Truth to Power

We speak truth to power, and if they don't like it....TOO BAD! My job is to have domains recognized in the marketplace for the great investment that they are. More importantly it is to have businesses of every industry  look at and understand the source and quality of the traffic produced by GREAT domain names. Massive amounts of targeted visitors looking for something very specific.

This “type in” traffic can be converted into buyers when matched with the right product and website (or as I look at it…….“Mousetrap”) at a higher rate than average traffic. Often at astoundingly higher rates. Now if you don’t know about this then it is your JOB to learn about it. If you don’t believe it then it is your JOB to find out why you are flat out wrong. If you don’t care and you run a website that is dependant on closing more sales, then either wake up or have your competition figure it out and give you years of angst for goofing up!

My job is to help folks understand the importance domain names have in the future of commerce throughout the world and throughout the lifetimes of everyone reading this. To get the highest possible revenue our domains can make and keep prices rising by educating website owners the science and the art of closing more sales and gaining new and future customers.

From where I sit, THIS is the perfect intersection of “Science and art.” The science of targeted traffic. The science of closing more sales. The science of understanding the visitor and so on. The art is of course your  website. Is it flat, dull, boring? The art of your website is an important piece of this equation. The art of how you lead your customer thru the maze and to the cash register at the end of that maze. The intersection of “Science and art” when that sale is made.

If you are paying attention the one question you might ask is how many visitors are we talking about? THAT would be a great question! The answer is stunning. I have an entire post devoted to it. But to just give you a LOUD HINT……..Let’s just say it may DWARF “American Idol” and it runs 365 days a year. Now folks that is POWERFUL. VERY powerful.

The single biggest cost website owners incur is the invisible cost of sales being lost. I often say, and I truly believe, that more sales are being lost on the net than actually being made on the net. If you read this post and you are a company leader and just shrug your shoulders…. there is little else I can say. Your mind is made up. You live in a world where doing the best you can has no meaning. Being #1 has no meaning. You are mediocre at best. And if that ruffles your feathers and pisses you off, guess what?? That is called, “TRUTH TO POWER.”

Have a GREAT day!

Rick Schwartz