Social Media is No Longer Social, It’s Dangerous!

Morning Folks!!

Social Media is no longer social. It's almost anti-social at this stage and won't be getting better. It will continue to get worse as hate and agendas now control it. It's not even safe!

Social Media has been weaponized. It has destroyed people and careers by the thousands! Your personal data has been distributed to every crook in the universe.

There is simply nothing "Social" about Social Media. It's a war zone.

The only Social Media I still deal with is Linked-in and to be honest, I never made a penny or got a connection via their platform. They may be next. It's a time waster not a money maker. Mostly spammers. I left Twitter and Facebook last year for multiple reasons, but sparked by the Berkens incident.

The Internet in general stokes hate as many of us have seen first hand starting early on in the 1990's. It's just gotten worse and BILLIONS of people are participating all with their own hate, anger and prejudices. As it organizes, it becomes very  dangerous. More dangerous than any other media in history.

Social Media may be the front lines of a war that is sure to come. A World War.

Rick Schwartz

11 thoughts on “Social Media is No Longer Social, It’s Dangerous!

  1. gene

    Of all the great advice you’ve given over the years, Rick, this piece is the most important – and accurate – one.

    Aside from LinkedIn, everything else in social media world is horrible, and (as you said) has destroyed many decent people. Unfortunately, it’s simply a reflection of our ever-devolving culture, where ‘good is bad’ and ‘bad is good.’ We’re truly in much more trouble (already) than the average person realizes.

  2. BullS

    Social media is a freaking time waster and destroy peoples’ lives.
    Nobody really cares about your damn vacation photos or your family craps.

  3. DrDomainer

    It’s like opening the door for RATS
    to DESTROY your life! Social networks are about Brainwashing customers! I wish they would only work on the product that got them to the TOP.

  4. RaTHeaD

    amen brother. they’re controlling the narrative and should be considered publishers rather than forums.
    hence, they should be held responsible for all libel on their sites. end of reddit, end of facebook, end of story.

  5. R P

    Can also throw in Prism style government databases that “big brother” all of your data, friends, and comments forever.

    About ten years ago I devised a strategy that successfully garnered 12M FB fans in two years for my former company. Needless to say, I’ve never had a personal FB account. Besides the big brother aspect, why would I give their bed mates (Big Tech) data about myself so advertisers can drill down into my personal life and monetize it? No thank you.

  6. Sigma

    “Sometimes the first duty of intelligent men is the restatement of the obvious. Big Brother is watching you.” ~ George Orwell

    Anti-social media is the Big Brother of the Orwellian nightmare.

  7. Anonymous

    I deactivated my personal Facebook account a while back and almost never log in anymore. Like in 6 months I logged in twice and stayed on for 5 minutes. Besides that I have 0 personal social media accounts.

    I do however, still use Facebook and Instagram purely for business purposes, to promote my brand(s) and to get sales. I also have a non personal twitter account that deals mostly with college students and college related things and I enjoy it a lot because 90% of it is just good vibes. I have retweet automated on that so really i just read what other people are writing.

    A dj on a popular radio station said he has stopped social media also recently (like 2 months ago). I think more and more people will see how unhealthy social media really is.

  8. The Lifestyle

    Great post Rick as always.
    – I deleted my facebook account ~1 yr ago
    – personal twitter account – deleted in 2013
    – linkedin – has been banned in russia :-( so i do not use it anymore

    I would like to delete (as a search engine) from the Internet. Google is pure evil corp

  9. steve

    I hopped off Facebook 10 years ago, as I got tired of being “the product”. Also lack of privacy with persons I didn’t even know tagging photos with my name.
    I’m still on Twitter — I was #35 person to join Twitter as I know one of the founders. But I use it mainly for real-time news and info, not tweetstorms or promotions. Occasional DMs to friends, colleagues.
    I agree — social media is lethal. I have a friend who’s a divorce attorney and she says a large proportion of her clients reach divorce due to some Facebook post or activity on the platform. So much for “enhancing connections” :) LOL


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