“Now is the best time ever, so stop whinning and do something!”

Morning Folks!

Yesterday I exchanged emails with a small group. A successful group. Guys I have known for a while and we are all a bit controversial to say the very least. We began talking about the new folks that are struggling and what was really going on with them. I think we came to the immediate conclusion that it was not domain related. It was unfortunate but much deeper.

I wrote the following to them. It was supposed to remain private but one suggested I publish what I wrote and I am just stupid enough to do it hoping something I say will make somebody stop and think and then turn failure into success. Turn a foe into a lifelong friend. I'll have a lot of pigeons shitting on me, but I am an optimist and I know making that lifelong friend makes it worth the effort. Besides, I love when my foes waste all their passion and effort on me. That is a KNEE SLAPPER! They work their 10 hours and I occupy about how many of them?

I can understand it is confusing out there. So many motives, so much BS. But that is your job in life. Don't swallow the BS. Don't be a fish. Know the difference between bait with a hook and food. Unfortunately once you become bait, then others just use YOU and another pigeon is born and another eagle has been grounded.

'There has never been a business with so much
opportunity at every turn at every moment if you know what you are doing
and have a strong wortk ethic. These guys work for 10 hours and brag
about it. 10 hours is a morning to us! So it isn't about domains. They
are losers in life until they change how they think and approach things.
I have been trying to reach these guys for years and few if any
actually make the leap. More did earlier, today, very few. It's sad.

I used to be a loser. I did everything half assed. Then I heard a
line....'If you don't have enough time to do it right the first time,
how the hell you gonna make time when you have to do it right the second
time?' From that moment on I changed my approach and so did the
results. Fucking magic! lol
That is why even tho I like to be very inclusive, we need to recognize
and stick around like minded folks because that way of thinking can only
do harm. Eagles and Pigeons. Not much in between. Pigeons just shit on
I got this the other day and it pretty much states it....'Desire is to
want something but Passion is the refusal to live without it'

I think all these
bozos are about to be schooled. Yesterday EVERY domainer had the EXACT
opportunity to speculate and win or lose. All the big mouths will have
their jaws dropping soon as they watch folks manufacture money from thin
air. This proves they have no talent and just whine. Losers in every
sense of the word. While others are enjoying success and creating even more, they will still be
saying the same crap or sitting on the sidelines spewing hate instead of jumping in and do what a true domainer does and have the balls to speculate. If they can't make it in domains which is a gift
from the heavens, they will make it in nothing.

Then as the title suggested, one suggested why not do this as a seminar? 'Now is the best time ever, so stop whinning and do something!' So instead of waiting to October to examine this, why not now?

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz