection may fortify
somebody else’s.

Most of these are prime one and 2 word domains. I am not a .net guy but I have some
superb .nets because when I could not register the .com, that may have been a
backup or I may have had the .com and wanted the .net and .org., would fit into domains like that. I have a number of NNN and LLL
domains. Once in a while I will sell these. Last month I sold for
$50,000 and this is the first time I am disclosing that. (Ron)

But when I go through my list of what I call “Orphan
Domains” they are only “Orphan” to me because I may be weak in that particular
sector and only have one domain that is related. I certainly would trade that
one which could be prime as a domain can be for another because it fills a

Problem with domain trading is you have to have really good
domains to trade with. Back in the
1960’s I used to collect baseball cards. I had thousands and thousands and
thousands. We would “Flip” them in a game and win 100 or more at a time. We
would trade we would do lots of things. But there was this “
Bob Uecker” card.
Number #195 I believe it was. In almost every pack you would buy you would get
the dreaded Bob Uecker card. That card was like a crappy domain. They were everywhere
and he was nowhere. Nobody ever heard of him. He did not make a mark on the
game and was a .200 career average which is about as bad as anyone next to a
pitcher. He did however make a name for himself as a broadcaster and did many
commercials. Mostly always making
fun of his unremarkable big league career.

My mother tossed those cards in the garbage when we moved to
Maryland. Cards that would have been way into the 6 figures or more today. But that is
another story for another day. Point is we traded cards. We filled in our
collections. We understood the value of the cards we had but at 12 years old,
we did not understand future value.

I am CERTAIN that if I assembled a group of domainers with
prime domains that could segregate a couple dozen that they would consider
trading and then pass that list around we would witness multiple trades. Some
domains could be traded for 5 others, like baseball players or baseball
cards. Some with cash. Some with other consideration. Since 2004 and many years
before that I have really wanted this to happen and there has just been no
appetite in the industry to do it. I always believe it is timing. So I will try
once again. I think being creative in this area is key.

The key to trading is if you want a domain that somebody has
you have to give them more than equal value. That is what motivates them to
sell to begin with. If I wanted a Mickey Mantle Rookie card I could hardly
trade for a Bob Uecker card. But a Bob Uecker and a Pete Rose and maybe we have
something to talk about. Or maybe 200 Bob Uecker cards to use for flipping
because they have little value and you don’t care if you lose some of those.
Point is there is a way and we are all missing a huge opportunity to grow our
businesses in a meaningful way. It really
is time to do this.

I have 7000 domains. Not a lot in the scheme of things. But
I could isolate 100 or 1000 of them that I would not get excited about to sell
for $10k or $20k or even $50k, but
would get very excited if I could trade one of those type domains for a plural
of what I have. Maybe a misspell.
Maybe just a close match.
But there is opportunity there that has yet to be exploited. Great
opportunity. I would even trade
income producing domains for ones with no income if I think it helps solidify
my portfolio.

This time I am going to do something different. I am going
to make that list of domains I would trade and make them public. I will
probably do it over the summer. I started a few months back. Maybe I will post
a list soon to see if there is any desire to do this finally. There truly is a
great opportunity here.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

Success or Failure is Your Decision. It is Determined BEFORE you Start by Your Attitude.

Morning Folks!!

If you are one to believe that opportunities like domaining come often than you are a person that has likely not accomplished much in life or are too young to appreciate the historical opportunity you have. Even at this stage you will be hard pressed to find a better opportunity in your entire lifetime or that of your father or grandfather. So at least, put it in its' proper historical perspective. If you think you will get many more like this, think again.

You have an historic opportunity. Don’t blow it. You will live to regret it if you do. This is not a time to worry if you are popular. This is a time to put your nose to the grindstone and create the vehicle that will change your life. If you do it now, you will never worry in the future. If you blow by this window, your future will be filled with worry. It is never too late to get on the right path. Never too late to succeed. Never too late to change. Those that are not succeeding and not willing to change will die on the vine. Don't be one of them.

Did you read every post thatFrankyhas made? If you did, you probably understand exactly what I am saying. If not, then you need to and read other accomplished domainers as well. The only thing they are looking to do is help others have success. Life changing success. So throw mud. How unfortunate for you. The answers are all out there. Those that are not lazy will find and seek and succeed. The others will just rant and rave and keep doing the same things that lead them to failure. Failure on many things not just one. Be methodical, logical and try to make the best decision possible with as much info as you can gather until that info is instinct. That will make you successful whether it be in domains or anything else you try and tackle in life. The negative folks in life will always try and twist your motive or try and figure out the angle. They have a hard time taking things for face value. It may because they are the ones that always have a motive and an angle and they can’t understand how others may not. I would just rather see 90 out of 100 succeed instead of 10. I am not capable of holding anyone back. Nor would I want to. The only one that can either propel you or imprison you is yourself. Not me, not your parents, not you professor, not your next door neighbor, not anyone. Get mad at yourself. Become a winner. Become an eagle. Become a great success. It won’t happen overnight. It takes years! You in rush?? If so, fine, you will fall off the ladder of success each and every time until become methodical and only focus on the next step of the ladder. Not 2 steps not 5 steps, the next step. Build it one step at a time and I absolutely guarantee that you will have to try to fail. Failing does not happen when you come at things from the right mind set. You may have set backs, but you don’t fail. You don’t let obstacles consume you, you consume and overcome those obstacles while others simply give up.

As I stated yesterday and probably the ones that need to believe it don't, I will try one last time to make this extremely important point. How do you explain to those that have an attitude that if Franky, Kevin, Mike and myself went thru a list of 100, $1000 domain names right now, that we would likely pick the same few domain names and the rookies with the big mouths would pick pigeon shit? You can’t blame it on not being there in 1995. You can’t blame it for not being there in 2003. This is 2010 and until you figure out what makes one domain have value and one domain worthless, won’t make any difference what year it is. You either learn to spot great domains for WHATEVER REASON or you don’t. Asset or liability. Sure many will make fun of me and my 'Pigeon Shit' statements, but the only ones that do that are the ones with the most pigeon shit to begin with. Go figure.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

1000 ways to Climb The Domain Mountain and Succeed and only One Way to Fail

Morning Folks!!

I have been involved in emerging businesses and industries
all of my working life. I have seen the evolution of multiple industries from
embryos to their eventual peak and then the downturn and consolidation that
follows. It is filled with great times, conflict, change and then spun off to
whatever destiny there is.

I have watched this and been involved over and over. The characters change, the vehicles change but the scene itself does not. They all
start out small, warm, fuzzy and with few attracting a few others.

Words, thoughts and ideas. Our mind is allowed to explore
the extremes no matter what anyone might tell you. It is really interesting how
many people are threatened by new thoughts and ideas. They lash out at the
unknown. Not after thinking about it, but as a knee jerk reaction. Our animal
instincts perhaps at their rawest. But just because something effects you a
certain way does not mean you have to accept that. You can change and bend your
reality for the better.

The Internet is a place made up of words, ideas, pictures and
sounds. That translates into emotion and that is where folks go off the rails.
They are a slave to their emotions instead of mastering their emotions. Your
knee jerk reaction may be to want to kill somebody because they did you wrong.
Our mind is allowed to go there. But most of us realize immediately that is the
wrong way to handle it. That is because we have mastered our emotions. Problem
is while we may have harnessed those big emotions, it is the little stuff that
can become life changing and that is where you need to become the master.

These series of posts are designed to give you solid
information. Some opinion based, some fact based. Either way I don’t force
anyone to read or believe or do. The only thing I can do is share things the
way I see from my view point. It amazes me that the folks that could benefit
the most, are also those that have a hair up their ass. They would rather call
me names in behalf of their failure than to read between the lines. Than to try
different things. They bend what you say. They twist what you say and I guess
it makes them feel good. I have said dozens of times there are 1000 ways to
climb this mountain. Are they just deaf? Dumb? With attitudes like that they
are just passing thru. They won’t be in domaining in 3 years so why even take
them seriously? Most don’t have a single clue about business fundamentals
because they have never ran a business. They don’t understand the fundamentals
of sales because they never sold anything. They don’t understand negotiating
because they never negotiated anything but getting laid and probably did not do
all that well in that arena either. They don’t understand domaining because
they never took the time to stop and think they just buy. Yet they lash out.
They have bills bigger than their
incomes but are 10x smarter than everyone else. How exactly does that work?

So whether you flip domains, buy at auction, get domains for
SEO, buy expired domains for their links or whatever way you are climbing the
mountain, if you are making money, great! If you are not then don’t lash out,
LEARN. You don’t have to learn from me, learn from others, just make sure the
folks you are learning from actually are earning 6 or 7 figures. You can follow
failure, but it costs no more to follow success. I try and give back what I can
by reaching down with my thoughts and ideas. It is up to those that want to
succeed to also help pull themselves up. I can provide a rope. Many others can
provide a rope and do. Those that think they can get on top by pulling others
down will likely be angry and frustrated failures forever. They are the folks to avoid. Failures
because they will never allow themselves to succeed. Success comes with discipline,
good decisions and mastering your emotions and it does not matter what you sell
or what industry you are in. The rules remain the same and that is where so
many miss the point.

How do you explain to those
that have an attitude that if Franky, Kevin, Mike and myself went thru a list
of 100, $1000 domain names right now, that we would likely pick the same few
domain names and the rookies with the big mouths would pick pigeon shit? You can’t blame it on not being there in 1995. You can’t blame it for not being
there in 2003. This is 2010 and until you figure out what makes one domain have value and one domain worthless, won’t
make any difference what year it is. You either learn to spot great domains for
WHATEVER REASON or you don’t. Asset or liability. A basket full of liabilities
does not make you a domainer. So I will never win awards for 'Miss Congeniality'. Of the next 100 new domainers that come into the industry, I will piss off 90 of them. But 10 will figure it out. I will make 90 enemies and 10 friends. But at least I know the 90 to ignore and who cares if I piss them off? They have a decision to make now, get pissed off at Rick or use that same energy to get pissed off at themselves and be a success by learning to pick winners like Franky, Kevin and Mike.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

A Record Breaking Year for Domain Sales? You Bet! Here is Why.

Morning Folks!!

Last year I kept saying Ron Jackson will report that 2009
was a record breaking year for
domain sales. I was wrong. But I just got the calendar wrong, not the event itself. We
are in the midst of a record breaking year for domain sales. The event is
predictable because of how things play out in times like this. A convergence of
good and bad reasons, plus strong and weak positions. Then add a great time to
start new divisions and expand as the strong in every industry prey on the weak
in every industry. That produces a new need and a new demand. Thus we are in a
record breaking era. Much of it will be driven by the end user. And please keep
in mind that MOST sales are never reported. I have to fight for every one to go
public. One domain I sold in the past year I am not allowed to make public as
they were concerned folks would laugh at them for the $$$ they paid. It was a significant
amount. That was the reason. How many other sales are never disclosed? So I am
here to say that visible or invisible, we ARE in a record breaking sales

Two things happen in times like this. Many get great bargains. Many
more do not. Make no mistake, the
end user is NOW in the game and he is in there in a big way. But in a stealth
way. He is also in like an Eagle
as they target specific domain names. Some as we see with
are sold for a fraction of the true value and others are selling for hundreds of
times their true value. The seller must know the difference and the buyer must
know the difference. They will continue to come one product, one project, one need, one
application at a time. This is an era that will produce the circumstance that
boosts the entire industry in a massive way because there are new products, new projects, new needs and new applications. Lots of them.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

Domainers and Lifetime Earnings! Let’s Start Keeping Score!

Morning Folks!!

Domains are not about what you earn for one hour or one day
or even one month This game is about lifetime earnings. In sports many sectors keep
score by earnings. Both annual and lifetime earnings. Whether you are a boxer,
a golfer, a basketball player or an Olympian, besides the scores they keep
inside their sport is the dollar score outside the court. It also attracts
attention. So why not domaining?

We know at least 3 people have made over $100 million in
domain career earnings. Frank, Kevin, Yung Ye. There are others. But those 3
are certain. Mike Berkens won’t be far behind and then you have Ari and Larry
and Lawrence and I am sure you can name others. Several others and some completely under the radar. Many
others will eventually join that club. We may even see the first 10 figure domainer.

But forget about the high end. How about the other side?
Have you made your first million in career earnings in domaining? Do you wonder
how many have achieved that? So do I. Maybe that is a better way to present who
we are. They do it in Boxing. They do it in Golf. They do it in Racing. They do it in Football and Baseball and they do it in most other sports. They
must all do it for a damn good reason. Mostly because it creates interest and grows the sport.

May be a good exercise to list the top 100 earners in this
great industry because that just may be another way to create interest and
excitement. When you consider that the earnings we can show can actually rival and
exceed many sports out there, I think it is a viable idea. Plus list so many that have breeched the 7 figure mark. Many may not see this as a major achievement, I do. When you consider all the stunning failures on the Internet, all the lost money, we are a shining example of success and the best way to show the world that success is with dollars earned.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

The Registrars Make a Living on Pigeon Droppings. Take the Domainer Test. Pigeon or Domainer?

Morning Folks!!

You can be a Pigeon or a Domainer but really tough to be both. Most would not like to be pigeons. Many don't even know the difference. WTF is he even talking about? Which one are you? Having lots of domains will not earn you the the title of domainer or investor. There is a growing divide
in the domain industry. The divide is a place we have never looked before.
Never understood before. For well over a decade I have explained the difference
between Investment quality domains and crap. Domains with traffic and domains
without traffic, domains with a future and those without a future. Domains worth thousands and domains that cost thousands.

I have been met with more and more resistance and now I
finally figured out why. I am swimming upstream. Registrars don’t care if you
register a domain worth $30, $30 million dollars or 30 cents as long as they
get their registration fees. So they hype every extension that ever comes out,
every domain in sight at every opportunity and untrained pigeons show up each time. Why wouldn’t
they if that was what you did for a living? They are doing their job. They do it very well because they
have given birth to an industry of pigeons that think they are domainers
because they own domain names. What they own is a bill. A liability. They are a
registrar’s best friend. Here is a
test, if your closest contact in domaining is a registrar I have swampland to
sell you. And let me be clear, my friends own registrars. I have nothing bad to say about them as
a business as a business model or in any other form. But I am alerting some to
the subtle difference in view, in direction in outlook, in destination, in
where you finally end up. The discriminating point that divides people walking in completely opposite directions.

So where there was once one inept registrar with no agenda
now there are hundreds or more and they all want the same thing as a rule. More
registrations. Blood for Dracula. Nothing
more and nothing less. Quality means nothing to them. And that is okay. There
is nothing wrong with that. But if you don’t understand it then you will keep
buying into it and when you buy into that hype, you may no longer be a
domainer. You just may be a registrar’s best friend. So you can follow the lead
of non domainers that know only about number of registrations or you can pay
attention to dozens of real and accomplished domainers. But if you go with the registrar’s
advice, you will be looking for a job in a jobless economy. If you never
thought about this, well now you have. If you don’t get it, you should. If you
continue to register Pigeon Shit, then it matters not to registrars. All the
same to them and that’s how it should be. So if they are your guiding light, maybe time to rethink what you are
doing and the direction you are moving. (Gee am I making friends today or what?) There are a lot of
generalizations here so nobody take anything personally. I am painting the picture
of the landscape. It requires colors to differentiate things. In this picture
the colors are words and thoughts followed by example.

There are investment quality domains and there is Pigeon
Shit. Liabilities to YOU are
profit to THEM. Get a clue already folks! If you screw up in the next few
months, you will never recover. You will not be in the domain business any
longer. This IS your last best chance. There will be the core group of true domain
investors and there will be all the others that are pigeons. Wasting time with pigeons when there
are Eagles in the same nest is fools gold and nothing more. Investor or Fool?
You decide. I will never cater to
pigeons. I will reach out to them to try and get into their heads, but I will
never compromise high standards just to satisfy some pressure to be inclusive. The best way to be included is earning it by putting together a domain portfolio and earning a lot of money. Be deliberate in each purchase. Achieve greatness by finding something that works and repeating it over and over again.

I have been accused that I am the Simon Cowell of domaining.
Okay, not so bad. I like Simon.
When you want the cold hard truth you go to Simon not the others. He doesn’t
worry about how things “Feel”, he deals with the reality if what is. If they
suck, he tells them. If you have worthless domains I’ll tell you. What value
would anything else be? Just to make you feel good? Sorry, don’t come to Simon
to feel good. Go to him for the truth and become the best. Don’t come to me to
buy into stuff just because others can’t figure it out. Now all the registrars
will be pissed off at me lol. So what? I did nothing wrong. They did nothing
wrong. The only ones doing anything wrong are the folks buying pigeon shit and
if that shoe fits change those shoes. Don't get angry, get on the right track. Think before you let your knee jerk reaction control your mind, your being and your direction. I am rooting for your success not your failure. If you are not making big money in domaining, you should and the first thing to do is stop and figure out why. Maybe I just nailed part of it for ya. Maybe not.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz