Johnson & Johnson Aborts Their Own .Baby GTLD! LOL

Morning Folks!!

You can't make this stuff up. According to, Johnson and Johnson had an abortion with .Baby and so .xyz takes over another dead extension. "DIE ON THE VINE!" Where have I heard that?

So this adds another failed GTLD to the list that seems to be growing faster and faster! The consolidation you will see in the next 12-36 months will be stunning!! I would predict that 90%+++ of ALL new GTLD's will fail and be taken over by one of 3 or 4 companies. Those companies probably trying to become big enough to be looked at as a takeover. 

J&J paid over $3 MILLION for a worthless extension. SCHMUCKS!!! It PROVES that Baby.COM is worth MORE! FAR MORE!!! They still own that!!

And speaking of SCHMUCKS, Estibot has valued at $192,000. REALLY ESTIBOT???? They are HARMING the domain industry and resales with their useless and uneducated CRAP!! Any domainer using ESTIBOT as a baseline is a SCHMUCK!! If you have to use ESTIBOT, you are NO domainer! This is a tool for BUYERS to shake your ass down! Don't let them!

When will I stop talking about GTLD's? When they are all DEAD AND BURIED! Of the 549 active new GTLD's, over 400 are NOT VIABLE!! They can't even pay their overhead! Their ONLY HOPE is consolidation and to be bought out for PENNIES on the dollar!

There are 500 new GTLD extensions that are going to DIE and be worthless! But keep buying that crap! Keep losing money!

Between Crypto, GTLD's and the stock market, there are a lot of domainers in a whole lotta pain. Self-inflicted pain! 

And don't listen to these guy claiming that had a great year! Yeah, when you go from $15k a year to $40k a year they think they are on fire! 

This was a FOOLS GAME from day one and I am stunned by all the FOOLS! But don't listen to me and don't listen to those trying to sell you THIR CRAP!! LEARN ABOUT NUMBERS! Learn about marketing! Learn about Critical Mass. Learn about History!  Just LEARN!!!

Stop being GULLIBLE!! That should be the middle name of the domain industry. GULLIBLE!! Because 95% of domainers sell their domains to other domainers. By definition that means they either sell to those that know less than them because they have worthless domains or sell to those that know much more than them and make more than them because they are leaving $$$,$$$ on the table. NOT SMART. 

How would I rate the state of the Domain Industry? POOR! Not because of lack of sales, but because of lack of direction and continuity and importance. The Industry has no purpose and stands for nothing.

On Wednesday I start my 25th year as a domain name investor and collector. I came to domaining alone, I will leave domaining alone. We are each on an individual journey. Other domainers won't make you money. They COST you money! Stop listening to those with an agenda. That's the definition of GULLIBLE!!

Gullible: easily persuaded to believe something; credulous. having or showing too great a readiness to believe things. gullible, naive, too trusting, easily taken in, impressionable, unsuspecting, unsuspicious, unwary, unquestioning. inexperienced, unsophisticated, unworldly, wide-eyed; wet behind the ears.

Yup, sounds like the GREAT majority of domainers! The last thing these folks will entertain is reality! Gullible people will get mad at me for pointing it out but they won't get mad at those that take advantage of them in the first place. That does not make them too smart! They define gullible and all the emotions and calamity that go with it!

Rick Schwartz

14 thoughts on “Johnson & Johnson Aborts Their Own .Baby GTLD! LOL

  1. John

    The abomination Estibot should not be allowed to do what it does. Some may have seen my latest comment in six blogs just the other day about how harmful their “crap” is. There should really be regulation that does not allow them to represent to the market that the crap they are spewing is an “appraisal.” So far they are lucky they are getting away with it while causing so many people so much harm. In fact, I wonder if they are still appraising at $48k as they were still doing after it sold.

    1. John

      (PS, and make no mistake: normally I’m a super huge free speech advocate, much more so than most.)

  2. R P

    Lot of truth here. Hard to build any type of wealth selling to other investors. Maybe some extra cash, not that different from daytrading stocks. At some point you get burned out. Buy/hold long term typically creates more wealth regardless of industry.

  3. BullS

    Someone should sue ESTIBOTfor misrepresentation.

    Selling a domain lower than the market value …because of estibot

    hey no wonder it is called BOT…

  4. Michael Anthony Castello

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this business over the last 25 years- is that if you can get your hands on a single-word generic .com, you will have something that will continue to be more valuable as time and technology advances into the future. As I said at my first the TRAFFIC conference panel in New York City in 2008, “a great domain name is your -safe harbor- to the coming economic storm”. I believe that statement is even more relevant now.

    In the 2006 DNJournal article, about my brother and me, I stated:

    “The domain name market is still a gold mine! Get a second mortgage, sell the family jewelry! If you can find a premium name that relates to your business for less than $100,000, buy it! With an hour’s work a day you could have an imprint on that market in two years. Be the master of your own universe. How many within your family tree could have said that? They will be talking about you in future generations. What is that worth?,”

    If there are any true domain investors left in this industry making money and still breathing life into their domain names- “a single-word generic .com is no longer a gamble, but an investment that you will benefit from over and over again.”

    I am actually considering not selling any more of my genetics because they are so sought after. I believe I could now rent or lease them for up to 100 year contracts while leaving those properties to my future family.

    There is clarity in this industry now if you know where to look for it. Take advantage of it while most are not looking.

    1. Sigma

      @Mike Castello

      Appreciate the insights. Going to keep this quote as I watch the stock market crash and GTLDs go up in smoke next year.

      ” “a great domain name is your -safe harbor- to the coming economic storm”.

  5. Jay

    I can’t wait for the GTLD’s to get delisted from GoDaddy, they are all garbage and serve no purpose whatsoever.

  6. BullS

    If you have dot whatever in your portfolio,

    you are not a domain investor
    you are not a domain domainer


    Damn domainsucker is taken , but domainsuckers is open…go grab it!!

  7. Jose

    I understand perfectly what you write, you must also accept that fashions change in all markets, of this there is no doubt before the Twist was danced and now something called the youth of some countries “Machine” and is Disco Music.

    With the extensions (.com) is the king you have a part of this word and it is fantastic.

    You should assimilate even if you can not that there are many people who are not domainer buy from a new extension gTLD 500 domains of two words known by the (.com) its current market value in the year 2015 and by Estibot amounted to a total $150 Million I see websites with 100 domains (.xyz) per page all with the same $ figure and at the end the Total $14,999,999 and the vendierón all then know that a registrar domains buy the 500 domains for 50% of what they ordered on the website.

    It is a business the new extensions, yes they are! Even today.

    Happy Day. Jose.

  8. Snoopy

    I wonder what j and j sold it for. With $24,000 in annual revenue (600 x $40)and likely many times that in expenses it can’t have been much? Did it even sell for anything?


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