5 thoughts on “Ad.com $1.4M auction on YouTube

  1. Charley Chacko

    It was funny when the auctioneer asked, would you like to reauction it at the end?

  2. Mike

    Hi Rick, I’M just an hour from Rome, if you have time and want to meet I’M glad to offer you a good dinner….. Mike

  3. UFO.ORG

    The music was really annoying.
    nb: I’m sure that permission was sought to use that music? as we all hate it when someone steals content off our sites!

  4. dwmiller100

    my name is dan w miller,i worked for you at the marriot in santa clara in april 28 ,29 as a door guard, i was fired from kelly the next day because you or your wife ratted me off for having a drink at the end of my shift,if you had any class,you would have offered us a drink! just goes to show that you are a hundred million dollar ASSHOLE! ONE OF THE LITTLE PEOPLE YOU STEPPED ON!! DWM.
    Response from RS: Sorry my friend. You are mistaken. Must have been your CO-WORKERS because it did not come from us. I was the only one that dealt with Kelly. I said nothing to nobody because until NOW I was not even aware. So you have a”Co-Worker” that outed you. NOT US! You can take that to the bank! You were stabbed in the back by your”Friends.”
    So you can apologize or go thru life believing one thing when it is totally wrong. Your choice. I could care less either way. BUT…..I ALWAYS set the record straight!


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