What Was, What Is, What Will Be and What If?

Morning Folks!!

What Was, What Is, What Will Be and What If? Sounds pretty encompassing to me.

How long do you have to think and ponder on something before you find an answer? Well it can easily be a split second or a lifetime or a never. Pondering, thinking and digging very deep. See most folks only barely scratch the surface of life. I think most treasures are hidden below ground. Not all. Opportunity for example is above ground. You just have to know how to see the invisible. No digging required. In business asking the hard questions is Job #1.  It's actually a continuous job. One we do unconsciously or for some very consciously.

However one of two things generally happen. One will either not bother to dig or one will dig so deep that it becomes too deep. Too deep can present perils. Always a happy medium.

The domain game is changing and I see it mostly at the drop auctions. Plenty of end users are now in the mix and to be quite honest, hard to compete with an end-user as a domain investment. The numbers many times go too high and I don't see the upside in tying up that much money for an untold amount of time. So to spend $30,000 on a $50,000 name or even a $100,000 name no longer fits in my formula.

So you kinda have to go "Off Grid" to find investment quality domain names that will go up anywhere from 10x-100x in value. When you have domains like that you can rest assured you can liquidate if need be.

Quality is liquid. My top 1000 domains could be sold very quickly if I had to. When a domain has obvious value it has liquidity. If I list them I would get multiple offers quite quickly. I won't get a desirable price, but I could get liquid and that is what we all need to aim for.

Quality = Liquidity if you don't overpay.

In domaining quality is defined much like real estate. In fact, it is the almost the perfect parallel. Anyone dismissing that is throwing away the foundation of not only domaining but real estate principles a thousand years old and proven worldwide. Location is the driver of value and worth and all the rest.

So when you use that parallel it is pretty hard to get lost. What was, still is and will be. We can use the "What if" variable all day long but you only need to do that when you ignore the parallels we all share.

And in this business we have multiple parallels that run on separate tracks and don't intersect. They may cross paths, but they don't intersect. Not only do we have parallels in real things, but we have parallels in time and expansion and so many other things.

The future and all the new things coming are what makes domaining so dynamic. Why a SHARP person could come into this business TODAY and makes his millions. Real Estate is MUCH harder! Takes MUCH more time and effort and running around and wasting time. That is what makes domains so attractive and why I was always so mystified why Realtors were not the ones to figure this puzzle out first? They should have been over this like white on rice!

The world is full of so many parallels and since folks just dismiss the thought they have to pave their own highways that have already been laid for them. That wastes time, costs money and you lose because everyone else is in the fast lane and they know when to dig and when not to dig. Balance is key.

How many new products came out today? New sectors? New inventions? New needs for new things. accessories for what already is. Filling a void as mountains appear and valley's can thrive.

I truly believe there is more opportunity right now, today, then any other moment in history. It is the main reason 3rd world countries are now leading the world. Same world, same opportunities. It's a mindset. It is how you look and view things. It's about unleashing what is inside each of us. I always say we each have a gift and our job is figuring it out and don't let anyone minimize or do anything but help nurture it.

What Was,  What Is, What Will Be and What If, is just about thinking and not being lazy about it. You have to follow each path in your mind to the end. To the answer. Left or right, up or down. And if there are pitfalls along the way each has to be defined. Some pitfalls are deal breakers and you are done. Tho some will continue on a dead-end.

Buying the $15 Million mansion next to the town dump may not be the best bet. In fact, that would be an obvious deal breaker. It really does not matter how wonderful the Pool is or how large the Family Room is. The point is moot. So when you get to MOOT, a dead-end, your trip down that path is done and over. Dismiss it! Many may go beyond that point and that is at their own peril. Once I see "Moot", game over.

It's difficult to draw a picture of an intangible. But in my mind it is completely tangible because I am able to create a clear image in my mind and follow the path. I either get to moot and look for the next thing to focus on or I find an interesting answer and see how I can plug it in to the universe.

I realize many things that you can't really say out loud. The society in the USA now strives for mediocrity. And while many can't see it, I can because I remember when it was not like that. When we strived for excellence. Makes me want to puke. Know why? I was mediocre for two thirds of my life. I still only run at about 33% of my capacity. But at least I know the difference. Can see the difference. Understand the difference. Most importantly, the result is different. Excellence leads you to prosperity. Leads you to dreams. Excellence is the path to any great success.  I guess I was about 40 when I began figuring it out. But it is crystal clear now.

When the iPad first came out I wrote about all the companies that would not only utilize it but how many new companies would spring up to make things for it. Cases, plugs, keyboards and you name it. An entire CITY of products came to market just because of the iPad.

It was all forseeable. Once the seed is planted for a tree you can begin to figure things out. How tall will it grow? How much shade will it provide? How much area will it take over? You MUST ask these things and see these things BEFORE it grows into a tree or you may have branches going thru your windows and roots in your foundation. So their problem did not happen when the tree grew, it happened when they planted the seed and never asked the right questions at the right time and then got surprised by the result. DUH!

What Was,  What Is, What Will Be and What If? And that is just for starters. Digging for answers takes time and does not involve emotion. The key is following the answer even when you don't like. Even when it leads to an opposite place of where you thought you would be. Just hop on the nearest parallel and you will be on path.

Rick Schwartz