ENOUGH! Just Cuz A Domain with a Keyword Sells Does Not increase the value of your Domain!

Morning Folks!!

I am so sick of domainers running around trying to sell any domain or register any domain that has a keyword in it from a recent domain sale. Talk about chasing shiny objects!!

Domain sales to end-users will rarely spawn similar sales! The reason is there was a specific use. Just because a company buys one domain in a sector does not mean they want to buy any others. They don't!! Nor does it mean that your domain has any more value than it did yesterday.

Domains are unique. Sales are unique. Need is unique. Their purpose is unique. Stop wasting your time trying to duplicate unique! I am not going to buy your domain just cuz it has a keyword of a recent sale or is in the same sector.

In the last 1000 emails from desperate domainers, do you know how many I bought?? ZERO!! Stupid, worthless names with a keyword that does not even match the other words. So stop wasting your time sending me crap. I am no longer even answering these emails. (Not that I ever did)

And if you spam me on Twitter, I am no longer going to remain silent. Besides blocking you, I am now calling out your pigeon shit domains so everyone knows it's pigeon shit. Worthless crap that can only be sold to a domainer dumber and less experienced than the current owner!

If you buy a domain and someone can't build their dream on it, don't buy it. PASS!!

Let's be clear, it isn't that domainers can't afford good domains, most domainers would not know a good domain if it smacked them upside the head. They pick and register worthless CRAP and the first thing they try to do is sell their worthless crap!

There is a tried and true path to successful domaining. It's not hard when you have the right mindset. If you have to drop domains because you can't afford to carry them, that's the definition of a wrong mindset.

If you are methodical and follow a simple path that works, you will grow your business and be able to afford better and better quality domains.

If you are flipping crap for $100, $250 and $500, we are in a different business. In real estate you have mobile home flippers and Real Estate agents. They are far from the same. Flippers are far from being sophisticated. A real estate agent can flip a mobile home, a mobile home flipper would be way over their heads trying to sell mansions.

Domaining is not a business to simply make a living. Domaining is not a business to be a schlepper. Domaining is about taking advantage of great opportunities! Being able to see and seize those opportunities. Even part-time and passively.

Do I buy domains every day? Hell no! Why? Because there are not enough valuable domains that will come to market on any given day. I can go weeks or months without buying. But when I see a domain I like, I am on it.

This year I have bought 3 domains so far. Probably the first .net I have ever bought on the open market, Watching.net $310. I like Friendseeker.com so I grabbed it for $1099. And I liked Cult.tv and paid $5605. It's rare for me to buy a non .com. But I like it because it follows the rules I set below.

Do I have to explain those names? Will people misspell them? Will they easily forget them? Will they be able to tell others? Can content be matched to that domain that is intuitive? Is that content profitable? Is there a market fo that content? Is it confusing? That's a lot of filters but a domain that I buy MUST meet ALL those standards and more! If I am doing it, why aren't you?? That's the path to success. To find domains that have the ability to be a successful business. And I focus on domains that have face-value. That has obvious value and uses. That has 1 and 2 words. WORDS!! WORDS!!

Domains are about WORDS! DH26Homesforsale.com has no value no matter what some SEO guru tells you! WORDS!!

I never look to sell. I simply look to add to and round out my portfolio. The sales will come!!!!!!!!!!! Do your job and sales will come. If you buy crap, wtf do you expect??

If you are struggling, those are the filters that will help you. That will guide you. That will make you money! And those that try and minimize those attributes have portfolios of Pigeon Shit! I don't know a single SUCCESSFUL domainer that ignores those points. But I know tens of thousands or more that do and they are all BROKE!! They drop domains to pay for the others. That's a failure. That should never happen. This is from poor budgeting and picking piss poor names that mean NOTHING!!

I take strong positions on things and that ruffles the feathers of folks with different agendas. You are domain investors, you should never be the victim of the agenda of someone trying to profit off you! Don't be used! I have nothing to sell you, but I am happy to share what I have learned in 25+ years as a successful domain name investor and a serial entrepreneur for 50 years! I look at things differently. Success requires that!

If you are on a limited budget, DO BETTER by learning about the attributes of a valuable domain name!!! GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

Rick Schwartz