Domain”type ins” represent more eyeballs than American Idol

The power of
domain traffic is far from understood. But in most cases it is highly targeted
and potent. What if I told you that type in traffic from domain names is a
bigger number than the numbers American Idol pulls? What if I told you that
instead of 'Idol' doing it a couple times a week, with domain names
that traffic is generated every single day of the year? And what if I told you
that instead of having 50 million viewers with different interests watching the
same commercial the domain name can give you the power to advertise to just one
segment with the same interests?  Did you hear that? Do you understand
what that means? The power these domains possess? Imagine what that would do to
the sales of the end user. Imagine which way the rates would go if they doubled
or tripled their business. 

In fact the
daily visitor count for all combined domain names DWARFS American Idol and the
buying power is off the chart. This does not even include type ins to brands
like,,, and millions of other
companies. These are just generic, keyword domain names from visitors looking
for something specific. You have their UNDIVIDED attention. Why is that
important? Read on! 

Did I mention
that when watching the commercials on Idol that 30% of the audience is peeing.
30% just opened the refrigerator, another 30% just are not paying close
attention and the other 10% are arguing about Sanjaya not being there. Compare
that to a visitor ACTIVELY typing in a specific domain name. That is a MUCH
higher level customer and he deserves your attention. It can be either a brand
like or or it can be a generic like or All are actively looking to fill a need and you can either
fill that need or lose another customer. The
comparative numbers between the 2 forms of
advertising are finally starting to be talked about. And that brings me to
another subject. Click Fraud. That's just nonsense! As Dr. John Berryhill
pointed out at a recent TRAFFIC convention, do you hear about fraud when the
newspaper gets thrown away without reading? Do you hear about fraud when all
those folks leave their TV's during the commercials?

It is my
personal belief that this is just a red herring introduced by folks with
millions to lose. But instead of running scared it is TIME for them to fully
embrace the net and realize there are less blacksmith shops today then 100
years ago no matter what they tried to do to save their old set ways.