Google Breaks the New GTLD Jinx with .App

Morning Folks!!

The first viable GTLD extension may have been released with Google's .App after watching 4 years of TOTAL GTLD failures.

After watching over 500 TOTAL FAILURES, Google has finally broken the GTLD Jinx! With total GTLD domain registrations now sitting under 21 Million for the first time since June 3, 2016 even the 100,000 new registrations this week can't stop the bleeding of the other 900,000 GTLD's that DROPPED this week! Every drop is domainers money being washed away.

Read my old posts about keeping your powder dry during this Demolition Derby and "Stampede". I always said when a winner came to market it would be noticeable. .App is noticeable or haven't you noticed?

That does not mean it will be successful, but there is a demand and it's the first GTLD extension that makes any commercial sense at all. It MAY be viable. It has the elements that make an extension viable. Something missing from the likes of .Horse and .Kiwi and 500+++ WORTHLESS and DEAD and MEANINGLESS extensions.

What's the difference? Well that is for you as a domain investor to figure out. I think one of the keys comes to end user adaptation. Also because most new GTLD's are very limited. Some with just a few dozen powerful strings as compared to a .App which really has a tremendous amount of universal combinations that mean something.

But even with 100k registrations in the first few days it is not what I would deem to be "The big one". I would define that as .Web and I would expect 10x the registrations in same period.

Those thinking that a .App or .Web will help all the other failing GTLD's is folly. It will bury them forever! Only 3-5 new GTLD extensions will emerge and merit any long lasting appeal or value. Win, Place, Show. The other 997 will be "Out of the money"  along with domainers that lost their money.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz