The Rise and Fall of the EU Clusterf*ck Known as GDPR. My Take!

Morning Folks!!

Directnic has a toggle switch to make your whois info public or not. Many other registrars are doing the same thing or figuring other ways to avoid this mess called GDPR and make whois available.

I am sure in a few weeks there will be many workarounds on the entire GDPR rendering it totally meaningless and useless. And some are just totally ignoring or rejecting it in total.

So far the only ones it will really hurt are Europeans as they find themselves blocked from sites akin to 3rd world countries. lol As a protest more and more may start to block rather then comply with this silly and abusive GDPR garbage.

The GDPR is a visible Clusterf*ck for the entire world to see and it will collapse all by itself. Congrats EU! It also illustrates why the EU is being rejected by so many and the backlash has been so strong. The over reach is stunning and should be a wake up call to all. The sovereignty of the Internet is under attack! My take:Tthe Internet will survive but the GDPR in its current form will not!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

9 thoughts on “The Rise and Fall of the EU Clusterf*ck Known as GDPR. My Take!

  1. Francois

    This remember me the idiotic obligation for European sites to ask for cookies approval before continue browsing a site.

  2. JBlack

    Great work Rick.

    In response to the outrageous, contradictory, overreaching GDPR I drafted the Privacy Policy for anyone who wishes to use it on their sites.

    Our Privacy Policy from a privately held US company (company name here).

    EU members do not have permission to view this website or its offerings. We are exercising our Right To Be Forgotten by the EU therefore this website’s use is not permissible within the EU region. In fact, we command EU members to kindly forget this website company exists at all.

    The below privacy policy addendum and caveat is provided as a no-obligation courtesy for EU members and others operating outside the EU alike.

    This website is not permitted to be viewed within in the EU region because the EU created its GDPR “regulation” as a false front. The EU’s GDPR is not designed to protect individual privacy rights at all. EU citizens, as already evidenced by unaccountable-to-the-governed actions of their own member governments, are among the most monitored, spied upon, and photographed peoples in the world. EU citizens do not have the right to petition their governments to view, approve, or deny permission to collect information on them nor do EU citizens possess the right to petition said governments to remove data collected on them. The EU’s GDPR is thus a demonstrable farce, a proven hypocrisy on the grandest of scales.

    The obvious, albeit unstated purpose of the EU’s GDPR is to employ its contracted army of bureaucrats and lawyers to exert any contorted or contrived legal means it wants under the guise of “privacy protection” to shakedown, coerce, and/or blackmail private, profitable, successful companies into paying “fines” as a means of generating illicit profit for themselves. The ambiguous but all-encompassing GDPR is purposely designed to enable any company privacy policy to be unilaterally judged “non-compliant”. This net assessment does not reveal a conspiracy but just a basic business plan–an illicit, Mafia-style business plan concocted by unaccountable, cash desperate, envy driven bureaucrats concealed behind the false veneer of concern for citizens’ privacy rights.

    The EU’s own economic garden is not growing, it’s dying. Specifically, the EU region is by comparison grossly lacking in innovative, successfully profiting, tax generating technology companies because the EU has restricted individual freedoms and suppressed embryonic privately developed economic opportunities over multiple decades via deliberate but destructive social policy. Technology companies which the EU has inhibited from developing and growing themselves are now deeply envied by the EU from afar. Those successful technology companies greatly benefit the public and have raised living standards the world over. Unfortunately, though the non-competitive EU somehow now perceives itself entitled to employ nefarious legal measures to systemically steal from succeeding, consumer-satisfying private companies that have taken great personal and capital risk to succeed, profit, and pay income taxes for public benefit. As a result, to protect itself and to ensure maximum employment, enable future growth potential, and to continue providing social, public benefit via the income taxes it currently generates, this privately owned company’s website is not allowed to be used by EU members.

    Against this privacy policy’s use restrictions we however would be remiss if we did not offer EU members an alternative. In the spirit of social cooperation, in a gratis gesture, we generously suggest the EU develop its own “safe space” on the Internet upon the .eu domain where “privacy protection” and gentle, government approved speech may reside safely monitored, separated and “protected” by suitable bureaucratic enforcement authorities. In the meantime, this policy caveat recommends the EU refrain from egregious overreach, blackmailing, and/or threatening entities residing outside the EU in the free speech, free enterprise world who love individual freedom, private property rights, abhor unaccountable autocracy, and roundly reject thinly disguised blackmail tricks founded on flimsy legal foundations for illicit profit. May God bless us all and may God save individual freedom, private property rights, national sovereignty, and the rule of law.

    © This Privacy Policy is protected by U.S. Copyright and may not be used, copied, disseminated, replicated, or stored by anyone in the EU without explicit contractual written permission to do so. Fines for violating our privacy policy terms start on the day of the violation and accrue every day the policy continues to be violated at the rate of €1M per day. Anyone outside the EU however may tailor, modify, and/or employ variations of this privacy policy in any manner they so desire.

    1. Tyger Gilbert

      JBlack, I agree. But you must have way too much time on your hands. And apparently, so do I, as I read your whole comment. Tip: Use far fewer words to express the same concepts and feelings. Then, we and others like us can use the enormous spare time we have left over to actually do something productive.

      Similar tip to EU officials and lawyers: Do something else entirely. The entire world will benefit by not wasting time and resources trying to comply with your stupid, useless regulations nobody really needs.

  3. Travis

    Sedo withholding funds as they say they are unable to verify Whois details, even though org name still shows, unless
    Buyer verifies first, not sure policy if buyer never verifies on auth code transfer outs.

    Cluster F%#k is so correct

  4. Dave Tyrer


    Great Domain Prophecy Revelations

    “It is written in the Book of Domains in the chapters on G.D.P.R. that there will now follow 40 days and 40 nights of retribution and ruin. Then, summer will arrive to herald a new dawn. The Domain King will step forward and announce the rebirth of the Industry of Domains.”

  5. Jose

    Rick, this from the GDRP is an EU story that does not foresee the future in the year 2001 starting as EU.

    By heard in organizations of the same EU is doing a second GDRP to not be as complicated as the May 25, 2018 due to the protests of many companies, business, Internet and mobile users,

    This is like a sports game, you hold the ball so that the minutes pass “they are days and months” and then pull under the doors and leave the new one without making noise in the media.

    This is not today, it has always been the same.

    Happy day, Jose

  6. Larry Scott

    I think Facebook and the Cambridge Analytics abuse was the last straw that made the EU implement all these new rules. The thing I found funny was that New York Daily News completely ignored it and just doesn’t serve an regions associated with the EU. I personally stop collecting information from my visitors but I did place the “Our website use cookies” notice up just because.


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