Let’s Have a Meeting! Then Another and Another. Afraid to Make a Decision?

Morning Folks!!

I don't do well with morons. Especially when they are disguised as professionals that are supposed to know what they do for a living. So when I have to deal with idiots that are clueless about what they do and whatever they are doing I don't play well. These guys will only last a few weeks or months anyways until the other idiots they work with find out that he knows even less than them. Let's have a meeting!

You all know that 'Meetings' are a pet peeve of mine. I have worked with enough entities to know it should not be a 'Meeting.' It should be named, 'Let's make a decision' because most meetings achieve little in the way of concrete decisions. When they do have a 'Decision' many don't really care if it is good or bad as long as it is made or it is made fast. Most importantly of course is if the decision blows apart, you don't get blamed. That is the #1 item. Not to be blamed. So you have a culture of spineless wimps incapable of doing most things quick or right. Scared, meager, give me my check on Friday so I can pay the rent and my toys. And while I do my job I will circulate my resume so if I do get blamed I can have another gig lined up before the bank takes my car.

So you have folks that are coming out of schools and many have never held a job before. They are led by the folks I just described above them. They will just probably go with the program and wander aimlessly for many years to come unless they break the mold.

Some folks are made to work like that. I have just never been one of them. I am sure I would have fit in better. Made less waves. Got along better. Had more friends and all the rest. But is it worth it to grow up and have 'Mediocrity' as a guiding light? Kissing the ass in front of you, to the left of you, to the right of you and on top of you. Ass kissers make me puke. The weakest of the weak. Usually the only thing they know is who they know. Charming little social butterflies. They get hired with great fanfare and leave without a peep.

Each of us figure it out at different ages. Some of course never figure it out. But the key is to learn it as early as possible. Life is about making decisions. If you are afraid of decisions than Corp America may be the place. But if you understand that life is about decisions and if you make good decisions you are likely to have a better life than if you make hasty and bad decisions. You never know how the smallest decision can affect the biggest part of life. Like a grain of sand that can bring a halt to the largest and most powerful machines.

I don't have all the answers. But each day I continue to eliminate all the wrong ones. And they seem to always have a common thread at the base. A bad decision. Then wrap up a bad decision with folks that don't care. These folks always move forward without ever cleaning up the mess they created and therefore never learn what they did wrong, why they did it wrong, how it affected others and how to get it right in the future.

We are almost all wired this way. It is called 'Human Nature' and most spend a lifetime fighting against what comes natural. Against a knee jerk reacton. Against the animalistic behavior inside of us that has been tamed by society like a wild horse is broken. Everyone is better off after they become civilized. Then each determines to what degree. That is the choice. There is no law against mediocrity. But knowing that so many occupy this category should give great hope to anyone that can vault over it and not get TRAPPED by it and by others.

Want a clear image of EXACTLY what I see?

Watch this short 30 second commercial as it crystalizes what I am saying.

Then watch this 30 second commercial as it shows and defines 'Corporate Mediocrity'.

So now you can clearly see there are 2 cultures and those 2 cultures can be inside a corporation. A corporation that is bound in mediocrity and ones that excels in excellence. For every Yahoo! there is a Google. For every Fed Ex there is a Post Office. For every Boarders there is a Barnes and Noble. For every McDonalds there is a McShit.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


27 thoughts on “Let’s Have a Meeting! Then Another and Another. Afraid to Make a Decision?

  1. Ado

    I thought you were writing about few of the guys I work with :)
    Many times my boss would ask me why I’m not saying much…I just feel like telling him that I am not good at BS talk.

  2. AlanR

    Hey Rick, great post!
    From reading some of the comments on your other posts, it still amazes me how you have the knack to expose the winners and the losers in life! You can tell the losers since they are so quick to complain, blame and criticize you about your successes or failures while the true winners in life will have a positive spin, no matter what happens. It’s funny how the losers can’t ever tell you their successes but since they are losers, there are no successes. Of course, they don’t want you to know that. What’s even funnier (or sad) is that the losers don’t realize what obvious fools they are to the winners in life.
    BTW, Happy Birthday, young man!

  3. Poor Uncle

    Hi Rick,
    I use to think like you. Thinking that everyone is an idiot if they don’t have my drive, determination, success and decisiveness.
    Now that I have gotten older and hopefully wiser or maybe more stupid I feel like I was the biggest idiot. These days I realized there is no dummy when it comes to money. And, I admire people simply for showing up for work. Think of all the obstacles that could stopped one from coming to work, it is a miracle that someone show up day in and day out doing their job (or lack thereof) to provide for their family.

  4. steve

    If the head guys is of this type start looking for a new job immediatley.
    People want to be the king and when they finally fight there way to the top only then do they realize they don’t have the skills.
    They have no vision, depth of thought, creativity, judgement.
    i’ve said it a million times. We are doomed with the management system we have today. People say democratic, capitalist, but no no no. We are a manager run economy and that is why we are mediocre at best. There is little chance we will evolve past that.
    The good news is the other countries are far worse.

  5. AustraliaHouses

    “The good news is the other countries are far worse.”
    If you want the future to be better, in fact, if you want a future, don’t forget, first class passengers went down with the Titanic, equally as fast as those in steerage.

  6. Rick Schwartz

    Great illustration of of the dependency we are creating. These short little videos do a great job of making it all understandable. Of course there are large groups that don’t agree even when you bring it down to silly and laughable.

  7. charles

    LOL. Love your first comment.”I don’t do well with morons.” Reminds me of one of my favorite John Wayne quotes … to paraphrase
    Life’s tough. It’s tougher if you’re stupid.
    and my favorite general quote: Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

  8. Stephen

    Did you have a bad meeting you don’t want to discuss? The implication of your anger is off the charts. What happened?
    And… on a lot of domainers’ minds is this: Why are all the posts you make sound bitter, angry, judgmental, and sanctimonious? What’s the story behind this blog article? It just makes you look like you’re NOT the successful domainer you are. It makes you look like a whiner, a complainer, a holier-than-thou bipolar passive-aggressive guy with too much time on his hands and angry with the world. Why would a successful domainer like yourself be angry with people who have less ability, resources, and inventory than you do? Why would you post something that ridicules these people? You are so successful, you should be posting articles with positive messages, advice, and instructions on how to move up the domain ladder slowly. That’s what domainers expect from a huge voice that you have in this industry. Nobody wants you to continue posting articles where outside professionals come in to read and say to themselves”Man, this guy has a huge chip on his shoulder, and it looks like he’s trying to keep it from being knocked off.”.
    Shouldn’t you be forming a charity and speaking out for the less fortunate in the world, like the noobie domainers who actually”kiss your ass” (remember, you”hate them”) that you know will NEVER make the money you have, because they came into domain investing way too late.
    Unless, of course, they join your new focus, along with hundreds of other domainers, as”Future Trend” (FT domain investors. It’s harder, because people will actually have to research and read about the new trends and anticipate the generic terms for those new trends.)
    But that’s where the big money is for domainers who don’t own”realestate.com”. yes? Do you agree that buying FT domains is a great focus for new domainers to lock down a great domain they can sell at a price that you’ve received on a particular domain?
    I think a lot of domainers are waiting for you to advise them on CURRENT domain investment strategies, as opposed to talking about domains you bought back a decade ago.
    I could be wrong, and if I am, I’m expecting a barrage of responses that lambast me into oblivion.
    The ONLY reason I’m communicating with you is because I believe you have a solid position in this industry to help ALL domainers begin to close sales with END USERS. In other words, if you changed your”owwwy, I’m a victim again, and I’m upset about some dumb domainers activities” attitude, you could actually be a source of positive info like Elliot, Andrew and MHB. Don’t embrace your success as a tool for you to”complain”… you’ve said enough. Now start being a LEADER, not a whiner who sucks in readers who will”embrace your attitude”.
    You’re bigger than the weakness you have to post negative, finger-pointing,”see what I said five years ago” type of blog articles. When will you realize this and start acting like a DOMAIN LEADER instead of a polarizing domain investing whiner who’s mad at the world?
    Also, I’m worried about your heart.

  9. Rick Schwartz

    Stephen Douglas,
    Do you have to use every post to push your agenda? Speak about getting small and spamming. I guess you must be the one desperate. Glad you are so worried about when I go to the bathroom while your own pants are dragging a full load. But I try and learn each day and today”Charles” taught me something of great value with his comment just above yours:
    “Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.”

  10. ScottM

    My first job out of college was sales administration and advertising for a national trucking company. I had to approve their expense reports for all the salespeople around the country, mostly men. They were told by my boss, the VP of Sales, to put”sales meeting/fishing trip” on their expense reports. Turns out a”sales meeting/fishing trip” was the rep takes out the customer, gets him drunk, dines him and gets him an escort or hooker, and then the guy keeps giving his business to our trucking country. These were productive”meetings” in terms of getting results. Not sure if anyone actually ever went fishing … when I asked them if they caught anything they’d break out laughing, apparently one guy did catch something but it wasn’t a fish.

  11. Buy Website Traffic

    There aren’t to many over achievers out there. Seems like the world is full of people who want to know what they are talking about but just can’t seem to pull it off. You got a nice site here with lots of information. I have to bookmark it since there is too much for one sitting. Keep up the good work.

  12. King

    Hi Rick! I admire your qualities as a domainer. I am just curious, is it possible for me to write you when I finish building my website? If yes, can you give me your email address, the one you use to communicate with other domainers who may want to do business with you? I have projects underway. These projects can dethrone or successfully compete with youtube and facebook. Thank you for consideration

  13. John Jones

    you’ve got some good stuff to say on domains
    but when it comes to running businesses, what do you know?
    you started in 1996 broke, got a porn domain name that got type ins
    for reg fees, then bought some more porn names), but even with this knowledge
    only bought half a dozen top mainstream domains, and the rest are
    average, so if you had all of this knowledge about generics in 1996 you have only scored about 5 out of ten as a domainer
    and you haven’t run one single operating businessm, besides putting up a”click here for porn” link to an affiliate program,
    so really what do you know about running a business other than registering domain names (funded by being in the right place at the right time) and selling them?

  14. Rick Schwartz

    Remember one thing folks. Anon ghosts are people we might know and have to disguise themselves because they are losers by definition. The exact type people this post refers to and don’t have enough self esteem, class or confidence to actually put their name on their posts. They have few if any accomplishments themselves and when exposed they run and hide. I post their crap just to illustrate that not all folks are what they seem and in the domain industry there are about 5-10 real idiots. The way I always figure it is one posts and that entire group is guilty. I don’t care which 1 of the 10 as long as I know the 10 and I do.
    See how easy it is to draw out the morons and idiots? They come out because my words OFFEND THEM! Think about that. It’s like setting up a mousetrap and know they can’t help themselves. The only way they can build themselves up is to TRY and tear somebody else down. How sad that is their ONLY talent in life. But that is a loser for ya!
    My job in LIFE is to identify morons, idiots and losers as fast as possible and avoid them. Look, most folks don’t do that. I do. I am very discriminating in who I deal with. Not by color or religion but by CONTENT of their character. Once I determine that somebody, ANYBODY, shows their TRUE colors, I have nothing further to do with them. EVER!

  15. Nathan

    the secret in any business career is to be relentless, use your time wisely and only be ruthless when necessary, go to meetings and work overtime only if these are likely to be productive, choosing where to spend your time is key

  16. John Jones

    hang on
    one minute your setting up traps to bring out the morons
    the next your doing whatever you can to avoid them
    palease your’re a shit talker, but the
    bits that stick are good, just have to square up the truth a little
    sometimes though

  17. JamesD

    This made me laugh when it was shown on tv years ago – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_n4pTMJLnE – within about a minute you know who’s going to get shafted and who makes money. In one section (don’t think it’s this first one) Vance Miller has a ‘meeting’ with a supplier to discuss how they arrived at their price for a shower unit…”how much did this part cost? Fuck all. This part? Fuck all. This one? Fuck all. So 3 times fuck all is…fuck all, and you’re asking $60 for it”?

  18. Stephen

    You stated above that I wrote a post that”was spamming and promoting my agenda”. Really? I mention the FT domainers (which you now have become a supporter of, regardless of how you spin it) in the the FOURTH and FIFTH paragraph of my message to you.
    You never answer the TRUE aspect of my message: That you have a powerful position in the domain industry. That you consistently write articles that at some point calling other domainers derogatory names (in a overall general sense), and that you are seemingly”angry” at those domainers for some reason.
    That’s all I wrote about, but you locked in on the FT domainers comments, because YOU bought”SmartGlasses.com” based on Future Trend domain purchasing analysis and strategies. You won’t admit it. You won’t even admit you wrote the clips I took from your own comments about”pigeon shit” domains.
    You don’t want to argue with”idiots”? Dude, in a written debate, on your blog or mine, I would dust you out like a 1933 bad summer day in Kansas. Don’t try the”debating with idiots” line. It just makes you look like you don’t have the balls to compete. And you DON’T. You’re a bully with a chip on your shoulder you can’t get rid of. Period. Empathy and charity aren’t in your DNA.
    I spent almost a year trying not to post on your negative comments, so polarizing and bitter, then I realized that your”right place at the right time” success has put you at the top of the domainer game… but that didn’t make you”smart”. It just shows you made money, but still have a lot more whining to do to satisfy your insecurities.
    So, whenever you’re ready, or brave enough, to go head-to-head with me in a debate on ANYTHING, let me know. Just be aware that your griping and contradictory posts are already an indication of your lack of logic, self-control, and an embarrassment to the domain community. That’s MY only concern about you. It’s like having Warren Sapp talk about being a successful football player breaking all sorts of records, yet he’s still being looked at as a”dirty player”.
    When you want to compare your”SmartGlasses.com” with ANY of the similar FT domains at least five other FT domainers own that blow your domain out of the water, let us all know. Let MHB know too, so he won’t feel”obligated” as a neighbor and pal to write a vanity piece about you buying a FUTURE TREND DOMAIN NAME for $4000, and MHB calling it a”steal”. That’s a first, probably a last. When does ANY domain blogger write a lead article about someone buying a domain name for $4000? When? Only when buying a FT domain is an obviously significant change of that buyer’s”purchasing goals” for domains when he’s considering VALUE.
    But MHB proved one thing, Rick. That YOU buying an FT domain for $4k is a newsworthy, lead article worthy story on his blog. Call me an idiot, and avoid giving a straight, logical answer in response. Logical conclusion is: BUYING FT DOMAINS IS WHAT RICK SCHWARTZ IS DOING.

  19. Rick Schwartz

    You can’t even have an orgasm without mentioning FT domains that few veteran domainers even care about or categorize in that manner. I don’t buy FT domains. I don’t buy LLL domains. I don’t buy NNN domains. I don’t look at domains like that tho I own many in each and every group and category you can think of. I simply look at them as 2 groups. Domains with value, and domains without value. Why would anyone want to limit their sphere of investing? Is that too simplistic an answer for ya?
    FT, NNN, LLL to you is just another seed planted to me.
    As for the rest of your drivel….”Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.”
    But thanks for the entertaining content and removing doubt from others that may not have been sure until now. :-)

  20. JamesD

    Why do losers keep saying that Rick lucked out by being early in the game?
    That doesn’t even tell 10% of the story. The skill, nous, acumen, call it what you like, is know when and how to sell. It doesn’t matter when you bought or how much you paid – until you sell, it’s only part of the equation.

  21. Ian

    Judging by Stephens post he’ll write pages and have endless meetings when something far more succinct would have been more efficient. I mean, did anyone read more than the first sentence and then see the size of the post and think WTF ‘can’t be bothered reading it?’ Case and point proved!!!

  22. Rick Schwartz

    James, it is because it is all they got and they are losers. They don’t understand equations in business or in life.
    In 2000, before Franky got his first domain name, I was still having the same argument as I do today.
    It’s a disease of the mind. There will always be a new group to fill the void.
    Here is the PROOF! I could have written the following post every single year from 1998 to 2012 and from 2012 until the end of time. Losers with a bad attitude are jealous of the success of others and unwilling to change their attitude or learn. They blow hot one day and cold the next. They are not masters of their own lives so they sit on the sidelines and try to dump on others. It’s a certain personality type and they bring nothing of value to the table and I have learned to avoid this group more than others. What person that enjoys any degree of success want their negative impact anywhere near them.
    Just think of all the famous domainers that came after the year 2000. The group I was talking to back then were drowning in self pity that it was all over and all the good domains were gone. How do they explain Franky? or Merlin? Or a list of HUNDREDS that found success after that?


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