Winners and Losers Make YOU the Same Amount of Sales/Money

Morning Folks!!

Thanks Scott for sending me this great line yesterday that I pledged to steal and so here is the stolen evidence. Maybe this will help folks understand what is to come and again how I see things thru my eyes. And why Sales is what it is about.

"Don't tell the sign printer that the candidate that bought his signs lost the election... He doesn't care the clients outcome... he only cares about how much sales he did."

Point is BOTH probably buy the same amount of signs and who wins and who loses has no bearing whatsover on his business. Apply that to our industry and what is coming.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

6 thoughts on “Winners and Losers Make YOU the Same Amount of Sales/Money

  1. UFO

    The sign writer in correct English cares about how ‘many sales’ rather than how ‘much sales’ he did.

    But why should the sign writer care? S/he produced the signs and didn’t design them. Big difference between manufacturing and marketing. Big difference between controllables and uncontrollables.

    If you get natural traffic to your website because you have a great domain and can’t grow that traffic then there has been a marketing (content) failure.

    A good domain is everything and ultimately nothing if you cannot leverage its potential.

  2. steve cheatham

    Once sold “it” you have the money and it is gone. Why worry about the next outcome? Mr. Blank (Home Depot) bought a house next to him on Hilton Head for about 5million.The lady had left the custom drapes for him and was happy to tell him that at the closing. He bulldozed it the next day. He wanted a bigger lot and the lady had her money for the house and drapes. What’s the problem? Nothing.

  3. Danny Rodan

    There are valid reasons to want a client to have success, and the analogy of a company printing campaign signs will only get you so far. What if the printing company gets the successful candidate, then has the opportunity to print stationery, business cards and reelection campaign signs?

    Some forward thinking enables one to capture both winners and losers. While the sales today may be the same, a visionary prospector will build up sales for tomorrow, as well.

    We may have an endless supply of losers, but only the winners will have regenerating resources that feed more than an immediate business cycle. ;-)

  4. Tyger Gilbert

    And the cost of acquiring new business makes repeat customers far more profitable. But, that’s not something domainers probably encounter very often. I suspect that once a domain is sold, that’s the end of the relationship. Whether the buyer is successful with that domain or not is irrelevant to the domain seller.


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