It Does Not Matter WHEN you got into Domaining, It Matters WHERE you are Going!

Morning Folks!!

Plenty of people were in domaining YEARS before me! They got domains for FREE!! That FACT never ever ever affected how I look at domains. Never ever did I say I can't do this or that because I came in late! YEARS late! But so many TODAY do! So many in 2000 did! in 2005! Name your year! When you are wired ass backwards that is the resulting flawed thinking process. You want to argue and be right?? Go ahead!! Tell me all the reasons you must lose and not win.

Just look at all the fools that were around in 2000 and told themselves it was too late. SCHMUCKS! Would you not agree now that you have 20/20 hindsight nearly 2 decades later? Or would you still be the same loser even if we set you free back in 2000 and did it right now? If you argue NOW, you would have had the same argument with me every single year. If it was 1995 you would complain about them not being free anymore and that it is over cuz domains, ONE WORD DOMAINS, are $10 a pop! It it was 2004 you would complain that Frank has all the good domains. STOP IT ALREADY!!

I have had better results than some and not as good as others. But all in all, I have had very satisfying results. And yes, I got in before many, but that has nothing to do with nothing. I love how people try and use that against me. Yeah, I saw it and I acted on it. PERIOD!

See how that thinking process is the difference between winning and losing. Between progress and being stuck. Between success and failure. You want to win the argument? Go ahead! Prove you can still be a loser every day when you wake up. YOU WIN!!! LOL

Not only did I start domaining in 1995, I restarted again from scratch in 1998 after I leased out all my domains, So I went out and repeated 1995. I was being paid $1.5 Million a year for my domains. ALL my domains. So what was I to do? I started buying more domains. And by sometime in 1999 I leased all those new domains to the same company. Now I was getting $3 Million a year. But I am not done yet. I repeated that one more time around 2005. And then starting in 2016 thru mid 2018 I started once again.

Go ahead, argue with me! Challenge me. Belittle me. But you will look like a fool doing it. Being a coward you won't post your real name and in this post, if you don't publish your REAL name or have a known moniker, I have decided not to publish your worthless and condescending comments. You people are worthless and have no value. Anyone that wants to make a point whether valid or not (usually a pointless, mean and nasty one) that won't put their own name on their own words are COWARDS! PERIOD!! It also prevents legit comments from thoughtful domainers actually wanting to engage in a serious discussion.

But I may make this a new policy going into 2019. Who needs these weasels? I and my readers have taken their crap for many years. They are bitter, angry and not making the money they need. This is their only way of feeling important. What do you think??

Unlike many blogs from News Networks, to Social Media, to tech and going on since DAY ONE , I publish everything! I don't protect my friends by removing negative comments or threads when they look like fools. When others call them out they get protected! I have seen it countless times over the years. It's an ethics and honor issue as far as I am concerned. So those blogs that pick and choose which comments to post don't have value to me. They are skewered and that means they always have an agenda. Sorry guys, IT'S THE TRUTH! They censor, I don't.

So to those that want to always complain about when they got started......STUFF IT!! LOL Your flawed thinking process is poisoning YOUR future, not mine! WAKE UP! Making money is never easy. It's never the wrong time to start on the RIGHT PATH! Got it?? Want proof? Just look at all the people that came in thru the years and found great success. Some just started TWO YEARS AGO, FOOLS!

If your ass itches, it's your fault not mine pal!! :-) Try Charmin!!! lol

It's a New Year, start it off taking those mind shackles off and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Go out and MAKE IT HAPPEN! aka, MOVE MOUNTAINS! Buy quality. QUALITY starts and ENDS with .COM not .Whatever! Square wheels make life difficult. But hey, if you like to fail and never going to where you want to go to, I can't stop you.

Any FOOL that wants to argue the point TODAY, WINS! You win. Happy? Instead of challenging ME, why don't you challenge YOURSELF! Challenge yourself to do better and think WISER! Or are you going to piss away another year telling yourself what you CAN'T do??!! I don't care either way. Does not change my life one way or the other. But it sure can change the life of many that read this and change their losing attitude into a winning one!!

Your success or failure depends on your reactions in life to life. Failure is a choice. Success is a choice. Which would you like to choose? Your reaction holds the key.

And big Props to Bobby in comments below for bringing this to my attention. The guy in 2000 saying it was TOO LATE!! LOL! Someday people WISH they could go BACK to 2020!!!!!!!

Rick Schwartz

11 thoughts on “It Does Not Matter WHEN you got into Domaining, It Matters WHERE you are Going!

    1. Rick Schwartz

      Good Find!!!!!

      Note to all smart asses. Read this post before you comment (You probably won’t) and read the comments! (You probably won’t)
      Note to all domainers. Read this post before you comment (I know you will) and read the comments! (I know you will)

      I rest my case! It could not be any more clear. And the testimony is clear.
      If you don’t get it, maybe time to get out.

  1. Vinod R

    People always blame the government, the society, their parents, their childhood for them not being a success in life. What many of them do not understand is that they have to look inside of them to find the faults in their own thinking only then they can become better in life. Most of them like to follow the majority but they do not understand that following the majority does not need any thinking we need to just follow, but to be on the other side which is very less crowded requires vision and trust in your own self which many lacks.

  2. Erich

    Many thanks Rick for this motivational post.

    I wish you a Happy New Year, great health and lots of success!

    All the best!

  3. Johan

    Domaining is past prime.

    The one that trumps domaining, it is building legitimate businesses. A n00b starting with domaining today will end up with Pigeon Sh*t 99 times out of 100.

    The better option is to invest it like Buffett and every other person with a nine figure net worth. Invest your money in money-producing businesses. Your own business or somebody else’s.

  4. Rich

    “Go ahead, argue with me! Challenge me.”

    It is much much harder to make money in Domaining starting now then when you started back in 1998 MUCH HARDER.
    Prove us wrong Rick.

    You start with $5,000 today and show us it could be done again.Tell us what are you buying for $5k and how much are you selling it for and lets see at the end of the year where you stand.
    Remember you got two things going for you which a new domain investor does not have.
    You got $5,000 which is more then any newbie has and you have knowledge which is far more then many of us have.
    Stand behind your article and show us, it could still be done.

    1. Rick Schwartz

      There is always one! lol
      You would have said the same thing in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 etc.
      You learned nothing and you took your energy to remain knowing nothing.
      MANY came in AFTER YOU and did FAR BETTER than you!! That’s the point!
      How do YOU excuse and explain that??
      That’s REALLY the question. That’s the REAL challenge.
      How do YOU explain it??

      1. Rick Schwartz

        And let me add a HUGE fact.
        Even the guys around in 1996, were buying pigeon shit.
        Most of those guys are long gone. Broke!
        So it was the domains I focused on that proved valuable.

    2. Rick Schwartz

      Well Rich,
      I bought recently for $4500.
      You could have bought it for $4500.
      Any domainer could have bought it for $4500.
      It was just sitting there.
      The difference was ACTION not time and not wallet.

      If this was my first domain. If this was my only domain, believe me pal, I could turn it!

      Many could turn it. There are plenty of motherfuckers out there.
      But I’m not looking to double my money. That’s not how I play the game.
      I don’t want to sell it. I want to have FUN with it!

      But you wanted some example, you got one. I am sure it won’t satisfy you. It would not satisfy them in 1998.
      Imagine if Frank had you attitude in 2000? That’s the point.You keep missing the point and if you miss it this time, you are just being foolish. You could just admit YOU ARE WRONG!

      You mean YOU could not find anyone on earth to give you a lousy $10 grand for Then it’s YOU my friend. Maybe you need to learn how to sell and not challenge.

      Challenge yourself bud. You’ll make money if you do. :-)


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