Worthless Traffic Illustrated and Defined. The End User is Getting Fooled. It Starts Here!

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Let's correct that. The End User that has a website is not getting 'Fooled' he is getting 'F*cked! But I could not use that in the title. If you have a website or you buy traffic, reading this will tell you how much you are getting 'F*cked' for and who is doing the 'F*cking'. If you just typed in a domain name and wondering WTF am I doing here? Keep reading. It will all come together.

So I read Mike Berkens Post yesterday about the snapname auction of domains “that were recently registered by SnapNames due to their high VeriSign Data Analyzer Traffic Score and Generic Word strength!”

So I look at the list. (some printed below) PURE PIGEON SHIT! I mean PLEASE!!! Insulting! Waste of time. This is total bullshit. IMHO! Disagree at your own peril.

I make the following comment on Mike's blog:

'I think this list illustrates the difference in traffic. While these domains may get traffic from old links, spam and whatever, they are not type ins.

A 'type in' is a person behind a computer that actually types in their destination for a reason. They have a specific intent and reason. (You may be an example depending on how YOU got here)

That is different than taking a wrong turn on a dead end by clicking a link that no longer goes where you thought it would or is just misleading or worse. One is very valuable and one is worthless. WHY mix the 2 together and treat them equally?? Who does that benefit? Certainly not the end user. He is paying the same and not knowing or understanding the difference between targeted traffic and general traffic at best. That is my issue with PPC, Google & Yahoo. Just because they don’t know the difference either or more likely don’t care, does not make them equal.'

But I did not want it just as a comment. This was way too important. This was an opportunity to define WORTHLESS domains and WORTHLESS traffic at one time with one arrow. And it is worthless. Untargeted vs targeted. Can some untargeted traffic have value? Sure, even a stopped clock is right 2x a day, every day. But that does not mean it has the value of a fully functional clock. And in my world, it has no value at all. It takes up space and wastes resources. The same space that a perfectly working clock can sit.

So the search engines don't know the difference between the traffic. I sure as hell do and you sure as hell do and anyone who reads this sure as hell should. But the end user, the customer for all of us is getting SCREWED! We should all be aware that if they get screwed, we get screwed. Label the damn traffic. It is NOT EQUAL> It never has been and never will be. I have a lot of end users reading my blog and it is up to THEM to DEMAND they know the SOURCE of the traffic they get. Your future depends on that. You want a leg up on your competition? You want more sales? You want to grow your business bigger and stronger? Not one thing you can do more than what I just described and change things overnight. Do you want a million visitors or 5 paying new customers?

Below are the top domains on the list. They don't mean anything. They are not easy to remember. Not easy to spell. They make no sense. Compare the list below with powerful keyword domains that DO mean something and get REAL people looking to make purchases. Like CubicZirconia.com. When somebody types that in, and spells it right, do you think they are just goofing off? That is a RIPE and TARGETED customer. That is superior to anything on that list. The traffic the list below gives (if any) is worthless. Do you know what ANY of them are actually looking for??? With TRUE type in traffic from a domain there is no guessing. They are targeted. Don't sell cubiczirconia.com traffic to someone looking for info on football. Sell that traffic to end users and don't mix it with the PIGEON SHIT below and call them EQUAL. They are not and they will never be.


UPDATE: And as I wrote this, Mike did a Follow up post that is quite interesting and asks for specifics.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


One thought on “Worthless Traffic Illustrated and Defined. The End User is Getting Fooled. It Starts Here!

  1. Tom K

    Purely put, anyone who cannot scan this list for themselves and make a”buy” decision, regardless of”stats”, has no business IN this business.


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