Domain King announces Blog

Good evening folks!!

In 1999 I started a blog. It wasn't called a blog then. It was/is called a "Chatboard" and I started posting about domain names in 1999 on my own chatboard.  As early as 1996 on other chatboards. Then one day blogs came along and what I had been doing for 9 or 10 years became all the rage. So I think I will enjoy this updated format and my wish is for me to say something that changes your life. Changes your life in a profound way.


In a few days I will start a blog. It won't be updated everyday. Only when I have something I think is useful to say. So stay tuned and in the next few days I'll see what I can build and how I can present it to you in an exciting manner! Plus I'll ruffle a few feathers and mix it up a little bit. We'll expose the cons and let you know the real skinny on payouts. Pissing folks off is my specialty. It's easy to do when you stick to the numbers and the numbers don't jive with what they say or what they promise.

I am a "Numbers guy." One quote I am famous for is "Numbers I trust, people I don't." A 9 is a 9 forever. There is nothing we can do to change a 9. It is not my 9 or your 9, it is just 9. So we pay attention to the numbers and eliminate the bullshit.

So stay tuned . This blog will launch on Monday April 9th and maybe even sooner! I will share what little I know. It may be what you already know, but you also may find one little tidbit that can change your life. I am out to have life changing things happen here for those that take the time to THINK, READ and STOP.

Rick Schwartz