What 40 Years of Championship Surfing Taught Me

Morning Folks!!

Many of you don't know that I compete in Championship Surfing to this very day. Been studying waves for over 40 years. If you are a surfer you need to learn to catch and ride the wave. There is no difference whatsoever in business.

Waves Baby!!

And what do surfers do when there are no waves?


Have a Beach Party and wait until there are!

That is what I do as well. When there is business to be had there is no time to sleep and play. However when we have slow times like these, I don't sit around and fret. I just keep a keen eye open looking for the next wave. I don't waste my time and energy when there are no waves. But guess what? Even 80% of the 20% do. Not knowing the difference makes a HUGE difference. Now you know.

As far as the championship surfing. Well I have never been on a surfboard in my life. But that does not mean I don't have the ability to see, feel and understand the thrill. Then apply that to something else called "Business". I just found one single parallel that changed how I view things and it has served me very well for many years. I am a business surfer and I go for the gold every single day of my life!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

7 thoughts on “What 40 Years of Championship Surfing Taught Me

  1. LucyLu

    One of your best posts ever.. talk about getting someone’s interest with a title.

  2. Mike

    Awesome post, Rick! For the good of business as a whole, keep surfing the same genial way on the domain industry sea!

  3. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,

    I recently rented a flick called chasing Mavericks. I really enjoyed the movie,as it reminded me of Body Surfing at the dirty Old Wedge. I almost drowned in White Foam after going over the falls there on a huge day, one summer that I spent near Newport Beach and huntington Beach Cali.

    I never got a board because I was from land bound Ohio, and I often craved the California surfing lifestyle, so I always had fins and a body instead and when Lake Erie got Big waves, I was on my way to the beach many times.

    I highly recommend renting the movie, its fun and has some messages for those who are observant..


  4. UFO

    If you were a championship surfer, you’d be flogging custom boards and organising beach bashes, perhaps surf schools and PR for the surf industry. The situational factors would be different but the same interest and mindset would come through…. That’s one thing I know about human psych of certain mindsets. I remember when Ali was asked would he would probably be if he wasn’t a world champion boxer, he replied ‘A garbage collector, but the best garbage collector’.

  5. Domains

    Good post Rick and a reminder. Going bookmark this post! Guess my core holdings (small group of domains) be compared to this.


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