.App Heading for a Top 10 Spot on List of Crappy GTLD Losers!

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The turtle always wins the race and the turtle in GTLD  domaining land is .App. The growth is slow, steady, healthy and backed by Google. The last time I wrote about .App it was #16 heading for #13 and today it is heading for #12 as the .Men continues to melt down.  .Win is also in meltdown mode. 1.3 Million at the peak to less than 500k today and crashing.

The top 10 GTLD's control 55% of ALL registrations. That mean that 45% of the pie is SHARED among the other 500-600. Get it??

And of the top 10 you have the most .CRAP! .Top leading the way. Over 14% share. The top 10 have more registrations by far than the other 500-600 combined.

Now let's name the top 10 normal extensions that the average person on the street may be able to actually name and see where we are:






.us or their local country code

THAT'S IT!!! I can't say I have ever seen anything else ever advertised on TV or magazines. Maybe .info.

These are the only ones I personally know off the top of my head and I have been doing this for 23 years. These are  the ones that are advertised. These are the ones on billboards and buses. This is what society recognizes. Ask a stranger. That's when you will understand REALITY!

I do see .xyz in use. Mostly by spammers and adult models. But they are in use. I don't think normal companies will engage in .xyz for the long run as the negative reputation grows. Resale demand will be limited with a low ceiling at best.

.vip is flatlining. From their graph of registrations it is my opinion that they have a few guys with a LOT of domains and it is not a widespread customer base. So a crash can occur there imho.

.online seems to be the strongest of the top 10. First of all Godaddy is #1. However I have many "online" domains. I have had very little interest in them over the years.

.shop was looking promising but it is now starting to show weakness.

.ltd, I don't see long term demand. Maybe when Ford made their LTD car back in the 1970's. Another extension that appears to have peaked and has a few domainers that plunged and bought a lot. We will see as they drop. Godaddy has 8000 out of 600,000 registrations.

.loan has 2.2 million registrations. Godaddy has 857 of them. I rest my case.

.club puts away. But those guys WORK! They speak at every trade show. They sponsor meetups, they work it! But even with a full court press over 5 years, they are still only at about 15% of promised registrations. And they have significant overhead with their marketing. Registrations that peaked at 1.5 million are now down to 1.1 million. Godaddy has about 25% of those registrations. They have struggled to keep their numbers over the 1 million reg. mark.

If the .com guys are struggling to sell their assets, and they are, and bitcoin $$$ are GONE, and MOST GTLD's are held by DOMAINERS, do you really think there is enough oxygen for survival as we go into year SIX and SEVEN??

They all want to copy .com but not a one copied it right! How many times did I write about extensions DYING ON THE VINE?? How could ANY of my astute readers not see this coming?

It's a bloodbath that will play out with 1000 cuts. I hope they come out with 1000 more new gtld's!

I ask a simple question: Which new GTLD's could actually run and pay for and AFFORD several Super Bowl ads to breakthrough?


.App, .Web and both are still 100-1 shots. But when you are in a sea of 10,000,000-1 shots, them are good odds my friends!

Rick Schwartz

17 thoughts on “.App Heading for a Top 10 Spot on List of Crappy GTLD Losers!

  1. Maria

    I have read that Google is launching a new .DEV extension. What does it even mean ? .DEV like .DEVIL ?

    Ohh, don’t be Devil…. of course

  2. michael

    Seeing .whatever taking .net marketshare. i.e. SMBs who can’t afford .com or missed the boat, and settled on .net.

    The key to a GTLD’s success is how contextual it is. So forget .top, .win, et al, those will fade over time. No context.

    The relevant ones are .app, .ai, .agency, .store (but competes with .shop), .studio, .club, .realtor(?), etc. I’m sure there are others. These GTLDs are relevant to and an upgrade for the types of businesses that had to settle on .net. However, even though these GTLDs have and create relevance, their # of real-use registrations won’t be large enough to justify domaining investments. BUT, I can see .ai breaking through that because it is both relevant for brands and broad enough for keywords.

    I don’t get the appeal of .web, .online, etc. No real-world relevance, they signify online presence which .com already won, so anyone else vyying to replace .com is fake gold. Just my opinion, open to other perspectives.

  3. Jay

    now you know these assholes that buy —–.app are going to try and steal —–app.com domains. f–k .app and all the rest of these gtld scams.

  4. Mark Thorpe

    H.appY to see .App doing well. I have had a few inquries for my .App domains like Valuable.app Potential.app and Tablets.app.

    I still think that .App will probably be the #1 nTLD by end of 2019. Guarantee it will be #1 by 2020.
    The average consumer has not fully recognized .App yet, but they will eventually.
    Wish Google would promote .App more, but oh yeah, Google hates domains!

  5. domain guy

    so .app and .web will be the only two winners in the new tld launch! Everything else will be a failure? I agree. So in the aftermarket these two extensions will be 10% of a .com in value? There is only a few .app resales and .web has not launched.

  6. Rob

    I don’t like to see nTLDs fail, but I also don’t like seeing people lose their hard earned money on bad “investments”.

    That being said, I personally see .app the same way as .mobi (minus having a behometh like google behind it), and we all know how that resulted.

  7. Snoopy

    The only thing preventing .app form declining is the fact that drops haven’t started yet! It is a garbage tld no better than .mobi.

  8. michael

    The reason there will be more demand for .app than .mobi is simple. People actually use the word “app” in reality. The number of people who used “mobi” in reality before (and after) its launch was Zero.

  9. Jose

    I think that buying keywords like domain names from one, two and three to eleven letters, one, two, three, four, numbers, some new gTLD extensions can be used to buy and sell in 60 days with an investment between $ 0.99 $ 1,000 in the sale you get to get from $ 500 to $ 100,000 is not bad, so it was the same with the (.com) that 60 days after a new registration will pay $ 500 to $ 100,000.

    Happy Day. Jose.

  10. steve

    I purchased 3 .app domains on the aftermarket. I like the names. But it will be a while or never for me to get a decent ROI.
    My portfolio is mostly .com, some .me, maybe 10.org, a few .io and a few .co. Also .ai — I registered 55 .ai during the early phase and have sold 12 to end-users — they all contacted me via brokers, etc. Mostly startups with at least 50 million USD in funding.
    A profitable year, but I still keep my day job :) have to !

  11. DN

    Google isn’t launching .dev, it is currently launched. Google offered a website diagnostic/analysis tool to help website owners increase the speed of their website (a major factor in SEO).

    Google website is: “Web.dev”

    I use it now and I can see a lot of useful developer softwares etcetera using .dev.

    As for gtlds in general I still say who cares how many people are registering it, i’ve come across very little websites actually using them. Until I see many websites being built on gtlds then i’ll care

  12. Ravi parwani

    Hello sir,

    Your previous post ur say its only one gltd in which 6figure investment by me.

    So ,can we look your portfolio of .app ?


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