DomainKing’s 2-Minute Guide to Domain Name Valuations!!

Morning Folks!!

I get asked for valuations on domains on a daily basis. Multiple times. Sorry folks, that’s one thing I don’t do. I don’t do valuations. However, I am starting to call out Pigeon Shit domains when I am asked in public.

I don’t even do valuations on my own names for the most part. Why? First of all the value of a domain name is extremely fluid. Possibly more fluid than any asset or investment I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. I decide on valuation at the time of inquiry.

But more importantly, it’s not my job and I don’t want that job. As I have stated many times before, I have two buckets when it comes to domains. Domains that have potential great value and domains that have no value and never will. So simple!!!

Once it makes it into the value bucket, then I weigh the possibilities and probabilities of that happening. Is it a clearly stated domain that meets all of the criteria that I have been posting about these last few days with these blog posts? It Has to filter through those benchmarks for me to put it in the first bucket of value.

Now let’s be clear, only a few go into the valuation bucket. Thousands and thousands going to the bucket of pigeon shit. The bucket that has no value. Liabilities are not assets. They are BILLS!!

But if I can collect a few in the valuation bucket, which is not easy to do by the way if you’re doing it the right way, then you sift through those and see which one might be the one above the others. So focus on the top domain in the valuation bucket and if you can afford all of them, you can buy all of them. If you can’t afford them all just pick the one that has the most value and the most versatility. But it MUST meet the basic criteria I have laid out. If you’re not meeting all or most of the criteria you’re simply on the wrong path. Here's my valuation for domains that DON'T meet my criteria......-$9/year. Just take 9 dollars out f your wallet and toss it.

Domains are taking their rightful place in the Internet ecosystem as we speak. It took a long damn time! Around 35 years and we’re still a ways away from the price but boy are we getting close!!

I have said this for many many years, decades in fact. We are the land barons of the 21st-century. If you did your job well, we hold the most valuable real estate ever known to mankind. The only thing between the potential valuation and today’s valuation is time. We all have to be sensitive to time however being sensitive to time does not mean giving away unique assets for lowball price is.

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Rick Schwartz