Million, Billion, Trillion. The Numbers. Do you Really Know the Difference?

Morning Folks!!

We throw around numbers all the time and folks still don’t
understand the magnitude and what a number means. I heard another way to look
at big numbers to quantify them and have them more understandable.

Million, Billion, Trillion, we use these numbers like sugar
packets at McDonalds. But have you ever stopped to really understand what they
mean and what they represent?

If you were to think of these large numbers as time and in
seconds it will give you a new way to visualize what the hell we are talking about.
There are 86,400 seconds in a 24 hour day. So 1 million seconds would be about
11 days. 1 billion seconds would be about 32 YEARS. 1 trillion seconds would be
32,000 YEARS

31,536,000 seconds per year. 3,105,360,000 in a 100 year

Part 2 coming soon.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz