My First 72 Hours on Clubhouse.

Morning Folks!!

So I was invited to participate in a Clubhouse social with fellow domainers on Friday night. The modern-day "Party Line" with a purpose and some interesting views and voices.

On Sunday I stumbled into "DomainInvesting247" and before I know it I was on stage and fielding questions for 5 or 6 hours. I saw and spoke to folks I have not run into for many years. It is certainly addictive. I am realdomainking there if you want to follow me.

Since then I have been in some other rooms and have been exposed to some great stuff.

Last night I stumbled into a sales-room. I was invited on stage for a brief time. I would highly recommend domainers learn how to sell if they want to make more money with each and every sale. There was so much bonafide info that can be learned in minutes. There are rules of the road. There are ways to approach. But so much value so quickly and it can only make you $$$. Valid info by qualified folks hitting head-on sales mistakes.

Clubhouse will siphon off and suck the traffic off of Twitter, Linkedin and others. It may also spawn others doing similar things. So I look forward to the new and more fluid collaboration that is taking place in realtime 24/7. It is also therapeutic and humbling to listen to the stories and the paths folks have taken and the obstacles they overcome. Many have been homeless. MANY!! Incredible stories of success. Most people that are successful have overcome great adversity. Their stories are all unique but there is ALWAYS a common thread. The common lesson, you have to take charge of your own destiny!

So far the biggest takeaway and the biggest common thread, is staying away from losers and those that think negatively. It has been the single most common story of Rags to Riches I have heard there by DOZENS. They all divorced everyone in their life that was negative. They took control. The #1 path to success!!

A tip of the hat to all those giving and learning! Everyone from the most seasoned professionals to the novice of novices. But entertaining and educational it is.

So we will see where it leads.....Good luck to all.

Rick Schwartz

13 thoughts on “My First 72 Hours on Clubhouse.

  1. Robbie

    Hi Rick,

    Similar to yourself, I have only been on for a few days now, it’s certainly interesting and there was a bit of a debate going on this morning in one of the chats where an end user I would call them that… was asking why are people registering my name?… She wanted Samantha.Club and kinda felt entitled that she should have the rights to it as she has a following on .Club

    Luckily she was educated quickly by those on stage but again shows so many people out there still don’t get domains.

    It’s going to be a fun ride as the platform grows.

  2. Francois

    Myself after joining I started following a lot of domaining’s people I know for years but I had to admit I did not understand anything when people were talking because it was English and I only read/write this language so I was very disappointed. A few days after I discovered a huge Spanish “Marketing” club and I was happy, but most rooms had a very low interest for me. Fortunately, I found some French Tech rooms, and there it was so exciting… So now it is in my daily routine to listen to such rooms while working. Definitively a great concept!

  3. Mark

    I too have been enjoying Clubhouse. It is inspiring to hear the stories of others. Thanks for sharing your pearls of wisdom on there too. I personally have learned a lot.

    It will be so interesting to see the new avenue the social media of the 21st century will take us!

  4. Bill Roy

    This sounds like how things should be, real information and debate unlike elsewhere in the domaining sphere. One day I will know someone on there, up until then I will have to make do with a few good blogs like here. LOL

  5. Samer

    Facebook and Snapchat started out as invite-only:

    It’s not elitist, it’s genius. Never realized “invite-only” until this Clubhouse, and agree all points.

    I too look forward to watch the landscape evolve.


  6. Jose

    Only this iOS and not Android, I am also the same @Francois my spoken English will never recover after a serious accident in 1994 in my head affected neurons. I could only get my European Spanish back.
    I think it will be a great space to meet more people and have better experiences.

  7. gene

    Rick – Please keep posting your thoughts and experiences.

    The lack of decent content from other bloggers over the past few years has been downright painful for anyone who frequents

    So thanks for returning to the scene!

  8. Bruce Tedeschi

    I’m impressed with their tenacity. I think I’m going to auction off some of my names to support my friend. He is an old school domainer and he has made people rich by selling there names. He needs medical attention and I think he is going down fast. I’ll probably use my domain to list the names and then set up a room.

  9. Todd Ryan

    Hi Rick,
    I was in the Clubhouse room with you discussing the idea of having teams compete to see who could find the best hand registration. I first suggested that new domainers should be asking experienced domainers to help them find a good hand registration rather than buy on the aftermarket. I also suggested that you pretend to be a small business owner looking for a great name as you pit the teams against each other. I think it my be cool to have three or four team. I hope I’m included on one of the teams when you get this organized. If you need my assistance, let me know. My Clubhouse user name is @toddryan.

    1. Bill Roy

      That idea sounds like a TV show for domainers (and a show for the general public – including business owners and general investors). Think along the lines of ‘The Apprentice’ – but instead of ‘stars’ or business graduates actually include ‘normal people’. Imagine the interest it would get if one of the teams came up with a $xx,xxx name (or more). I think it would actually catch on pretty quick. ‘Thumbs up’ to you and any others involved in coming up with the idea.


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