The Rise and Fall of the EU Clusterf*ck Known as GDPR. My Take!

Morning Folks!!

Directnic has a toggle switch to make your whois info public or not. Many other registrars are doing the same thing or figuring other ways to avoid this mess called GDPR and make whois available.

I am sure in a few weeks there will be many workarounds on the entire GDPR rendering it totally meaningless and useless. And some are just totally ignoring or rejecting it in total.

So far the only ones it will really hurt are Europeans as they find themselves blocked from sites akin to 3rd world countries. lol As a protest more and more may start to block rather then comply with this silly and abusive GDPR garbage.

The GDPR is a visible Clusterf*ck for the entire world to see and it will collapse all by itself. Congrats EU! It also illustrates why the EU is being rejected by so many and the backlash has been so strong. The over reach is stunning and should be a wake up call to all. The sovereignty of the Internet is under attack! My take:Tthe Internet will survive but the GDPR in its current form will not!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz