The World’s Financial and Political Squeeze is on! Fasten your Seatbelts!

Morning Folks!!

Do you know how many TRILLIONS of dollars have been lost since my 2 late November posts warning of the possible problems? Apple down nearly $500 BILLION in value. That's stunning!!! They have plenty of company. Many others lost $100 Billion or more in value. It's not over!

My Post #1 from November 21st about Critical Mass hitting the Internet

Post #2 from November 23rd about Black Friday turning into Red Friday

Just one year ago I announced that I was leaving Social Media starting with Twitter and followed by Facebook. Those decisions were pretty far out ideas. Fast Forward to today. These platforms are hemorrhaging users like me and you at a very fast rate. The dangers are now obvious to the masses. That was not true 1 year ago. I discuss here why Social Media is Dangerous!

Tech is going to have to suffer some disruption. They have hit critical mass. The planet is inundated with their devices. Do you really need the latest new iPhone? Do you really need to replace your laptop? Do you think the average Joe can survive with one several years old?

Now the problem I see is about to be compounded. 2018 was a FANTASTIC year for business. Historical in fact. But the market looks forward. With that fantastic year comes fantastic amount of taxes. And here is the BIG problem! Big taxes are due when wallets have taken a major haircut. That is going to HURT! Choppy waters ahead!

The market is not reacting to the shutdown imho. It's reacting to more things than I can list and that is an even bigger problem. What you are seeing is a deflation across the board. It's akin to a plane that sometimes nosedives. I doubt we are done and of course it could not come at a worse time. The Christmas season. That will pour some water on that fire! Malls and chains are already in trouble and this will accelerate their issues big time!

It's hard to be optimistic when we have dysfunctional governments and societies The world is in chaos like never in my lifetime. The window of opportunity to regain control is slipping away by the day. Uncertainty rules from Paris to London, to Berlin, to Washington and beyond.

Business has entered into politics. Not too smart! While Nike may have had a big day yesterday, that was for the 2nd quarter before they waded into issues. Their 3rd and 4th quarters are not going to be as sweet! The crash of Facebook should have been evident early in the year. Snap? Are they even viable?

The point of all this is we are going through an historical shakeup. A worldwide realignment. To be honest, it is shaping up to be WW1 issues all over again. It's that close to spiraling out of control. Things are changing faster than I can write this. But if you are not familiar with history then this will all be nonsense to you!

But again, that brings opportunity in different forms. So spend some time during the next couple weeks to really think DEEPLY about the fallout and the direction and the new doors that will open as others close theirs.

The big one that I see is that discretionary spending by big business which until a few weeks ago would have likely been at record levels for 2019 are in jeopardy and probably off the table with the losses suffered and that it is so widespread. Will that have an impact on high end truly premium domains? YUP!

Rick Schwartz

14 thoughts on “The World’s Financial and Political Squeeze is on! Fasten your Seatbelts!

  1. jeff

    Solid post Rick, I been taking time off from domains for awhile now and was thinking when the time to re enter the domain market will be. After all of this mess or buying domains during the rocky times, dollar cost averaging on domains.

    Its going be a big cluster fuck and one of the worse depressions ever IMO.

    For a domain investor who wants to rebuild the portfolio value or build a portfolio from the ground up, next two years will be interesting times in doing this. Time will tell but that is my game plan and all ready mapping things out

  2. BullS

    This is where people who has cash stored up will thrive(yeaaaaaa)

    Chaos and uncertainties – is where the opportunities arise.

    Patience Patience Patience

    A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist
    sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

  3. Sigma

    As Warren Buffet said, ” Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.”

    It may be a bad time to sell to corporate America in 2019 as the markets crash and the political upheavel continues. Yet, it will be a great time to find a good deal on a premium 1-2 word dot-Com with commercial or dictionary meaning on fire sale.

    Its inevitable that some domain speculators will be over-leveraged and will be forced to sell assets to survice 2019-2020.

    Hack: Be cash heavy in 2019.

  4. Jay

    these huge companies should have bought shit GTLD’s then. And only then could they have saved billions!!! I think is worth $22,000,000 hahaha. I hope they all go out of business. Their scam is over, especially Facebook.

  5. Donny M

    Yep agree it’s already here imo. The news is always about tariffs which really is not the problem. Apple alone lost 500 billion more $$ than all those silly tariffs they tried to impose which did less than 1% of anything to China. It will be a wash. Can’t compete with 1 billion china workers. Global slow down is here. Not just US. They spend money building China – US spends it fighting wars- Go figure.

    Then the tax break which well went to all of the stock buybacks and did nothing to create jobs- Fail!. The money train is running out.

    Once the next interest rate hike comes and oil goes down to $30 it will be the tipping point. Countries cannot make money $30 oil so instead countries will make WAR!. But domains are great if you own income producing ones, You can take them anywhere in the world you want.

  6. Mark Thorpe

    Stock markets are probably going to get worse in the New Year, after the holidays.

    You can thank Trump for artificiality inflating the markets and most likely causing a recession.

    But Trump made himself some money along the way and that’s all he cares about. Numero Uno.
    Once a business man, always a business man.

  7. Snoopy

    Apple market cap is down about $395 billion, not sure that is really a big crisis. Agree that the growth story seems to be faltering for them though, can’t go on forever.

  8. John

    Hey Rick, Rico, the Schwartzinator – check this out, the great ROTD auction:

    http : // www . namejet . com/featuredauctions/liveauction

    Sort by High Bid descending, then click on various names. For example, click on and and notice how NameJet is still kind enough to force – er, I mean provide, the Estibot “valuation” with every listing. In the case of these two examples an insane – er, I mean reasonable $173,589 and $113,571. That’s what the public sees if and when they are drawn to checking out these listings. (Thanks everyone, it’s a real public service.)

    And it seems they got to Elliot. What do I mean by that? I mean “Sorry, comments are closed for this item.” that’s what I mean: https : // domaininvesting . com/brent-oxley-lists-valuable-domain-names-in-namescon-auction/#comments. Or maybe it’s just in his interest to snag a deal, which I guess is understandable to a degree.

    Tell me all the years of this bs is not harmful to everyone and responsible for much of the industry’s decline aside from the Google monopoly beast, including the people in domaining who do it. If Estibot is public enemy #2 then NameJet may be #3.

    Congrats (not) in advance to everyone who manages to snag name from this “auction” far below what it’s worth and far below what they would ever dream of selling it for themselves.

  9. Jeff Schneider

    Hi Rick.

    Its Jeff again. I just want to say that I love and respect you from the bottom of my heart.
    I also know that everybody pays very close attention to my comments all of the time because of my Incredible credentials.
    Happy New Year everyone!
    Jeff Schneider is the Man! Yeah… bitchessssss

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger) (Former Rockefeller IBEC Marketing Intelligence, Analyst/Strategist) (Licensed CBOE Commodity Hedge Strategist) (Domain Master )

  10. Robert

    Sorry folks. Not a bear stock market for the USA just yet.
    The ECM is always right.
    We will consolidate and and adjust (base) for a while first.

    Global capital is in the process of a major shift. Major exits from global public debt and countries exposed to major political disruption into the DJIA/S&P (one of the few safe places to go).
    The target remains Dow 38-40K (slingshot move).


  11. Sea

    Buckle down for the ride. The Great Depression II is only beginning, and it may take years to correct. The money system has been a scam since gold could be loaned out to others, and exponentially so, since the Internet, and then the matter of world-changing events/laws forced through in 2001. The super rich have thrived, because they write the rulebook, but the masses will take this, no longer. Stay safe, some giants are about to fall, and hopefully the revolution comes peacefully enough.

  12. Steve

    As AI begins to replace radiolists, paralegals, accountants, customer agents, factory workers, drivers and more…and people have to choose insulin or food
    ..or treatment or their homes…guns and machetes will replace pitchforks
    Jobs that will thrive:., security guards for the affluent and body guards for upper middle class and higher. Desperate people will do desperate things. I’ve lived in 15 countries and I’ve seen this happen.Never believed it could happen in the USA. I believe it can…just a question of when not if?


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