Las Vegas Show Hours. Early or Late?

Morning Folks!!

Not a fun week but I am about 50% back. Reminds me of why I (we) am so lucky to make a living online. I make money even when I am sick and stuck in bed. Instead of having zero productivity, I can still function a few minutes here and there and try to keep up with life and emails etc. I have to pick and choose. Thinking is still cloudy. Last night I could not even remember what I had for lunch yesterday. Actually was not even sure I had lunch. So 'Foggy' would be a good word.

But in the fog we were able to launch for Las Vegas yesterday. 3 dozen of you already signed up after my morning email blast at $995 in addition to those that signed up at the show. So looks like Las Vegas show is going to be BIG!

In the past folks have complained that we start too early in Vegas. So I am going to ask for some feedback. 9AM is when we usually start our activities. But in Vegas 9AM is very early for some. Others are early birds and since they know there is not a lot of time, they want to take advantage of every minute.

So what time to we start Vegas? 9AM? 10AM? 11AM? Noon? Do we skip breakfast and do a big lunch?

Our normal show days have about 9 hours of business each day. 9AM-6PM.

If we start at 11AM for example then we would still have to stop things at 6PM because folks want to go to shows or dinner or whatever. So do we have 7 hour show days? 6 hours?

What are your thoughts?

As a side note. The rooms at the Bellagio are $159/night. However on Friday Night that rate increases to $269 and if you want to stay longer on that Saturday night it is $269. So just a clarification to my email blast yesterday.


Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

7 thoughts on “Las Vegas Show Hours. Early or Late?

  1. Morgan Linton

    One vote for 11am here. I find some of the best networking happens at night, sometimes late at night since many Domainers are major night owls. I’d love to be able to stay up until 3AM, get a good night sleep and still make it to the morning events.
    In my normal daily life I’m usually in bed by 11PM but at Domain Conferences 2AM suddenly becomes an early night.

  2. Donny

    How about the first night only- early breakfast @8 and then show starts @9.
    Then start the next nights a bit latter 11pm? This may satisfy everyone early and late birds.
    Hope I can make it only 6 hours away. The town just starts to wake up around 11 or 12 at night so most people won’t get to bed until 2 or 3.

  3. Anunt

    Cancel ALL lectures…and just meet up from 3pm to 6pm in a huge banquet type room for social networking.
    From there, people will form groups and goto shows, dinner, and enjoy Vegas while talking business.
    Most business gets done meeting others socially.

  4. Danny Pryor

    Las Vegas is a late town. Grew up there; lived life like that when I was there. Better if it’s later, IMO. Glad you’re starting to come back.

  5. Joao

    On the first day, i think i would go for a brunch. I, as a bunch of USA outsiders, will need to adapt to the new timetable, so for the first day that seems great. Fresh heads.
    The rest of the days are cool at 9am or so.
    Please answer me this as i need to get those bargains: Hotel rooms increase their prices at what friday night? Today???


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