Rick Talk About”Long Tail Domains” and other Category Domains

Morning Folks!!

Until this past few weeks I have never referred to domains
as LLL.com or NNN.com. I have never talked about “Long tale domains” though I
have been branded by the clueless that I am against them. That is just not true. As I have said I have
never commented on them until this post today. Only because I have never segregated
domains in such a manner. But since so many do, I have no problem doing so. I
just have 2 basic categories. Ones that have value and ones that have no value. (P.S. :-))

Now back to what I believe. Dan Warner coined the phrase “Long tail Domains”. I have
nothing against these domains. Matter of fact, I was likely one of the first on
the planet to buy them. It may seem funny to you today, but back in 1997
WhoreHouse.com was laughed at because it was “Too long”. I explained why they
were wrong and how it meant something and was easy to remember and that was why
it was a good domain but to no avail.

SceneOfTheCrime.com, ShopTilYouDrop.com, I would imagine
would fit the definition of “Long Tale” even tho I have never referred to them
in that way. My longest domain is 7 words. I have several hundred 3 and 4 word domains. Many registered
back in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. So not exactly anything new to me.

I am sure in the coming months and years there will be new
“Veins” that get described in as different type categ
ories and I will then be
part of another club that I never knew existed until there were enough miners
focusing on one type of domain name.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

PS: For the Morons, I also own ShoveItUpYourFuckingAss.com (Only 6 words) Registered in 2001 waiting for this special day! Well worth the money and well worth the wait!