You Need Brains, Ideas or Money to Play the Game.

Morning Folks!!

You got to come to the table with some THING. If you come late to the game then MONEY is the equalizer. Pretty simple. To catch something early money helps but it may not be as important or there may be ways to leverage your IDEA but that takes BRAINS! That takes a lot more than money because you are seeing something that has yet to materialize and money alone can not make it appear. You have to have some vision. Some futuristic thoughts. Some experience that you can draw upon that shows you a vivid picture that is so clear you just can't understand why everyone can not see it.

So when you see things early, the pay to play is a lot less than when it is visible to all. But then of course you have to endure lots of stuff. But who cares? Major leaguers get called all types of vicious names but they are on the field earning millions while the folks in the cheap seats are spending millions and the full circle is that those that are yelling are also the ones that give value to those on the field to earn those millions in the first place.

Confused? I have no idea why. It is a pretty simple process that plays out in so many different arenas plus the arena of life itself.

Success come with how you approach things. If the approach is flawed than success is virtually impossible. Even with a perfect approach, success is not an easy thing to achieve. Successful people fail more than anyone. But to an untrained eye in the grandstand it is a failure. But for those playing the game on the field, they know how many swings they need to take to get a success. Not only does a .333 baseball player make millions and become famous for failing 2 out of 3 times, he is also swinging the bat and failing 3x when they strike out on just one at bat. So the ONLY way to learn success and have success is to embrace and understand that failure to some is just step closer to success for those on the field.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

4 thoughts on “You Need Brains, Ideas or Money to Play the Game.

  1. Kassey

    I know what you are saying. Remember who said “Wait, not chase”? That’s what you said a while ago and I always remember it. I also know that exciting feeling too. Thanks.

  2. tcr

    baseball season is about 25 weeks. now a normal batter has about 500 at bats per year so if he had 125 hits he would be a .250 batter. a .300 batter has 150 hits throughout the year, a difference of 25 hits, the equivalent of 1 per week. so 1 hit a week is the difference of a future hall of famer and a also ran. the .300 hitter will most likely have a long term 100 million contract, and the .250 hitter somewhat lower or playing for his job every year.


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