The BIG Domain Industry BOOM!

Morning Folks!!

Ever heard the phrase "The calm before the storm"? These historical phrases are tested over hundreds of years and uncountable events. They are the most basic and fundamental building blocks we have. They consist of common sense, history and knowledge.

So while so many domainers are jumping out of their shoes each day with fear and worry I am sitting at the pool WAITING for TIME to pass. What is coming is SO CLEAR to see why are so many missing it? Some folk are always chasing shiny objects and just like a shadow, they never catch it. And they don't learn either.

There are BILLIONS of dollars coming to OUR POND in the WEEKS, MONTHS and YEARS ahead. If you can't figure out how to grab some of them $$$$, then you could not get laid in a whore house with a fist full of hundred-dollar bills. So those wringing their hands all day and questioning everything they do are being TRAPPED by their own MINDS!

It's truly sad to see that we are each our own biggest enemy and/or obstacle. While we always lash out, it ALL comes from within. You can either be in control of human nature or you can be controlled and victimized by it. But make no mistake. it is all SELF INDUCED! A choice we make because we each have the POWER to change our will and our destiny.

Today you can choose to be a victim or a winner. 80% wake up every day as a victim and the other 20% reap the rewards that are just sitting there because of it.

So go cry in your soup. It's a HUGE leap for that 80%. Nobody likes being taken out of their comfort zone. So they are all STUCK!

STUCK is a choice. You can be a Mover and a Shaker. But the bullshit swirling around in the minds of the 80% paralyzes them into inaction. STUCK! Those folks only have time and energy to lash out. They are insulted by the reality of life. They take it personally. I am amused at first and then saddened that they are stuck, sit on the side lines, fear every decision and since they make bad decisions, they should be scared!

So the #1 problem that the domain industry has is the same that every industry has. There is an 80/20 mix and the 80 spend all their energy trying to bring down others while the other 20 spend their energy in moving and shaking and still have enough time to try to have others see the path to success no matter what you do in life, who you are or even where you came from. Today starts now. Each day starts. Who is controlling YOUR day? Me? lol Some guy on TV? Some BS in your head?

You can go to school for 1000 years. You can obtain the highest degrees. You can be the most brilliant person walking. You can have every gift in the world. But if you don't understand and control human nature, if you can't make good decisions, if you can't see past today and learn from history, then it is all trumped by those that can.

Who is a better boxer? The guy with a 9-0 record or the guy with the 100-5 record? Chances are the 9-0 guy has never been truly tested. Chances are the 100-5 guy has seen it all and has been tested. Learning how to fail may be the only path to learning how to succeed. And everyone yelling in the grandstand is 0-0.

So here is a time capsule type post. Business is slow right now. So what? It's called summer and for a lot of folks they have not enjoyed a summer in several years. Well, they are going to adjust and enjoy this summer and business will limp along like a calm before a storm. But come September and on until the following September, things are in store for a huge turnaround. By December 31st 2014 the talk of recession will be gone and the recovery will feel like a BOOM!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

9 thoughts on “The BIG Domain Industry BOOM!

  1. UFO

    Interesting, have noticed that quite a number of google search keywords are now not appearing in ‘Awstats’ in ‘Cpanel’. Wondering if its due to here in the UK defaulting to https. Is search info now being encrypted on the extension?….?

  2. weatherman

    Rick, I agree that right now is the calm before the storm. Specifically, the gTLD storm. It will soon bear down on the domain world like a Category 5 hurricane, but, after gaining absolutely no traction, no support and/or community interest, it will fizzle out like a sun shower on a hot August day.

    At that point, the .com extension will be the only realistic and serious contender in town and I don’t think I need to tell you what that will do to its resale value (hint: think supply and demand). I conservatively predict that mortgages will need to be taken out on gtld’s in the not too distant future.

    I hope your readers enjoy this calm before the storm period. It may be our last opportunity to buy a good .com for a reasonable price …ever…and I suspect this to be the case.

  3. Kassey

    Change bring opportunities for those who actively look for them, so I welcome the flooding of the thousands of new gTLDs.

  4. Dr Domainer

    The Domain industry is truly amazing for Master Minds!! Look at top sports people most of them are lucky to have careers lasting 10-15 years and after its downhill. This industry is like no other, look at Rick I can only imagine what he was like at his creative and energy peak while buying domains years ago.
    It’s like winning awards every year for Rick and every year it gets more profitable with bigger crowds. This is why I love eRealEstate industry! Domainers with premium domains have not even started to get the profits that’s going to happen in years to come. TRUST ME

  5. Dr Domainer

    Weatherman is correct, I’m 100% sure no more second chances to buy premium .com domains for reasonable prices once these gTLDs flood the market.
    Different BOOMS! Different Domainers!! I always judge eRealEstate Investors by their portfolio it’s the best way to prove that they are not wasting my time. I believe this post will go down in history and so many domainers will be deeply shocked years to come that Rick showed so many of them the path to success thousands of times and they didn’t take action. I’m glad I dedicated my life to this blog and took EVERY golden nugget from it.Words cannot describe my gratitude.


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