I Don’t SELL Domains. I INTERVIEW Potential Suitors!

Morning Folks!!

The value of a domain is related to the PURPOSE of that domain. Purposes are specific. The key to value is the SPECIFIC PURPOSE!

Purpose comes with a value. So when I interview a prospect, it's about purpose. If their purpose is to make no money, my purpose is to run! If their purpose is to make $1000/month, my purpose is not to engage. That's why it is ALL about the conversation and not the price. Price is a LOSER!!!!

They have a purpose, I have a purpose. Mine is extracting maximum value and my value is directly related to their purpose. If I have a square block in Manhattan, I can sell it to a guy that wants to put a house there with a large garden. I could sell it to a guy that wants to open up a parking lot, but that said, I am waiting and looking for a guy that has the purpose of building a skyscraper. The land did not change, the only thing that changed was the purpose. The purpose is how you get to value. I am looking for folks with BIG and PROFITABLE purposes. Others, NEED NOT APPLY!! I am NOT compelled to answer or negotiate with anyone other than the PURPOSE I am looking for. I DON'T SELL!!

I don't sell domains!!!! I INTERVIEW potential suitors to see if their PURPOSE has high financial merit. PERIOD!! I don't sell. I have to be sold! That's a HUGE difference in mental approach. It's why I get the prices I do. I look at it and see it much differently than shadow and shiny object chasers.

Buy crap, get crap! Chasing purpose where there is none is a recipe to go BROKE!!

Stop selling domains and look for partners with purpose! Need, Want, Desire, Value, PURPOSE!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz