May Domain DEALS in Review. A Blockbuster Month!

Morning Folks!!

Is there a 'Domain Spring'? I think there is. Besides the emergence of, May was my single biggest deal making month since I have been online.

At last count, 12 deals done in May with several still pending to open up June. Not a one involved selling a domain. 6 were in house. The others included launching new businesses on domains I owned with 6 individual folks with an IDEA. Folks that know that their idea married with my domain name would give them the best shot at success. All much more talented and technical than I could ever dream to be.

So these are very exciting times that have blossomed when folks across the spectrum get challenged to reach higher. Having a working model that can be copied over and over again with just marginal changes to fit the circumstance is the first step. For me that was the deal. For me that deal cracked the door open from only being able to sell a domain to share in the new enterprise as well.

So in 2011 I have not sold a domain nor do I plan to sell any. But I will have dozens of partnerships each bringing in monthly revenues far beyond anything that I could do myself, no time involved AND a ticket to the 'Big Show' if ANY of those puppies break out into something we can only dream about.

It's sometimes been frustrating to wait for things to evolve. But that wait is over because of mainstream articles like this from My vision has won the day because I believed in it for going on 16 years and seldom if ever wavered from it. Just knew that in TIME things would unfold in a manner that I saw clearly then as I do now and no longer alone in that vision. If you own the DIRT, you can own some of what the next guy wants to build on it. It's just got to be a RULE before you even start the dialogue. PERIOD!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz