More Proof Recession is Over! Back to the Future!

Morning Folks!!

Keep sitting on the sidelines but this is 2003 all over again! The recession is still here for many, but it is also gone for many.


Did you miss that?



That's a big change!! Below are just some of the articles I wrote in the past 30 days. Including beating Bernanke himself by some 10 days! What am i seeing? What is happening? Will it be sustained?

Gave a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


5 thoughts on “More Proof Recession is Over! Back to the Future!

  1. Rich

    Most of Frank’s acquisitions took place in 03-04.

    I said to my self,if i only knew about domains in 2003 i would be set for life.
    Well here it is…a lot of good .com’s being dropped,a lot of opportunities out there.

    Yes Rick you are right, 2003 is here.

  2. BullS

    I told you in my previous post, DJ will hit 16K
    If you are not back in the market since 2010, sorry you missed the boat, ….my portfolio has gone up 48%

    With the profit, I can buy no pigeon shit domains!!

  3. Jeff schneider

    Hello Rick,

    I have been bullish since Aug 2012 when I recod. QIHU at $23.08 and has now easily dobled in value to $52.40 .

    I made this reco. right here on your Blog on aug 24th 2012.

    This is my second reco. on your blog to double in value in less than 12Mos.

    My third reco. that will also double in value from my reco. of Feb. 25th is WWWW price then = $17.16 price now = $26.20

    We are also in the very early stages of a Secular Bull Market. Secular bull Markets have corrections and are measred in decades, not years as a cyclical bull Market is. JASj 7/11/13

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  4. TheInvestor

    If this is 2003 all over again then what prior time period would describe 2009-2011?


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