RIP Pearl


Pearl 2002-2010




21 thoughts on “RIP Pearl

  1. Rob Grant

    Hi Rick,
    My daughter Lizzy still misses her favorite cat
    ‘Smokey’…and its been 10 years or more. Sometimes we still think old Smokey is just outside the door!

  2. Warren

    Rick, I’m so sorry, my condolences. We lost our precious cat friend (a rescue kitty) suddenly a couple of months ago and it was very, very difficult. People don’t understand how close you can get to a little buddy like this, or how hard it can be when you lose them. Best wishes, my friend.

  3. Lucas

    2 de las muchas grandes verdades que Rick me ha enseñado:
    1.La vida es corta
    2.La vida es frágil
    descansa en paz gatito…

  4. Anunt

    People in America love their pets more than they love their parents and close relatives. I see people’s pets in front seat of their car while their relatives are in the back seat. Americans give more love to their pets than their own relatives!
    Who do you guys love more…your close relatives or your pets…if both are dying, in the middle of the ocean, and you could save only one, who would you guys save…your pet or your relative?

  5. Kevin

    @ Anunt – my German Shepherds have all been as important to me as any friend or relative and I would give my life for them.

  6. David J Castello

    To say the least, your comment hints of cultural bias and reads to me that pets are not loved as much in your country as they are in America. If true, this is sad. It is no secret that the most humane countries highly value their animal friends.

  7. Anunt

    Pets are loved in our country, but not more than human beings…if you value your animal friends so much, why do you kill them and eat them?

  8. Tia Wood

    @Anunt, Posting your views about Americans and their pets is fine. But to do it at this particular blog post is inconsiderate.

  9. ScottM

    Hi Rick:
    So sorry to see that Pearl has passed. She was a beautiful and apparently very photogenic cat. May the many memories and years you shared with her comfort you always, and as with all loved ones, take comfort you will very likely be with her again someday, somewhere, somehow. Its been 10 almost 10 years since my first cat passed away but I still have a picture of her in my office, kitchen and a couple other rooms so I can see her almost any room I’m in so it makes it a little easier.

  10. Vet News

    May i ask Rick, if you buried her at home? I have often wondered how many people still do. My family always did with our pets when i was little, but i know these days they don’t like large animals like dogs buried in the garden, but I have a dog, and when the day comes I would like him in the family garden. Sorry if sounds morbid but something i have thought about recently, i may do a post on it.


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