Rick’s Definition of”Magic” and”Opportunity” and Absolute Proof Behind it

Morning Folks!!

Sometimes people make funof me when I talk about things like
“Window of opportunity” and “Magic”. Let’s face it, most folks don’t believe in
this. They are the masses. It is expected. I guess I never expected it out of
such a select group that has proven it can think out of the box.
But even domainers are divided in much
the same way. Only difference is the percentage among domainers is much, much,
much higher.

Many successful
domainers were successful before domains. They have done it before. They know
the path. They know the signs of success and also the warnings of failure and
how to either avoid or abandon or go all in and do it with eyes wide open and
deliberate. They know the difference between that and “Hope” without a plan or
a policy or even a direction.

When one dream comes true, you tend to pay more attention to
other dreams. When you have one success, the bi-product is the confidence you
get so you can create more successes.
The “Confidence” is the magic. You can’t see it. But does anyone reading
this doubt that happens knowing what you know now? That is the magic defined.
Here it is very visible to the naked eye. But there are other magic things that
happen that you can’t see, you can’t identify. But it is still there and
becomes part of you. That is what I am talking about for all these years but
never found the words to illustrate for all to see. At least the successful can
see and even the folks waiting for their first success can see the logic.

THAT is the thread that bonds like minded people together.
That is the essence and base of everything I do or think or say. Guess what? That alone pisses a lot of
folks off. How unfortunate.

When you make real decisions, tough decisions, good
decisions, you will anger some, disappoint some people and hurt some people. I
don’t like doing that. But I want to continue to challenge the status quo and
keep moving the ball forward for everyone including myself. If we fail to do that we would have done a great disservice
to everyone. You can’t take everyone’s advice or do what everyone wants. It is
a delicate balancing act and there will always be one party not as happy as
another and many times that frustration or anger or disappointment is taken out
on me. I can’t control that. What
I can do is articulate a thought and ask if you fit into that category to be
able to look at it thru my eyes. I
don’t like saying no to folks, but sometimes there is just no other choice.

So you can aim for mediocrity and definitely appeal to a
wider audience, but there is something special in bringing great minds and
hearts together in a calm atmosphere without the noise and weight of mediocrity
at every corner. My greatest sin would be to waste one minute of your time. If
you have been to a TRAFFIC and got nothing out of it then I apologize but am I
the only one responsible? Many others walk away with great things each and
every show. Like I have said since 2004, the only thing Howard and I can do is
create an atmosphere with certain
elements and chemistry to do great things. The history of domaining is intertwined with TRAFFIC on so
many levels over the years. Repeatedly I have said YOU are TRAFFIC. I still believe that
and maybe after all these years folks start to see the vivid difference in our
approach and why. It is never to exclude. But it is time for many to raise
their game (Me included) and reject mediocrity. It is not easy to fail in
domaining, but many do. Maybe even most nowadays. Does not have to be, but you
have chosen your path. If it is working, that is great and continued success.
If is isn’t, then turn frustration into action. I have always found it is just
as easy to follow and find success once you abandon failure. But you have to be strong enough to release failure so you can get your mind and arm around success.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

Rick to have his First Domain Auction? Ladies.org, Brides.net. Men.net…….

Morning Foks!!

Everyone knows I am a dotcom kinda guy. I focus on dot com
domains. As I was prospecting and speculating there were a number of domains
that were taken in dotcom so I would register a .net or a .org so I would have
something that was still of value and was generally one word, sometimes two.
But because the dotcom versions were all gone or I already owned it, I would
get the next best thing that was
still meaningful and could have an audience. When I did, they were generally
pretty damn good. For years I have
debated and argued my feeling about .net and .org. Some agree, many do not. But
hey that is why they have many flavors of ice cream. Different toppings on
pizza and all the rest.

So later this year I plan to sell or auction off some or all
of the following domain names. Most if not all have traffic and revenue. But
they are not my focus and it is time to parlay these, so I can reinvest in the
domains I need to fill in and strengthen what I have at greatly discounted
prices. I already bought more domains this year than the last 2 years combined.
I described why in a previous post. Even better values are coming. If you are
in a strong cash position, you are set to do very well.

So my business plan will never look like any other domainer.
It is unique to me and so is everyone reading this plan as theirs are unique to
them. Some folks have a hard time
facing and accepting that. We are dealing in unique assets, and while we have
similarities, we also have more unique plans than any other sector. So nobody
has to do it my way or your way or their way. We all have the freedom to choose
the way we like it and if some don’t like it, I guess they have to say so. I
just do the same thing I started doing in 1996. I share my path. What is
working for me. What I am finding out. Your path has to be different. Different
time, different ages, different goals, different agendas and unique assets. How
could they possibly be the same?

So when I go thru my portfolio, these are what I would call
my “Orphan domains.” Does not mean
they don’t have great value. Obviously they do as many folks focus on .net or
.org these days. But it is not my focus. I will let the market decide value. Let’s look at it as a car
collection. I may focus on Mint condition Corvettes, but along the way I bought
some Mustangs and Camaros and a
t-bird without the hardtop. All have great value. But I focus on Corvettes and
would rather unlock the value of those other brands so I can add some more vettes.
Pretty simple and straight forward. I don’t know what they will go for. The market decides and I have faith that they will sell for enough to cover at
least a few other purchases or trade for what will fortify my portfolio while
others are fortifying theirs.

I am announcing it now as I expect to gather several end
users by the fall. I have a mission. We have a mission. We all talk about end
users but we each have a responsibility to reach that end user. For my part, I
am going to focus on Ladies.org and Brides.net to find end users. I see this as
fertile territory. Many Ladies organizations to target and same with brides and
bridal houses. This is the first time I am being proactive with a sale. Until
now I don’t usually reach out and try and sell domains, I simply respond to the
selected offers and emails I get. But again, it is all in the timing. I could
have done this a decade ago and walked away with $500. Like I tell most of the
folks that want my 3 digit domains, as soon as the market reaches $50k or more I will consider selling them. I could
have sold them for $500 a decade ago. $5000 3 years ago. $25,000-$50,000 today.
So if you want 235.com, no problemo, just come back when the market reaches my
number if I don’t adjust higher by then which is somewhat likely.

The following are all the .nets and .orgs I have accumulated
along the way and may part with before the end of the year.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz


iPhone 4 Arrives at my Door Early…..Yesterday! The Best Ever!

Morning Folks!!

What a pleasant surprise when my newest iPhone arrived a day
early. The FedEx guy said his truck was loaded up with them. No surprise here.

In late June of 2007 my life changed. 3 years later my
lifestyle has been revolutionized.
June 2007 was the release of the original iPhone. I paid $100 for
somebody to stand in line for me that day. The greatest single device ever IMHO has been at my side ever
since. I have gotten each improved release and getting it early was a really
nice perk.

The iPhone led me to the store. The store was the most
electric place I have ever been to in a mall. It is that way every time I pass
and everyone I know says the same thing. That led me to the MacBook Pro which I
have nothing bad to say about. Which led me to all the other goodies they make.
Of course I can talk about the iPad all day. It will change how we work and
play and do things. Yeah I know, you don’t agree. But that is okay, you say the
same thing about the iPhone. 50 million units later and with more billions of apps
downloaded than McDonalds sells hamburgers. Plus I am not an anomaly. So many folks I know have taken the same path and become
Apple customers all because of the iPhone.

The point is that a company that was on the canvas is now on
top of the world and they did it by being the best in every thing they do. You
have to admire, respect and enjoy a company like that and Apple lost many
battles, but now it is clear to those that can see that they have the tools and
the products to win the war.

So just days after getting my new iPads, I get my new iPhone
which is a huge upgrade. HUGE! Another game changer. All others are playing catch up
to the last version and then Apple leaps another year or more in front of them.
It matters not that 50 other guys will have it someday. It matter that they are
ahead in the market. Maybe 50 or 100 million units ahead. It comes with a cost.
It hurts Verizon and Sprint and TMobile. Sure, everyone hates AT&T and they all say they will wait
until Verizon has it. Meanwhile you have lost 3, 4 or 5 years of added
productivity and something extra that I have no word for but maybe another iPhone
user can help put it in words. It is a lifestyle changer. Thanks Apple for
being such a great cutting edge company and improving how I live my day to day

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

Rick scores a pair of 6 figure sales with Back to Back Domain Deals

Morning Folks!!

Not often you get two separate 6 figure deals at the exact
same time. But on Monday afternoon that was
exactly what happened. The first one I can not release the details of as yet
only to say it was just under $200k.
The second one was SydneyHotels.com that I hand registered early on for $100 and sold for $100,000. Both
deals were clean, hassle free and met my criteria. Both parties found me. It just keeps validating what I have said since the day I got on the net. 'Domains will go up faster in value than any other asset in the history of mankind.' Never believed, yet never challenged. Theory turns into fact and it gets validated with nearly every reported domain deal.

I hope to report on the details in the upcoming weeks and will be releasing some .other news in the coming days.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

TRAFFIC Announces First of Multiple Keynoters. Simon T. Bailey

Afternoon Folks!!

Are you a Domainer, a businessman, something more? Don’t sell yourself short. You are much
more than a domainer. At least you should be. Don’t box yourself in. You are a businessperson.
You are an investor. You are a speculator. You are a cutting edge, forward thinking, trailblazer.
You are in a sector that has treasure. But if there was a greater treasure,
then your “Vehicle' would likely change to whatever that might be that you
yourself deem worthy. So we are all much more than domainers.

Much of what I write about is not related to domains. It’s
about business, human nature, history, habits, shopping patterns, profiling consumers, shifts in
thinking, Predicting human nature before it happens.

No matter who we announce over the years as our speaker it
is met with a fair measure of skepticism to put it mildly. Even Steve Forbes! DUH! But each brought something that
enriched our lives. In 2008 TRAFFIC had the Orlando show inside Disney
World. Well the level of service
of that hotel and those Disney employees exceeded my expectaions by leaps and
bounds. We have kidded about the “Pixie Dust” that allowed them to be in such
sincerely good moods all the time. Willing and wanting to help all the time. A
level of service I have never seen before or after. How could a hotel geared
for kids be as good or better than a Ritz Carlton? How was this possible?

So I questioned this over and over for the 2 years that have
past. Then we met Simon. Simon is an alumni of Disney who after many years was
fired! Fired for thinking outside the box. Ooops. But that is just the
beginning of the story, not the end. Howard and I met and spent some time with

Simon Bailey last month. He enriched our lives with a few sentences. What is
that worth? The secrets locked inside this corporate legend are just that, secrets. Not often do you hear these stories nor the motivations behind them. How can you benefit your business with these secrets? Some so simple you might kick yourself.

Between us girls, having keynoters have never sold us any
extra tickets. It was just a way to have some credibility when we had none at
all. But it does add a dimension
and that is all part of what we do. I know you don’t know Simon and his name
means nothing to you. But that does not mean he can’t provide you with valuable
information and insight. He knows squat about domain names. But he understands
how to think bigger and expand your horizons and allow you to work more
effectively with a finer outlook. He’s just a cool guy worth meeting and
talking with. He will add dimension to your life whether it be in domains or anything you do from here on out. Folks think I use the word opportunity and priceless way too much. But that is our goal each and every time and we won't lower it now or ever. Lemonade stands or empires? Maybe it is time to think a little bigger?

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

50 Tickets SOLD! Discount Extented Until 5PM TODAY!!

Morning Folks!!

First, all the first 50 tickets are sold. These folks
receive the $100 room credit and a special gift from Rick and Howard valued at
$100. Effectively making admission $795. We have decided to extend it until 5PM
TODAY! After that, the next 50 will still receive the $100 Hotel Credit. When
those tickets are sold, then it just is a flat $995 until July 31.
So there are significant reasons to sign up right now without delay. Less than
half the cost of what it will be in just 90 days! $1000 less right now than it
will be then. Every tick of the clock just costs you more money. Just do it and
sign up right now. Your admission is fully refundable up until just 7 days
before the show. How do you lose by acting now. This sign up page will be removed at 5PM PDT TODAY and all future signups can be made here and still save $100.

Below is our schedule. Not only is this schedule subject to
change, it will change as we improve the agenda
to make sure it is packed with
useful things you can employ and use all year long. You will never go
hungry as we will have first class foods, drinks and snacks throughout
the day. All included with your admission. The way you expect us to do
it and just a tad better for good mesaure.

We are looking for sponsors
for pre show events for smaller groups of domainers. Wave running, Exotic Cars,
Beach Volleyball, Midnight Night Club Hopper or your special South Beach idea
or event. Contact Howard at howard@neulaw.com for availability and

Later this week or next and before we all get distracted by
summer, I will tell you about our Keynote speaker. Somebody I would imagine you
never heard of before but what he has to share with you will enrich your life
and that of your families. You will work smarter and reap more rewards than you
might have otherwise. Simon will dazzle you and you will take away renewed! He
won’t sell us any extra tickets, and the critics will be using bull horns but
his words will be with you long after the show is over.

Sunday October 17th

Noon Registration Opens

2PM Early Bird Networking. Make the most of your time and
meet folks early

4PM TRAFFIC Orientation. First time to TRAFFIC? We have a
special little gathering just for you to begin to meet some new folks and make
your days at TRAFFIC as rewarding as possible. We are much more than a

6PM Sunday Night…..Opening cocktail party. The party that
launched an industry and opened the doors to many deals and long lasting friendships. Be the guest of Rick and
Howard as once again bring a life changing event to life.

Monday October 18th

9AM Registration Opens

9AM-10AM Speed Networking TRAFFIC Style. You spoke, we
listened. Meet folks early and make the most of TRAFFIC. Prefer to sleep? Come
on, only a couple days of work to make a lifetime of difference. Get with the

Monday, 10:00 am Brunch. The most lavish feast to celebrate
2 days ahead of hard work and opportunity. (No pigeons allowed)

10:45 Opening Remarks by Rick and Howard. After a year in
the background, Rick and Howard take the stage to tell you what they really
think and what has happened over the year and what will be happening in the
next year or two as they see it.

11:15 Keynote by Simon. When we had the Orlando show at
Disney we have been trying to find out where the hell they get the “Pixie
Dust”. Well Simon is a Disney Alumni who is going to share that with us. This
will be life changing for you. Mark my words. The domain business is not about
domains, it is about business. And business is about life. Listen to what Simon Says! I personally
guarantee you will walk away with a treasure that will last a lifetime.

12:15 – 12:30 Break

12:30 Presentation and discussion of an industry in
change. An all out informal and
frank discussion of what we have done right, what we have done wrong and where
to in the future as folks diversify into other avenues and parts of the
Internet. No panel, just an open forum where anything goes. We will review
sales for the year and see what trends are developing.

1:45-2:00 Coffee Break

2:00 Seminar. Where the hell are our developing partners?
Can you develop a website without developing a business? SEO or Spammers? Can
you tell the difference? Relevance, popularity or something else? Who can find,
get and keep the real traffic? Graphics, coding. Development of true businesses
with a cash register. How other successes will drive our sector. Mini sites or
mini goals? We don’t know all the answers, so let’s have at it. A live forum
where anything goes.

3:00 Is the Gold Rush beginning or ending? The impact of the
new gtld’s, IDN, and will .whatever be meaningful. When? How big an impact or none at all? Is the second coming
of .com hope, hype or the future? How much is result oriented and how much is
wishful thinking?

4:00 Greed, Corruption, wrong doing, what companies and
organizations have not been good industry stewards? At TRAFFIC we let it all
hang out and let the chips fall where they may. A no bars hold discussion on
Google, Yahoo, the registrars, PPC companies and all the rest. If the shoe


6:30-9:00PM Relax, enjoy the hotel and South Beach. The hotel is smack dab right in the middle of all the action.

9:00 The Famous
TRAFFIC Party at one of South Beach’s “Secret Spots” that just happens to be
WORLD famous! This IS South Beachat its' best. Sponsored by .CO

Tuesday October 19th

10:00 AM Awards Brunch and Elevator Pitches. For the 6th
year in a row TRAFFIC will present the most coveted awards in the Domain
Industry in which the best of the best are recognized for their successes and
contributions. Your votes have been counted and tabulated and these are your

The awards will follow the 2 minute Elevator pitch. Have a
new service or product? It is a long standing tradition at TRAFFIC to help
introduce attendees to the newest solutions available. We provide the time and
platform because their success is our success collectively.

11:30 Free networking Schmooze with the exhibitors

12:30 Seminar….Anatomy of a Type in. Who is the person
typing in your domain and why are they doing it? Are they frustrated with the
results being served at threw search engines? Which came first, the chicken or
the egg? Our panel will get into the mind of the surfer.

1:30PM Seminar
Prospecting for End Users. Flip or hold? Which is the best strategy? Is
there a price point where domainers should no longer be buying unless they have
a plan for a business? Is the end user easier to find than you think?

2:30 Meeting of
the Chiefs. This event is always interesting. Heads of the industry will
discuss where we are and what the next 12 months are likely to look like and
why. We will discuss .whatever and the chances any will be more successful than
.mobi. PPC, Development, scandals. The most action packed, tell like it is, no
holds barred panel in the entire industry.

4:00 Get Ready to Rumble! The famous TRAFFIC AUCTION
conducted by Rick Latona Auctions. Drinks, food, lots of action.

9:00PM Farewell Party at one of the hottest clubs on South

Wednesday October 20th

9AM-10AM Safe travels breakfast. Get a quick but delicious
breakfast before you hit the road or start your day. A last chance to say some
goodbyes and reflect how great the week was. Another TRAFFIC under the belt.
See ya next year!

Announcing T.R.A.F.FI.C. South Beach Early Bird Specials and BONUS!!

Drum Roll Please……Announcing……The most provocative
T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Ever!!




With a year to plan this single event and do it the way
Howard and I do things, get ready for some of the hottest topics we have ever
discussed, the best venue we have ever had and the timeliest show ever. Sponsored
by Skenzo and add the best food and networking events in the Industry and we
have TRAFFIC SOBE 2010!! Usually I do not put the schedule together until just
a few weeks out. This year, I already have the topics set and it won’t be for
the faint of heart. Ruffling feathers is our specialty and South Beach
will be for the heavyweights, lightweights and middle weights, but won’t be for
fly weights. You’ll have fun at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. but come because of the
opportunity and the unique way we push the envelope every single time. One year
of rest and this will be the one T.R.A.F.F.I.C. that will be as memorable as
the opener in Delray in 2004. T.R.A.F.F.I.C. is all grown up and ready to
tackle South Beach like only Domainers can. Fast cars, fast women, fast money
and all the rest. There is only one South Beach and the money making party
starts soon. October 17-20 to be exact.

Because of all the great advice we have gotten from
our long time supporters, we are not changing the recipe of T.R.A.F.F.I.C.. We
do it FIRST CLASS or we won’t do it at all. The right way or no way. Rise
to the occasion. Raise your game. Don’t be a spectator. Jump in and be a
player. Jump in and see why T.R.A.F.F.I.C. has changed so many lives and how it
is impossible to talk about the domain industry without mentioning
T.R.A.F.F.I.C. over and over and over again.

Act early and save big. Take the first step and we
will do the rest. We will put you right in the center of the domain
universe. We have some big announcements coming and with each one you will know just how spectacular a show this is going to be. Our Keynote has already been selected and we have surprises and more surprises in store for you. We are working on more things than ever and it is happening all at one time. You will witness a be part of something that few can put into words.

The history of
T.R.A.F.F.I.C. is synonymous with
the history of the industry. We met at T.R.A.F.F.I.C., grew our
companies and assets at TRAFFIC and together we have
harnessed the power of an entire industry at precisely the right time.
You can't rewrite history. Many major deals were made and negotiated at
T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Companies were born. Companies have soared. Records have
been broken. Records are still held. The most coveted awards in the
industry presented in front of your peers that YOU decide. So come
and join the fun. We go where no other show dares to go. We have nothing
sell but progress. Progress that YOU make happen. Plus all the dividends
that play out well after the show is over.

All prices are guaranteed lowest that will be
available. If we have any special along the way, we will DOUBLE your refund on
the difference. So with a deal like that, relax, know you are getting the best
rate and sign up right now, right here. T.R.A.F.F.I.C. has had more than
20 shows in 7 countries in just 6 years. Life changing relationships began and
have been forged at T.R.A.F.F.I.C.. That’s PRICELESS. Be honest, put a price, a
value on the relationships you have made with us over the years and you know
that there is no better place on the planet to be than at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. in
South Beach with your friends and business associates and fellow domainers. The refueling that you will walk away with, is worth the price of admission.

We are looking for pre-show event sponsors. A great
way to get personal for a limited budget. Plus we have deals for exhibiting and
sponsoring like never before. We can tailor a sponsorship that meets your
budget and gives you bang for the buck.

That’s the spiel folks. With all our energy focused
on this show, it will be another landmark in the domain industry and when we
walk away on October 20
th……everyone in the industry and
beyond will know it. We may be in the “Domain Business” but more importantly,
we are in business of succeeding, investing, growing our portfolios networking
with like minded folks and 12 other things. We try to give you tools that
transcend the industry we all focus on. T.R.A.F.F.I.C. will make us all more
productive and better people. Life is short. Make the most of it.

Lastly, let me address the meals and why they are
the backbone of the entire show. When we talk networking there is no greater
networking on earth than breaking bread with friend or foe. For thousands of
years this has been the accepted practice of peace and progress and
understanding. Breaking bread allows folks to dial it back a few notches. It
allows them to engage in a different way and manner. Let's be honest. We are an
industry of conflicting businesses. An industry of competitiveness by auctions
and the like. An industry of 'Type A' personalities. However, the one
thing that we all have in common is that the vast majority of Domainers are
decent people with big hearts who want to do great things for both themselves
and their families and then leave something better for society in the process.
Basic things that we all have in common that supersedes so many of our

TRAFFIC means business and that means we focus on
Eagles and those that want to become eagles. While we are always reaching down
to help others up, those that try and drag us down will be met with full resistance.
So the choice is yours, raise your game because there is no way we will lower
ours. Our formula is tried and We do it First Class and that is not going to
change. We force nobody to come. Everyone that comes has some skin in the game
and THAT is the spark that ignites deals and opportunities. A formula that
nobody has been able to duplicate.

Our proudest moments at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. have been
when a domainer brings family members to the conference; be it their wives,
husbands, significant others, kids, parents, friends, uncles etc. That is why
we make it so reasonable for them to attend and make it as family friendly as
any trade show can be. We lose $$$ when you bring them, but our families
decided it was worth it to meet your families. To have them involved in
what you do, why you do it and see how many others do it. Quality folks from
all backgrounds, all walks of life, all countries of the world. Working hard
every day regardless of how it may look. Investing days and nights making the
best for you and them. A keen understanding of what you do because they may
someday be responsible for that business. That is why T.R.A.F.F.I.C. is
much more than a show about domains or a show about business. It is a show
about life and we will never apologize for the path we have taken and continue
on. Come early, spend the weekend with us and add some extra value to this very
special show at the
Loews in South Beach. BTW....the Loews Hotel is the nicest,
newest and most beautiful on the beach. Top drawer, sparkling clean and is the
ONLY hotel in South Florida that can not only rival the Diplomat but with the
location will become your new favorite. When you leave you will say,
'T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Magic is back' Book the room
RIGHT NOW as this is the #1 most occupied hotel in Florida.

So without further delay, here is theprice
schedule for T.R.A.F.F.I.C. South Beach 2010
. We believe that you will believe
that you got a bargain when you walk away. We want you to seize opportunity
early so we have perks at every level to give you a reason to sign up right
now. When you sign up early that allows us to plan more efficiently with less
guessing. That results in a better show, better networking, better parties,
better seminars, better auctions, better everything. Like they say, 'When things get tough, the tough get going.' So don't pull back on the throttle now. This is the time to put the pedal to the metal and make events happen as opposed to being a victim of those events.

T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Early Bird Registration June 17th through
June 30th = $995 depending on availability (Limited to the first 100
registrations) Plus a SURPRISE Gift from Rick and Howard as a special thanks
for always signing up early to come to T.R.A.F.F.I.C. and help plan things.
(The first 50 signups get an additional $100 room credit at the hotel)

This page will self destruct and be offline by 5PM tomorrow or before, so don't delay.

Spouse and family rate just $199 starting June 21

T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Prime Registration Until July 31st
Spouse and family rate just $299

T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Pre Registration Until September 30th =$1495

T..R.A.F.F.I.C. Standard Registration After September
th = $1795

Group Rates - 5 Ticket Package $4750 Early

Group Rates - 10 Ticket Package $9250 Early

Group Rates - 5 Ticket Package $5995 Until
July 31

Group Rates - 10 Ticket Package $11,500 Until July

Group Rates - 5 Ticket Package $6495 Until
September 30
Group Rates - 10 Ticket Package $12,500
September 30th

Registration Opens Noon Sunday October 17th

TRAFFIC Vancouver Opens TODAY! South Beach to Announce Keynoter!!!

Morning Folks!!

Vancouver TRAFFICopens today and it marks our first trip to
Canada. In the past year or so TRAFFIC has gone to Australia, Holland, Italy
and still have Ireland and Hong Kong before year’s end plus the big bash on
South Beach. We know Rick Latona and his team have been working hard to make Vancouver another history making event before heading to
Dublinin August.

In a few days I will be sending out the first detailed
information about our South Beach show in October. Unlike past years, the
schedule is mostly complete. Howard and I have contracted for our guest speaker. Somebody
you may never have heard of but will change your life with his words and
thoughts. I really mean, change your life. He will reveal secrets that have
long been locked deep because who was keeping those secrets. But when you get
fired from a company like that, there are tales to tell and laundry to sort out. I have heard some of those
tales and they are captivating and will help all of us in our journey.

At TRAFFIC we take great risks to get great results. When we
don’t do it right, everyone knows. So we have no choice but to hit perfection
each and every time. We have to nail it each and every time. We have to make it something special
each and every time.

So stay tuned for more news as it develops in Vancouver and
then spread worldwide in the coming months. TRAFFIC means business and the sprint is on!

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

From Pigeons to the Ostrich. Where is Your Head and Where are We Headed?

Morning Folk!!

How can folks stay ahead of the game when they deny the
reality of the times? I am not sure what drives human nature. I just observe
how it manifests. I talked about the recession before there was a recession. It
bothered some. I guess for those guys I should just BS them because reality is
a bit hard to deal with. They are not pigeons, they are ostriches. The closer reality gets, the more they
bury their head in the sand and don’t want to deal with it. Cash reserves begin to get lower and the longer the downturn lasts, the better chance we have of hitting a 'Breaking Point.'

So here we are, the summer of 2010. We had that little blip
of an increased business cycle. That was just what it was, a blip. We are in some of
the most troubled times of most of our lives. I can’t remember when so many
things were at the brink. The brink and climax. The brink any way you want to
look at it. So many things at the very edge. The world is a tinderbox. This is
not going to be a boring summer. This is going to be some very unsettling

But that does not mean there is not opportunity. That just
means it is time to make hay. Not be an Ostrich. This is the time to take a
risk, but you better bet right! This is not a time for big mistakes. It is a
time for a big win. But you have to be selective. Be patient. You don’t need
100, you need 1. Just 1 hit during this era.

We are in a hurricane of an economy. In that type storm you
can have ferocious winds and torrential rains one minute and then perfectly
calm the next. Then ferocious winds and torrential rains. The process repeats
itself many times. Until you get that final squall. Hang on, that is always the
worst one. The one that does the MOST damage because it hits when everything is
weakened. I believe we are going into the economic squall. Folks are weakened and the worst is yet to come.

The things I see I just don’t like. What if I told you that
the cost of homes could drop another 15%-50% no matter how good your property
or the location? I can draw the picture for you to show you EXACTLY why that is
LIKELY to happen. Not everywhere.
But let’s take this scenario from my local area.

You have beach areas and you have inland areas about 30
minutes from the ocean.. Originally because it was much less expensive inland.
But in time even the inland was built up.
So what happens when you own a $10 Million house in the inland area and
houses on the ocean are selling for $5 Million?? Well, you have a very big
problem. First of all you can’t sell that house inland. You can walk away. You may be
forced to walk away especially if you owe over $ 5 Million. So then what is the
value of that $10M house??
$3M????? Remember, you can buy that house on the ocean for $5M. The bank is likely to get it back. So timber!!!
The most expensive homes in the least desirable areas are about to crumble.
That is just a housing example and the reason I use that is because it will
paralyze folks for decades. They can’t sell, that means they can’t move. They
may not be able to afford it long term, so they just walk away. Collapse. It
will be played out in town after town and city after city. I really want to be
wrong, but the above case is happening everywhere at every level. Next to domains, nothing I pay attention to more than real estate and the weakness I see and the REASON for that weakness.

There is an equation here and it is based on time and years
and whether you will have the resources and/or income and how long. So if you
can wait things out, you can do very well. But the market out there is like
quicksand and I don’t think anyone has a handle on how this will all play out.
Countries going broke and states are out of cash. Believe it is not happening, fine.
Be an Ostrich. But things are unstable at best. They can spiral out of control.
Look around,, things are already out of control.

You can and should thrive during these times. But that is
only up to one person in the world. As I stated early on in this downturn, you
can hit the throttle and go for it, or you can pull back on the throttle and
surely get washed away. It is your choice and your choice alone…….Pigeon,
Ostrich, or Eagle.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

Good Decisions are Thought Out. Bad Ones are Rushed! What’s the Hurry?

Morning Folks!!

We all want to try and understand and sell to the end user.
There is a reason the end user is hard to make contact with. The reason I have
seen played out dozens of times. Instead of thoughtful deliberation, MOST
businesses will jump on the first idea. That is as far is it goes. I think that
becomes the base problem. So many just pick the first solution, not the best
solution. The first name, not the best name. Instead of thinking of 5 or 10
possibilities, then weeding out the weak ones and finally deciding on the best
one……this is NOT the road they use. I am amazed by this huge pitfall that so
many have and display. The name of your company may be the single most important
thing you do next to the model to make a profit.

Oh yeah, model to make a profit. That component is lacking
in oh so many projects. It is not that they could not build it to be
profitable, but since they are all in a rush, they just never do it. It’s like
the conversation to get and find traffic. Their answer is always…”No problem, we got that covered.” But as we all know, most don’t really have that covered
and they are stunned when they are hit in the face with the reality of things.

What’s the damn rush?? That’s all I really want to know.
When there is no need to be in a hurry to begin with. It’s not a bad thing to
find an answer that is not perfect.
It is a bad thing to stop before you find that perfect answer. It is bad
because it is lying there. The best answer is always just lying right next to
all the others. You just got to dig a little deeper. Look a little wider. Ask
some more pointed questions. Do the things that will give you the best and you
just may end up with the best. If not, you will still be in the competition by
accident. As others stumble with their decisions you just keep gaining on the
pack. The longer the race is, the wider your margin of victory. Last time I
looked, this is a marathon. The Internet and domain names will be here long after we are all
gone. Make the best decisions and the best things will unfold. As the 'Great Gratz' used to say......'Never rush when you are in a hurry'

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz