A CEO Guide to Getting your Head out of Your A$$ for 2019. Complete with Crowbar!

Morning Folks!!

I like "Home Grown" CEO's. Not a huge fan of "Hired" CEO's unless you are Lee Iacocca or Jack Welsh. Don't know the difference?

Here is a hint. I like CEO's that have been with the company since inception or has been promoted many times to get to the top. Not a fan of CEO's by headhunting. It may be a necessary evil for growth etc, but better choose really well.

I guess what I am trying to say is I don't like "Carpetbagging" CEO's. The ones with a company for a very short time. 3 years or less. Mostly 2. I guess it takes the board 2 years and double digit sales declines to figure out they hired a moron.

Remember the Proctor and Gamble CEO?? How about the Sears CEO? Put in his own bid. Interesting! Who is your least favorite CEO? Most favorite? Great choices for most favorite. Branson, Bezos, Cuban, Musk, Gates, Jobs? Ford? Edison? Carnegie? The list goes on and on. But the loser list, the illustrious loser list, goes on and on and on and on much much longer but most are not very famous.

So for all those CEO's and Board members everywhere that are clueless and destroying good brands and companies faster than I can write this, here is a CROWBAR, the rest is up to you! :-)

*Please note: Instructions for crowbar use should be read before insertion. Failure to do so may void crowbar warranty. Do not share crowbars. Call our hotline for any related issues. 1-800-ITS-STUK or if you are outside the USA, call 01-305-CROW2GO


Rick Schwartz

5 thoughts on “A CEO Guide to Getting your Head out of Your A$$ for 2019. Complete with Crowbar!

  1. Jay

    When an ignorant CEO sends me an email stating
    I would like to inquire about your URL …..
    I delete the email without reading further. It’s a premium domain name not a url. They do that s—t on purpose to try and downgrade the Domain but they can keep doing business on their current bs domain name. I’m not desperate to sell. I can replace them faster than I can replace a premium domain.

  2. Johan

    Many bad CEO’s in this world for certain but I can betcha most of those bad CEO’s are what you named “charmers”.. :-D

    My favorite CEO is Warren Buffett.

  3. Ibrahim Khan

    Before applying they must know the difference between hammer and crowbar. It would be dangerous if you apply hammers for “Carpetbagging” CEO’s.

  4. Joe

    Unfortunately, bad CEOs get rewarded with big bucks in their golden parachutes so that they win and shareholders lose several times. The first with the stock falling in value due to the CEOs failure to lead in making the company work successfully. The next one has to do with the CEO cashing in on his free bonus stocks and options which results in the stock even losing more value. The people that really get burned are employees whose pension funds are based on company stock. It’s about time that CEOs are not rewarded for bad performance. This has to do with bad contracts.


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